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Marjorie Keek
When experiencing a nose bleed is it better to tip head forward or back?
I've always been told forward, to avoid blood in the stomach. but I saw Rachel from friends tip her head back when she had a nose bleed from her dog, Lapu's death. Which one is right?

caroline j
Tip the head back when you have a nosebleed with a cloth
or something to hold on the nose.

my son has them alot ,doc told me put head forward and hold the top of ur nose for 15 mintes

forward because back ward you could in theory droned yourself

never tip your head back as this can make you swallow blood and make you choke

candi k

try pinching you nose, just at the top

Don't tip your head back! You could choke on the blood and it won't help it stop any faster.

Depends if you are wanting to swallow the blood or not.

i used to get them really bad as a kid. i would pinch the top of my nose and wet a penny with cold water. its a old wives home remedy my mom taught me. something about the Copper penny that slows down the membranes from bleeding . i never beleived her until it actually worked like every single time after she told me.

Head forward- if you tip your head back, you could choke on the clotting blood.

It makes little difference. Swallowing small amounts of blood does no harm and it is rapidly digested. Just squeeze your nose until it stops.

Dr Williams

monica c
You should always tip your head back. (i know im a medicine student).

air traffic rock!
Definatly forward, unless your a vampire.

‚ô•Pink Princess‚ô•
hi i am a first aider and you should always tip your head forward

otherwise you may just choke on your own blood

MaSTer Z
backwards,will drive the bood directly into yr throught.
just,put antibiotec that closes the bleeding quickly and firmly hold yr nose still with yr hands

forward..u cld choke on yr own blood otherwise apparently..

Chrissie M
I used to suffer with a lot of nosebleeds as a child and spent a lot of time in hospital because of them. It is important to tilt the head slightly forward, this prevents blood from going down your throat into the stomach, as this can cause choking.
A lot of people think that you should tilt the head back, but that is wrong and TV programmes should ensure they use the correct methods to educate its viewers.

Forward, Friends is not Real!!!

scorpion queen
Tip head forward, squeeze the bridge of your nose, put an ice pack on your forehead..

If its v severe, go to A&E and the doctor will seal the nose bone with this long match-stick thing 'caustic' (I think its called) and you should be fine.

when you have nose bleed it is best to tip your head forward, and pinch just above the soft part of nose for at least 10 minutes. if it does not stop think about going to a and e. do not blow or pick after wards this allow the clot to stay put.
the reason why you put your head forward is to stop swallowing blood that will make you vomit

100% FORWARD !! Back is WRONG!!

Suthern R
Tip the head forward, apply pressure. The biggest problem with tipping the head back is the blood in the stomach and frequently causes vomiting. Choking is not really an issue, unless the patient is lying supine on the ground and pooling blood in the back of the airway could cause an issue. If you can walk around, and just have a bloody nose, tip the head forward. If you do it back, then you need to be nice enough to clean up the mess if you vomit, I see it way to many times in the ambulance.

Tipping it forward will help create the blood cloth which stops it. Holding something cold gently against the bridge of your nose helps too.

Never tip the head it is dangerous. If you get a lot of nose bleeds then you should seek medical advice.

Back i think, to stem the blood flow from the ruptured vessel. Don't see why blood in the stomach would be a problem really.

In my first aid class we were told to have the head going forward. This way you won't choke on the blood.

NEVER TIP YOUR HEAD BACK. The blood may go down your throat which is obviously not good. ALWAYS TIP FORWARD!

forwards you don't want the blood going into your stomach its more likely to make you sick..... and TV does not necessarily do everything correctly and possibly your watching too much of it

sarah m
tip it forward and pinch the bridge to stop the flow

Actually you pinch the area right above your nostrils and lean your head back just slightly.

Lean forward see advice at link below.

Leaning back can cause blood to go down your throat etc which is not advisable.

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