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What cures are there 4 sunburn?
other than aloe vera? i've tried that and it still hurts like crazy!!!!

rub some IcyHot on it then after, a little bit of peroxide

aloe vera is good!!! its better than have your face/body parts peeling off.... or you can try taking a hot shower and rubbing it off, but it could sting

Wayne L
dont stay in the sun tol ong

Try taking a cool shower and put on A& D cream stay out of the sun for at least 2 wks.

i dont get sunburn so idk

you could try Calamine lotion, Ibuprofen might take the edge of the pain.......

Gloria H
My son suffered a sever sun a couple of years ago. He had to miss school due to the severity. I had tried the aloe vera lotion, the sun burn spray and other over the counter products. This friend told to this home remedy and I was skeptical at first but tried it anyway. Take a 16oz container of heavy whipping cream and rub all over your body. Sit in the tub while you do this. Leave the cream for about 1/2 hour and repeat 2-3 times daily. This was the only thing that worked for my son. Good luck.

go to a drugstore or something like walgreens and they have some lotion called Vitamin E....rub that on the sun burn for that day and that night and then maybe the next morning and it will be gone.

ironically a warm shower !!! trust me

I heard if you rub yogurt all over the burnt areas it soothes the skin and it doesn't hurt as much.

June B
My Mom and her sisters would make tea, let it cool and apply it with a clean wash cloth as a compress.

I've been burned in the past, and didn't like any product that sprays on--I thought the spraying hurt.

I've used the cool tea, the aloe and the Tylenol with satisfactory results.

i always use aloe vera it works great

There are no real "cures". Go to your drugstore, there are some spray products that give temporary relief. They have a "cooling" effect.
It's just like poison oak, which takes about ten days to get rid of the itching.

time and lots and lots of aloe vera do not put ice on it! but try taking your shirt off and setting your back on a cool object like leather

pop a couple of benedryls then soak a clean wash cloth in cold milk make compresses out of it and place on sunburn. (20 minutes)

Take a cool shower apply cornstarch, not baby powder (fragrance may be irritating) you should feel better.

From my recent experience at Cannon Beach.......
100% pure Aloe Gel and Ibuprophen (Ibuprophen is a anti-inflamitory so this will reduce the pain and inflamed (burned) skin.
I applied the 100% Aloe gel once in the morning and once in the evening. And took two IBP every 4-6 hours.

theres no cure but to sooth-It solarcaine...

aleo vera and time, thats about it, and of course avoiding the sun

-----> over here
There are steps you can take to both soothe the burn and reduce the level of UV damage to the skin. While you might think that the damage from a sunburn is complete once you go indoors, beneath the skin’s surface, chemical reactions continue to take place for up to 24 hours after sun exposure. Even though the healthiest choice is to avoid the burn in the first place, quick thinking may reduce the day’s damage.

No, you won’t find drinking your orange juice will prevent a sunburn, but applying a soothing cream, lotion or gel filled with a sun kissed antioxidant like vitamin C can indeed help soothe the burn and help cut down on free radical damage. Ultraviolet light creates free radicals that cause cellular DNA damage (hence wrinkles and skin cancer).

I would also try taking a cool shower/ bath. That will surely help your burn.

Hope this helps you! =D

NYC Stef
Aloe Vera will cure your burn but in my experience does not help with the sting. I don't like over the counter stuff on principal but Solarcaine spray is supposed to be good. I recommend old fashioned Noxema if you have it. It feels so cool being slathered on. Ahhhhh. If you have nothing at hand, then plain ole' white vinegar works a charm, trust me.

I heard you're supposed to take Tylenol or something to suppress the pain.
After you take a shower rub lotion on it, and it won't peel as much.

Vinegar. I'm a redhead so I've dealt with many and spent tons on over the counter creams and sprays. This is the BEST. I put it in a spray bottle and spray. I use a cotton ball for my face. It stinks and stings alittle at first, but the stinging goes away after a minute or so and you can actually touch your skin and it won't hurt. I never use anything but this anymore. My kids love it too. Have showed their friends and they find it amazing that it works. Now, it doesn't take the red away, just the hurt. I don't know how it works but it does. Hope this helps.

Cool wet washcloths (not cold) and Tylenol. Keep replacing the washcloths as they warm up. Once the Tylenol kicks in, it won't sting as much.

aloevera gel might help. it cools of ur skin but it stings like HELL!!

Try cool water & some vinegar, wet a cloth with the solution,
and apply to burnt areas for a few minutes, it pulls the heat out. Re-wet and apply again.
note: it does dry out the skin slightly when done, but it has helped me & my fair skin a number of times. just put some lotion on after it cools down some.

Aloe vera is the best natural cure... if you're looking for something to stop the pain, take a Tylenol or ibprofen. No matter what you put on it, it is only going to stop hurting with time, maybe two or three days

Can't be done because sunburns kill skin, and when skin dies, it must be shed. However, keep it very greased with aloe vera, you can buy it anywhere, and that will minimize skin that was just damaged, not dead, from shedding with the dead skin.

Noxzema.......... look for it in the lotion section


1st degree and 2nd degree burns can easily be handled by placing cool compresses to the damaged area. You can also use over the counter medications but try to stay away from medications containing "cane or caine" at the end. People are sensitive to the pain relief medications. DO NOT PLACE OIL BASED PRODUCTS ON BURNS!! The old wives' tale about placing butter on the burn can actually do more damage. The oil based products can cause the pores of your skin to clog and keep the burn from 'breathing', thus creating infection.

Try taking a cool shower. NOT COLD. Taking a cold shower or bath can cause the body to go into shock. If you wish to take a bath, you can add vinegar to your water. The vinegar will take out the sting from the sunburn. You can also cook oatmeal and add it to your bath as well.

If you live near a creek, you can use the bottom stalk of the plant called "Touch-Me-Nots". Take the root section off the plant, and chop them into the blender. Though it looks gross and nasty, the juice from this plant, will take out the sting and itch. This also works well with poison Ivy too. You can also use Calamine lotion to help relieve the itch. Freshly steeped Chamomile herbs can help relieve the sting associated with sunburn too.

Potatoes can be used to relieve the pain from the sunburn. Take 2 potatoes and wash them well. Cut them into tiny chunks and place them into a blender. Liquefy the potatoes. If they are looking dry, add a little bit of water. Pat the areas with the potato juice. Wait until dry and then take a cool shower.

You can also make an oatmeal pack. Cook oatmeal and wait until it is cold. Place in the refrigerator if necessary. Again, taking a shower to remove the oatmeal pack.

Once you have accomplished all of this, use Aloe Vera to add moisture to the burn. Ingest larger quantities of liquids as well as keep an eye out for signs of infection. Look for an elevation of temperature too. If there are any signs of infection, seek professional care at once!!

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