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What do you think about cigarettes ?
Pleasure or behavour??

Gross, harmful, disgusting

cigarettes are very addictive. I have hated smoking (the smell and taste and coughing and always being out of breath and other things) for the past 5 years but I could not quit for a long time. Thankfully, I have not had a smoke for about 6 months. But I am still addictted. when I drink a beer, I fell like having one. when I see someone smoking in a movie, I want to smoke. when I get stressed out, I want to smoke

Plus, when a person smokes, they don't notice that they smell bad to non-smokers. ever since I quit, I can smell my co-workers coming back from a smoke break and they don't smell very good.

I use to love them...now I hate them and I am glad that I quit smoking. If it weren't for cigs. my papa wouldn't have had so many health problems and probably would still be alive. Now, what's ur opinion.

Pleasurable behavior....

how can they kill so many lives a year

Nancy Kay
glad i quit 10 years ago...but i still have cravings and still DREAM that I smoke!

It's another addiction like any drug. Very few can treat it like an occasional treat. Most are addicted and it shortens their life.

Psychosis! and Behavior!

It is an addiction that has more chemicals than Carter had liver pills (I know...an old saying)

horrible and disgusting!

im a smoker myself and i hate it sooooo much, im nineteen and have been smoking 6 years now, i have nearly completly given up.. IT CAN BE DONE!!

if you don't want to smoke any more use Zyban perfect solution to letting cigarette.

It depends. My ex-boyfriend smokes because he just absolutely loved the taste! But I've known people who smoke because they just need something to do with their hands. So...It depends on the person.

Most YOUNG kids do it because they think it's bad-*** I believe.

whats my name?
nice way to die

The Grand Inquisitor
Both. Starts as pleasure then becomes behaviour.

Both. First it starts as pleasure then it becomes behavior.

Iknow because I am a smoker and it is hard as hell to quit!

I am still trying to curb my sesnsations but will probably need some professional help. Pray for me!

behavior.... they cause way too much damage and shouldn't have been created.

i think they are bad for you. i dont care if people smoke as long as they are not my faily or friends. its starts as a pleasure (i dont kno how) then turns into a behavior.if so you get wrinkles and yellow teeth and turn ugly and get disease (gross)

hey yo
cigarettes are an addictive killer

They are a great stress reliever. Just do not abuse them. People should be more concerned about alchohol because it causes damage to other people, not just the user.

If everyone knows the dangers of smoking, why do they still start? My dad has lung cancer but still chain smokes. Smoking makes you look stupid.

Big Jay 7
at over 25 dollors a carton...
I don't think much about them...

don't like them and i don't see what makes them attractive have u smelled someone's house and clothes not to mention breath thats not a good look for anyone

High on Life!!!
Both. Addiction too. Not good for you.

They are absolutely terrible. Speaking of which... I think it's time for a smoke break...

Disgustind. they turn your lungs black, and when u kiss someone that smokes, its like kissing an ASH TRAY

worst habit ever

Behavior .. NASTY

both. It is pleasurable, but even when you try to quit, you realize it's a habit/behavior issue. Damn things! It's so hard to quit!

DISGUSTING! I mean - WHY would you want to take smoke into your lungs when you weren't forced to????

Jen Hates Evil Empire Starbucks

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