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What should I do if I ingest a little bleach by accident?

Swallow a mop and bucket.

pour a kettle of hot boiling water down your throat to flush it out.

don't drink water!
drink milk (as much as poss) and seek medical advice.

drink lots of water and go to the hospital where they can give you further treatment if its needed

how they hell did you swallow it by accident?

call 911 , and go to the hospital

quick quick.. drink water to dilute it

become a pop star like Michael Jackson

Go and get medical help!!!!

Quickly read the safety instructions.

Drink plenty of water to dilute.

Seek medical attention.

Sassy OLD Broad
How much is "a little"? Most of our water in this country is chlorinated anyway, so if it's only like a small amount, drops, it won't hurt you. Otherwise, if you did this on purpose, call the poison hotline in your community.

Go to the doctor!! Now!!

Call Poison Control!

drink a glass of milk and go to A&E

milk a lot of


drink plenty of water....hope its not to late!

Nothing---you don't have to worry about it. Although bleach is great at killing germs in water and on surfaces, it actually isn't very toxic if ingested. As long as it is less than a cup full you'll probably be fine. It is a base (alkaline) so if you had a fair bit, have something slightly acidic (lemonade, milk, cola) if you get a bit of a stomach ache.

Mike M.
I suggest you call your doctor. He or she would be able to tell you what to do.

Lisa D
learn from it and don't do it again! :-P

drink water and ring nhs direct.

omg guy's i cannot believe that most of the advice is to drink water, the best thing to drink is milk it lines the stomach, get your self to a&e as fast as possible, but do not make yourself sick for gods sake it is the worst thing you can do.

[email protected]
milk better and call 999

drink a pint glass of water then go your local A&E department at the hospital and tell them what you have done they will propabably pumjp your tummy out and keep you in over night. why did you do it anyway?

Go to the hospital/doctor. What does it say on the bottle, it normally says what to do on there, but don't waste time on here get going.

I did that once by accident..i just drank a gallon of water and lots of milk...had an achy tummy for a few days but I was ok as long as I didn't eat anything......

drink milk is the correct way as learned from lab during lesson, if accidently drink bleech. then go to the doctor and check if you are allright. hope your fine

depends what kind of bleach- some are acidic, some alkali.
drinking some milk will do no harm and will help if acidic.
seek medical help. be careful next time, it can be dangerous stuff... (how on earth did you manage that?!)

drint water to dilute it then seek medical attention immediately by callin nhs direct.

Stephen H
If it's only a small amount, drink plenty of water. DO NOT make yourself sick

Go directly to the casualty department of your hospital & drink plenty of water.

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