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Whats the best way to treat blisters after a run?
i use a needle to get rid of juice every time sometimes i take skin of but it kills when i go in bath how would yuo treat a blister

i would not use the needle (infection) i found blister pads at walgreen's so after a run/long walk i shower, dry off well, apply blister pads and rest as much as possible

you have gotten a lot of good advice especially from Misshealth.
When I have gotten them I cover them with a product called NEW SKIN, it's a liquid bandage. You just coat the blister with it and it forms a bandage which is like a artificial skin over it. Use before the blister breaks and/or after. But don't break it intentionally, it can become infected.

To get rid of my blisters I use a spray called blisters-be-gone from Superdrug, Boots etc. and then I cover the blister with a band aid/plaster. You repeat this process daily until the blister is gone.

Don't ever pop or drain the blister as this can leave an open wound for infection to set in. Your body naturally absorbs the blister juice as it heals. Let the area uncover at night and "breath" it helps the healing process faster. Trading out running shoes or everyday shoes should help you out too.

get some gold bond spray or soak your feet in water with epsom salt in it. It helps!

put a hot steaming rag over it
after it pops put Neosporin on it then
but a bandage on it

Michael G
1 tablespoon of vinegar mixed with 8 parts tepid water will reduce swelling.
Soak for 10 minutes.
Don't use this method if the blisters are open.

Soak it in Vinegar, make sure its the clear stuff, don't use apple cider or balsamic.

The better question would be: How do I prevent myself from getting blisters during a run?

I used to have a major problem with blisters. After only a few miles, I would have 2- 3 blisters. I then discovered the wonderful world of running socks. WrightSock makes some great anti-blister socks. My favorite pair is double layered. I haven't had a problem with blisters since. After the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon I had 0 blisters. I counted 13 on my boyfriend's feet, who used regular socks. You can get WrightSocks at just about any running shoe store. I've heard of some people putting BodyGlide on their feet before putting their socks on. BodyGlide can also be purchased at any good running store.

If you STILL get blisters, drain them with a clean needle. Afterwards, you can put blister pads on it to let it heal.

I was on a survival weekend and the squadies who were running it said the best way was get a needle and thread and pierce through the blister and out the other end with the thread hanging out. Leave it over night and the puss would have seeped away and the affected area is as good as new.

Don't know if it really works but worth as shot!

If you are stuck out in the bush, I saw a documentary where this guy used his urine to disenfect his blisters.

dont run you wont get blisters

A good instruction

Treat ahead of time. Get a product called mole skin. Now that you know where you get hot spots, put this stuff on in advance to prevent the blisters.

Liz N
I soak my feet in epsom salt with the hottest water I can stand. It pulls the fluid from the blister and makes it more comfortable.

start 6-22-06 summer time Mom
GO TO : walking.about.com/library/howto/htbliste...

THEY HAVE GREAT tips on how to treat a blister, get well soon !

Andrea S
Boots has a spray for blisters and its very good, i use it.

AFTER A HOT SHOWER put Neosporin on them

special plasters made for blisters

Antiseptic and vaseline.

i pull the skin off and rub salt on it

Put alcohol on it, a foot soak is good too, make sure you cover it so it doesn't pop. The alcohol dries it out, so it goes away faster.

I wouldn't burst them at all. The fluid under the blister is supposed to be there to protect the new skin that is growing. I know it's really difficult to do, but you shold just try and pad the area as much as possible so that it doesnt hurt as much, and wait for the blister to dry up of it's own accord.

with all due respect you might have the wrong running shoes. But the way I handle mine are the same way you do and apply and antibotic cream and then a bandaide. Good luck I hope this helps.

I treat them just like I would treat everyone else. With respect. A blister can't help what it is. Just because it's different or ugly doesn't mean you should treat it harshly and poke it with sharp things. Embrace the blister for what it is. Treat it with love and kindness and it will treat you likewise.

.Get better shoes and wear them properly. Haven't had a blister on my feet in 20 years. I wear good shoes. I wear them properly. Never wear two pairs of socks, either, unless on a hunting trip in a cold northern climate.

I never burst my blisters anymore since I noticed that seems to make the pain worse. I just use a Compeed pad and keep it on until it's ready to fall off. No more pain and it heals naturally. The liquid inside your blister is just reabsorbed into the dermis anyway so you don't have to pierce it.

The Tech Support Guy
Get better fitting shoes

Use ONE pair of socks

If blisters persist, try using Vaseline on trouble areas. It can feel gross, but it will cut the friction down. Hey the Marines do it!

First of all, do not pop, drain or break the blisters on purpose. This can lead to a VERY serious infection that could be life threatening. My cousin popped her blister and got an infection and was in the hospital for a week on antibiotic therapy.

Next to ease the pain of blisters, if they are broken already cover them with an antibiotic ointment (Polysporin) and a band-aid. You can get Polysporin that will also help to numb the pain. Then the next time you run you can also get a special covering called second skin. It is like a band-aid but it is a gel cushion for over the blister. It is sold at drug stores.

Finally you should do your best to prevent blisters. I would suggest wearing two thin pairs of socks in your shoes instead of one so they can rub against each other and not your foot. Make sure your shoes fit properly and are laced tightly.

Good luck and I hope this helps!

This is a two step process, first as you know you are prone to blistering, purchase some moleskin or if you're like me and can't seem to get that to work, put band-aides on the spots that tend to blister. Make sure you wear fitted socks, so you don't have movement in your shoe while you're running. Socks that wick the moisture away from your feet are better too.

If you rub the skin raw and used moleskin or band-aides, you are less apt to get the blister with the puss but more like a carpet burn

Two: Once you get the blister and you open it (DON"T TAKE THE SKIN OFF AFTER YOU DRAIN IT), treat it like a burn you got in the kitchen, apply ice and cool water to the area. Soothe the area-- it may alleviate some of the subsequent burn you get in the shower. Cover the area with gauze and allow your feet to breathe to dry the area out (so the skin will fall off easily on its own). Powder your feet and inside your socks to help keep them dry.

** My buddy in boot camp claimed aloe rub worked well to heal and soften the skin...but I cannot attest to this.

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