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When can you switch from glasses to contacts? And can you wear only one?

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Sorry - should have been clearer. Only my left eye is the bad boy so only wear one lense.

Why would you wear only one? If you ask that question you are not ready for them. It's both or nothing except in a pinch. Do you think you will look better with only one in? Tell your Mom that you need money for books instead of contacts. Sounds harsh but you do not mess with your eyes!

Whenever you want. You can go back and forth.

You can switch anytime your doctor ok's it. It may even be easier for you to wear contacts since you need only one. I love contacts, I have better all-around vision with them. They do not fog up from steam and they don't get all raindroppy in storms. You could get 1 colored one and really freak people out. Good Luck!!

Hi. First, yes, you can wear just one contact lense. Your other eye won't fall out or automatically have problems. If you have problems with one eye, it's possible the other eye naturally will have problems eventually. You can switch anytime you like, just make an appointment to get contacts. The onlly thing is that sometimes, switching from contacts to glasses to contacts several times a day or whatever, can upset your eyes-stress your eyes because you use your eyes differently behind a piece of glass than plastic that moves with your eyes, so the change, if done too often is annoying. but take your contact out every night even if you are allowed to leave it in, it's not great for your eye, and wear yer glasses at night and when you haven't time to get your contact in or if your eyes are irritated from having a cold, etc. Contact may take a little getting used to, but quickly are forgotten during the day if you have soft lenses. Toric or hard contacts are a little different. Toric take longer to get used to. It's no worries though, really.

Shailendra Singh

You can switch from glasses to contacts whenever you feel ready too. And yes you can only wear one contact in one eye. Contacts are better if you play sports. But from experience get Acuvue (any type) tey are the best brand. They dont dry out your eyes. If you do get contacts get that brand.

you can always switch on and off. but in your case you sud ask doctor as you have to make lenses by order or you can buy pair n use it alternate.
hope i helped


anytime and yes if you only have one bad eye then you can just wear it in that eye if you want it doesnt really matter.i have contacts myself their cool!

queen of extreme
well am 14 yrs old n i wear lense just coz my power is 2 much but d ideal age is 16 yrs. n plz dont even try wearin a contact in 1 eye wear dem in both eyes get 1 lense wid d power u got n d oder wid no power
!!! coz its sumtimes harmfu n not suitable!!
k best of luck!!

You can switch anytime.
But you will have to have one in each eye. Of course they could have two different prescriptions depending on your eyesight

you can switch any times but its safer if you re 13 or older you can wear contacts on only one eye. or you can get contacts for your other eye(i am not sure you can really do that so ask your eye doctor)that's not prescription if it makes u feal better.

you can switch when ever u want aslong as u are responsible. and no u cant use them in only one eye unless u only need it in one eye. if not u will get dizzy and it will mess up vision even more on the eye without the contact because its going to force itself to see.

my friend who is only 12 wears contacts so i guess its ok. n yes i think u can wear them in only 1 eye...

aaaa.. are u confusing me??

I have been wearing glasses my whole life and contacts for close to 20 years now. I'm in my late 30s. You can switch from glasses to contacts at anytime. There is no time limit. The examination for contacts is seperate from glasses though. So if you had an exam for glasses say last week and you want contacts you will have to take a whole different exam for those. You can wear only one but its not wise. The other eye will get weaker and you will put strain on it with out knowing. Its ok for an emergency but I wouldn't wear one contact all the time.

♥Let It Snow
well in this situation, you can ONLY wear one contact lense since your left eye is bad... its not like you can wear half a pair of glasses.

And yes it is possible to war only one. you should probably talk to your eye doctor, though.


You can switch any time you want. I switch from time to time but not very frequently. The best advice is to not abandon your eyeglasses completely. You might find them better at times. Contacts put a lot of stress on your eyes, causing tiring eyes, and headaches.

Simply make the switch. If after trying contacts, you're unsatisfied, go back. No harm done. Proper care of contacts isn't so bad. Proper care depends on the type of contacts and/or the users needs. Wearing only one: If your eyesight is short of 20/20 in only one eye, I don't see why not. Though in normal cases both eyes are usually short of 20/20 rather than only one.

But the first thing you should is, if you want to wear contact lenses, you must first see an ophthalmologist, optometrist, or in some states, optician. This is the case even if you don't normally wear glasses, and just want contacts to change your eye color.

after 1/2 hours
i can wear more than one

I switched from glasses to lenses when I was 13. It is the wisest thing I have ever done. I don't think you can wear only one lense because it is a "stranger" to your body and it is not healthy to wear in one eye and not the other. You can get one lense which doesn't affect the seeing (sort of like the colored lenses but only clear) and wear it together with the bad eye. Hope this helps.

☮ ♥ ♫
you can switch whenever you want, there's no specific age or requirement. And, sure, you can wear just one. Hope this helps and Good Luck!

I wear both glasses and contacts, but not at the same time. Im myopic so i wear glasses at home and contacts anywhere except at home. My left eye is worst that my right eye and i dont wear contacts in one eye cuz u cant ur not suppose to wear contact in one eye. Glasses would be the best solution to ur problem or ur consult ur doc and hear what he have to say about u wearing one contact lens; and if u are under 16 or 18 they are soooo not going to give it to u cuz they r saying that children dont follow instructions and will get their eyes damage cuz of not caring the lens in the eye!

You can switch at any time.

If you only have one bad eye, there is no reason you'd need to wear a contact in each eye. I have completely different Rx for each eye. Talk to your optometrist. They'll help you. = )

All of the previous answears are correct. Wearing a contact in only one eye would be okay but only if the other eye has good vision otherwise you will feel disconfort.

that's confusing.

Ask your eye doctor if you're a good candidate for contacts. If you're responsible enough to care for the contacts correctly, then you're probably old enough to wear them. And yes, you can wear only one.

You can switch whenever you wish, but for some people glasses are the best option due to your vision needs. If you need quite a bit of vision correction, glasses are usually the best way to go.
However, if you only need a mild change in your vision (like most people), you can go either way. Check with your eye doctor to get the best reccomendations.

Your eye doctor will decide when it's best for you to switch from glasses to contacts. He/she will probably make the decision based on whether you are mature enough to take care of your contacts properly.

Yes, you can wear just one contact if that's all you need. I have a friend who's done it for a long time.

You can do what ever you want......

anytime u feel u'r ready for the responsibility however u should make sure u take them out and clean them if u decide to get them as they can irritate u'r eye and make the cornia swell if u leave them in too long. i also wear glasses and contacts i have my glasses around in case i don't have contacts or jus get tired of wearing them. hope that helps. also make sure u see u'r eye doctor when u decide to do the contact thing. he can tell u what brand is best and how u'r eye might react too it.:D

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