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DOCTORS!!! please answer my question.it's a life and death question.!?
is't normal for a teen to experienced chest pain?the pain occur on my lower breast ribs(left).sometimes,the pain goes to my left ribs.i never felt pain on my left arms or shuolder and other areas.my uncle told me that maybe i have heartburn.does heartburn cause pain like angina?
i'm a life science student.i know what is angina but how to distinguished between heartburn and angina?i dont have any ideas.im just 18 years old boy.does not do drugs,alcohols or any stuff that can affect my health.no weight problem.i used to have gastric.my grandfather have heart problem.he died bcoz of that disease.am i gonna die?is there any possibility that i'm gonna have heart disease at this very young age?im so worry right now.This July,i will enter the University.the pain occured everytime.what should i do?

There is nothing wrong with you at all. What are you experiencing is most likely heart burn or it can be categorized as 'growing pains'. At your age, the body speeds up in growth faster than sometimes what the diet can give it energy to do. Since you are a teenage boy, your metabolism is also faster than it is ever going to be in the rest of your life. At your age, unless you have a heart problem since birth, it is extremely unlikely that you are suffering from angina. There aren't many cases in the world where people your age die of a heart attack. Angina is typically a very crushing pain that radiates from the chest and spreads out to involve the lower jaw and the left arm. What are you describing is nothing like angina, most likely heartburn. Many, many people come in the emergency room thinking they have a heart attack and yet they only have heartburn. And there is such a thing as referred pain e.g. pain in the gallbladder is felt between the shoulder blades. If you are still apprehensive about it, maybe you should visit your local doctor and put your mind at ease.

i live with my sister in law and she is a lpn and she says seek a medical doctor now now now...

Girl With Kaleidescope Eyes
Take a couple deep breaths, because you sound really freaked out right now.
See your doctor as soon as possible, but don't worry. It may just be nothing. I encourage you to see someone though.

ok, first relax. now, since you're so young, the chances of any heart disease is rare, but to be sure, go to the doctor. Are you athletic at all? because it sounds like you may have pulled a muscle, or fractured a rib. Also, to distinguish, try changing your diet. eliminate caffeine, fatty foods, and smoking. they are all thing that can cause indigestion. Good luck. and please, don't forget to go to the doctor

yes,is normal because is a difference between your heart growth and the vessels growth and sometimes ,especially after effort and the pain is like angina .BUT please go to visit an cardiologist,is safer and you will know if you have medical problems

go see a REAL doctor IMMEDIATLY!, instead of asking questions on yahoo.

Take a chill pill............. This sounds more like indigestion to me I have had pain like this and had several heart tests done to be on the safe side. "Usually" if it is heart related problems the pain radiates to different areas, such as down the left arm, goes up into the neck and facial areas, and nausea. And stress can bring on angina pain, but i think this is just indigestion or quite possibly acid reflux, check with your doc to be sure.

Ok, first of all, dont EVER take chest pain lightly! If you are worried, get your butt to the ER now and have an EKG and some labs drawn. The fact that you have a strong family history would be enough reason to at least have it checked out. In the mean time, dont panic, panic attacks can cause chest pain in of themselves! Ok? Calm down and go to the ER.

Right ok.
I'm a few months off being a doctor so I'll do my best.
First of all, ur gonna hate my answer but the pain ur experiencing in probably phsychogenic in origin.
You don't have risk factors for angina so this is VERY unlikely. Why not keep a diary of when u get the pain. Angina typically happens after excertion like walking or being stressed. Heartburn happens after food, it is quite often mistaken for angina so u won't be alon in thinking this. Try taking some antiacids like Rennies when u get the pain, if it eases, then u have heartburn. And this can be prevented long term if it really bothers u.
If after these eliminations the pain still eludes u, then go see a physician, they will be able to do a simple ECG (EKG in the States) and have a look at the electrical activity of your heart. They will also ask u more detailed questions and hopefully put ur mind at rest cos I really do think u don't have heart disease.

Hope u feel better soon.

[email protected]
You definetely need a Doctor, but not an internet Doctor, you need to get to a hospital and have a EKG and other tests done..............what's wrong with you, why are you sitting there WONDERING if this and if that.............it could be something that can be taken care of now, before its too late, and you are asking internet doctors or us for answers?
I knew a high school student once who ran the track team and was healthy as anything. He dropped dead one day, on the track, no warning no nothing.............of course it was his heart.
Anyone can have a heart problem, at any age, babies are born with heart conditions.
It could also be something else, maybe an anneurism in your lungs, near your ribs, in or by your stomache, it could be gallbladder...........could be anything............get to a doctor and get some tests done NOW. Good luck and hope this helped

STOP PANICKING!!!!It is probably nothing.Go see a doctor.And stop worrying.

First of All Calm Down because you just need to chill
Second of all, it might just be gas, heartburn, or just stress related. Go to a Doctor as soon as you can and tell him what you're feeling and your family history with chest related problems.
Wish you the Best, get better!

Dude calm down, unless you dont have insurance why dont you just go to the doctor

I'm not a doctor, but I wanted to try to give you some things that it may be...
Heartburn does cause angina like pain, it is usually accompanied with reflux, and sounds like it could be the problem.. Do you have acid that seems to come up into your esophagus, or your throat? Is it worse when you lay down?. If so, this could be the problem..
Also, a catch of gas, is a frequent problem with the same effects as angina.. Pain and uncomfortable sensation in the chest....
You also mentioned you were starting school.. Do you think you could be suffering from stress or panic attacks.. Sometimes the symptoms are quite similar..
I do hope you find out what the problem is, and I hope I helped a bit... get checked out.... hope ya are fine...

Heart attack victims can experience pain in many different ways, on many different parts of their body. Pain in the chest is not just the only symptom of experiencing a heart attack.

Some of the symptoms of a heart attach are heartburn, gas, tingling in either of the arms, pain in the lower part of your arms, dizziness, numbness in the hands and or fingers, excessive sweating, neck pain, jaw pain and or shoulder pain. A person knows their own body and if a person is feeling "different" in any way and is experiencing any type of pain anywhere on their body they should go to an emergency room or a doctor and get checked out.

A common test that is performed on a person who might be experiencing a heart attack is an EKG, which sometimes cannot give accurate results. The EKG may give a read out of a normal heart rhythm, and a person can still be experiencing a heat attack.

If an EKG test has been performed and the results are normal, but you are still experiencing pain or still have concerns, ask your doctor to perform a blood test on you. A blood test can detect the level of the enzymes in your heart. There are three different enzymes in your heart and if just one of these enzyme's readings results are a little high, this could mean you are having a heart attack.

thats not normal what you are doing go and get checked out..........oh im not a doctor...........

Right now you are having a panic attack! Chill out! Take some deep breaths,and relax. I answered some of your other questions,please go back and look at my responses.

Heartburn can cause pain like angina at times,BUT so can an anxiety or panic attack. I personally have experienced anxiety attacks,and my last one,in particular I swore i was having a heart attack. You may need to go to the doctor or emergency room for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Obviously there is something going on with you right now,but try to relax and calm down. Tell yourself that you will be ok. If you can't drive yourself,call someone to take you in to the ER. There are meds to treat anxiety,heartburn and angina...BUT,you need to find out what is really causing you to feel this way first.

Hope this helps. Zoya.

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