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Bad breath, the lad i work with could stop a charging rhino from a mile?
shall i tell (not too close i know)?

Mike G
Say: "Hey man, you have GOT to do something about your breath!"

You know this is a tough thing. If I had bad breath I would want someone to kindly point it out in a private manner. I agree, he probably has a gum desease or a nasal problem. Since a lot of medical testing is done on animals this brings me to think that he could die from heart desease or a stroke. My poodle had really bad breath and I didn't know that it would cause her to have a stroke. She died 2 months ago from a stroke caused by bacteria in the mouth. Is there anyway that you could maybe write him a note and put it in his desk drawer? He needs to brush and floss at least 3 times a day.

Hit the ground running
buy him a packet of mints..job done.

put a Mouthwash or mints for bad breathe in his desk drawer. Go to your supervisor and ask for them to have a word if the present does not work. It may be that he does not realise he has a problem or he may have a medical /dental problem.

Caribbean Queen
If it's as bad as you say, then only the direct approach will do.

Say "I'm sorry dude but your breath is rank".

and then throw in "it might be a dental problem" to soften the blow and make it look like it's not his fault.

filya puta, in sunny spain.
It would be kind to tell him although he will no doubt smash your face to a pulp! lol....

Dinty Moore
If you know him well enough let him known as a concerned friend. This could be anything from gingivitis to poor oral hygiene to trench mouth which is really malodorous and can stink up an entire room. He should be made aware not only for his social well being but also in regard to his general health. I agree gum disease has been found to have adverse affects on general health.

Probably got a throat infection - causes rancid pooey breath.
If it is, it might improve in a week or two.
Don't tell him unless you can do it sensitively - do you think you can?

Subtly offer him Mint Gum or Tic-Tacs everyday. Don't forget to have a few yourself. He'll think of you as the "Generous Candy Man" rather than the "Rude Co-worker"

It's hard to imagine but I know people with this problem who have no idea they have it. People start talking to them and suddenly have to back up a step or two once they get hit with the breath. If it isn't a friend that you feel comfortable talking to, consider leaving an anonymous note. If we reverse the tables and we were the one with the problem and didn't know it, I think we would certainly appreciate the heads up.

keep offering chewing gums every time he speaks to you, this may make him realise that he has a problem with smelly breath

Tony B
Yes so he can sort it out and help get a partner, if his breath is hat bad no woman would go within 20ft of him lol

He may have periodontal disease or a sinus condition for which he needs to seek medical attention. The gum disease is known to lead to heart disease; you could be saving his life by providing him with information.

suggest he becomes a safari guide where there is a lot of rhinos . cash in on it

naked lunch
buy him a pack of mints and hope he takes the hint

well to be honset, i think you should sit him down privately and tell him, without being mean and straight to the point, you will have to in some way make him see that it was hard for you to tell him, so that he wont be to offended
good luck

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