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Did I just have a heart attack?
I'm 16 and not overweight or anything. I just finished eating some KFC and my heart started beating really fast and LOUD-you could see my whole chest moving up and down. This lasted for like 8-10 minutes and then iIt suddenly stopped and went back to normal. This freaked me out. Oh and also during this weird thing, i was dizzy and had to lay down. Anyone know what the hell that was?

Sounds like palpitations. Ha ha ha ha, Welcome to my world.

Bat Thumb
Nope, not a heart attack. If and when you have one, you'll know. Believe me, you'll know.

Jay Moore
i doubt it was a heart attack. heart attacks are accompanied with more symptoms than rapid heartbeat, in fact, a heart attack is when the muscles in your heart become deprived of oxygen..which would make it stop beating entirely.

what most people don't know is KFC's 11 herbs and spices consist of salt, pepper, and MSG. While MSG is somewhat a natural occuring substance and approved for consumption by everyone...some people still tend to have some kind of reaction to it.

Also, consider what you ate earlier in the day, if you just ate and you got sick and dizzy, it's possible you may of had some sort of diabetic episode. If these fits continue, diffently see a doctor.

Wes C
The symptoms you described could be many things and many of them are harmless. But your heart is one organ you just can't gamble with. Please see your doctor ASAP. He can tell you with a great degree of accuracy whether or not your problem is heart related or not. Heart problems occur in greater numbers in middle-aged to elderly people, but it is not unheard of for teens to have heart attacks.

Thomas Winfrey, a sophomore at Detroit's East Catholic High School, died of heart failure in November 2003 during a high school basketball scrimmage. And he was only 15. That's not meant to scare you but rather to make you realize that you are not bullet-proof. See your doctor.

no, that wasnt a heart attack, you would know if you had one. you were probobly hot, or you needed sugar? that can happen to anyone. or you might of drank some caffeen today? too high doses of caffeen, will do that to your heart, it puts strain on it.

Not sure what it was but your heart could have been out of rthym. It was not a heart attack. Since you mentioned the dizziness you might want to get checked out at the docs office.

Most likely it was not a heart attack. How long was it since you last ate? Sometimes your body is so hungry it gets these rushes when finally fed. Are you taking any medications or using drugs? There are so many reasons this could happen, it's hard to nail it down. I'm not a health professional. I am a professional patient and not by choice.
If you have pain, numbness or tingling on your left side or if you have unbelievable tenseness in your neck or jaw you should go to the ER. Can you smile? If your lips don't work right, it may have been a stroke. Don't dwell on it. Make notes so you can ask your doctor the next time you see her. Most emergency room charges are covered completely by insurance.
Your health is soooo important. If it happens again, note the time, duration, all foods you have eaten, what you have drank, any activities or unusual stress...
Your body will do whatever is necessary to get your attention. The more you ignore, the louder it will get. Make an appointement so it won't cause you more anxiety.

john e russo md
At 16 you may be certain that you did not have a heart attack in the medical sense of the term but if your heart rate was very fast and you were dizzy then you may have a problem. 1st was the heart rate really fast and what does that mean. Really fast at your age would be 200 and above which is so fast it is not easy to count it. 2nd dizziness. If the heart rate is over 200 then heart does not have time to fill with blood and symptoms develop as blood pressure drops. This warrants telling your parents and most likely a trip to your physician.

[email protected]
see a doctor

Could also be an allergic reaction to something in the food.

You should definitely see a doctor.

It could have been an anxiety attack, though sometimes severe acid reflux can mimic some symptoms of a heart attack. If this happens again seek medical attention, especially if it is coupled with radiating pain in your left arm and/or shortness of breath. The first thing you must do is quit eating KFC. The partially hydrogenated oil used in frying the chicken is totally bad for you. PHO is a solid at room temperature which makes it ideal for use in many foods. It becomes semi solid after you ingest it and can cause many health problems. Second, make an appointment for a full physical to prove or disprove any pressing health problems. By the way, you don't have to be overweight to have congestive heart failure, high cholesterol or arterial sclerosis.

Please take my advice and go to the emergency room asap. It could be any number of things with a problem like you described .
Yahoo answers is not the place to be asking these questions, You are messing around with your heart if there is a problem get it taken care of, time is of the essence you could avoid possible irreversible heart damage if it addressed NOW.

It sounds like palpitations....could have been brought on by the KFC and perhaps the palpitations made you panic which would make you feel dizzy. Any further symptoms see a doctor to put your mind at rest.

I'm no doctor, but I think you just had an anxiety attack.

alexander p
thats palpitations,can be nothing , can be a symptom of underlying disease( hyperthyroidism etc)

You're describing tachycardia, an abnormally fast beating of the heart. Feeling dizzy and being able to see your chest move like that are common.

Has anything like this happened before? Sometimes an anxiety attack can cause these symptoms, but it may well be a physical problem that requires medicine to control. The way you describe it coming on, it would be a good idea to have yourself checked out by a doctor. Tell your parents about it and have them make an appointment for you.

silly billy
Sounds like a panic attack...or, did you drink caffeine too? Caffeine can sometimes have this effect, even if it normally doesnt

I don't think it was a heart attack maybe a murmur or arrhythmia
go and get a physical soon

mmmmm KFC what did you have?

I am a nurse and would strongly recommend that you see a doctor about that. It might be nothing but sometimes people have an irregular heart rate and need it to be looked at. Tell you parents and have them take you to the doctor for a checkup. I'll be praying that all turns out well!

You need to go to the emergency room now!I am not a Dr but you need to go get it checked out,that was not a normal reaction to KFC.

Thisis probably not a heart attack, it is more likely to be Supra Ventricular Tachychardia and is caused by an electrical imbalance in the heart, although don't rely on this as a diagnosis.

I suggest you see your physician as early as possible and explain your symptoms to them and get checked out.

If it happens again you should seek immediate medical advice as it sometimes requires expert treatment to bring the heart rate back down to normal.

If the rapid heart rate does not return natrually to normal sinus rhythm like yours did your heart can mucsle can become tired, it is therfore important that you seek medical treatment ASAP if it happens again.

A heart attack is when the heart muscle is starved of oxygen due to a blocked coronary artery. This results in part of the heart muscle dying and potentially cardiac arrest. The symptoms of heart attack are sweating profusely, severe pain in the chest radiating down the arm and maybe into the jaw. The symptoms you descibe and your age and general health mean it is very unlikely you have had a heart attack.

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