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Getto Boy
Chest Pain?
I've been having a fairly persistent pain in the left side of my chest for almost 24 hours now. Anti-acids don't help and an e.k.c. and blood work done earlier today turned out negative. It feels an awful lot like heartburn but only hurts on the left side and won't go away. What else could it be?

Sloth for President 2008
Well, if you already been to the ER and cleared you, it may be Acid Reflux. I knew a guy who had that and regular antacids didn't help.

pat c
The pain may have to do with your stomach.Maybe your esophagus.Usually angina lasting that long would cause trouble.But that does`nt mean you don`t have a heart problem.Sometimes it takes a stress test to show a blockage.Good luck.

Do you feel a sharp pain in the center of your chest also, maybe feels like it is tightening?

You could have pulled a muscle around your ribs if you've been coughing or lifting something wrong. If it gets worse or your left arm starts to get tingly and numb get to the hospital.

i dont really have a clue, but chest pain is never good!
my grandfather complained of chest pain, and didnt wake up!
plz go get checked out...
try another doctor!

If an EKG and bloods were done after nearly 24 hours of persistent pain, then you're almost certain that its not angina or a heart attack. If it was, it would have been detected easily.

You didn't say if an XRay or CT was done. Non cardiac pains in the chest would include things like Pulmonary Embolus (a clot in the lung, which don't always show up on EKG, but will on contrast CT) or Pneumothrorax (collapsed lung, seen on XR). I suspect that the docs who examined you are also aware of the differential diagnoses for chest pain. I also doubt that its anything related to the gastrointestinal tract, as you specifically stated "...left side of my chest..." in your question. I also find it odd that they did labs and a cardiogram but didn't give you a diagnosis.


aspca volunteer
if the pain radiates into your back or you get short of breath go to the er asap! what youre experiencing now is angina.if things get worse,get to the er asap! this could be a precurser to a heart attack.

sandra t
Don't try to guess what is causing the pain, find out ASAP. Lab test and EKGs don't always show recent heart attacks. Find another doctor (cardiologist) and give him a detailed account of your pain and activities which cause the pain. Don't accept a so-so answer, tell your doctor you want answers now. Be sure to include whether the pain is constant, sharp, dull, caused after a certain activity, and does rest or lying down decrease the pain. Good luck.

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