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What are some good ways to reduce the pain of a sunburn that is blistering?
I've been applying aloe and I have bandages over the places where my clothes are rubbing against the burn, but I'd like to accelerate the healing process even more. Any ideas are appreciated.

I think that's the best you can do to speed healing. You might want to apply some kind of pain medication, as well.

Put an antibiotic cream on it! You can get one at Wilmar for about $4.00! Be careful! It is not safe to get burnt that bad! bye

apply some green alow

use noxema

Vinegar... i used to go out in the sun all the time when i was a teenager. vinegar takes the heat out, and the sting... it smells rotten, but do it in the shower and then wash up really well. also aloevera gel is awesome. unless it is 3rd degree burns, dont bandage yourself, burns need to heal and your skin need to breathe to do so. wear light cotton clothes, and then where it rubs cover those areas underneath with a tea towel to prevent rubbing. Hope it helps!!

Witchy Woman
My ex husband now, use to get very burned when he was overexposed to the sun. I used thin towels or paper towels and soak them in vinegar and lay them on his shoulders and back and you could feel the heat coming out of his skin. He would have me do that a couple of times a day until the sunburn was gone.

I use this stuff along with the aloe. It works great. You can get it anywhere - Sav-On, Longs, Target, Wal-Mart, & probably the supermarket.

First of all, take a cool shower/bath and wash off all the greasy stuff, then, just wear loose fitting ALL cotton clothing over top....sorry, but thats all I've ever done that works.

Vitamin E. Go get a bottle of tablets, break them open and smear the oil on your burns. That stuff will heal just about anything (works on cuts too). But beware, it gets pretty sticky.

"When, why and how to treat for sunburn.

Sunburn should be treated before it happens, when it might and after it does happen. This can be in winter or in summer, on land or on water, wherever direct sun or highly reflected light may reach and therefore threaten bare skin.

Sunburn should be treated for the healing of current sunburn pain, skin damage and potential skin cancer as well as to prevent further sunburn. Here are the several ways we may do this.

Use Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera comes from the aloe vera plant and may be squeezed from its leaves. Purchasing and learning to care for an Aloe Vera plant through the summer can be a wonderfully relieving investment. This healthful moisturizer is frequently used for sunburn and is applied to the affected areas of the skin as a rub to re-moisturize the dried and burnt surfaces. You can also purchase aloe vera creams and ointments that may include other moisturizers or treatments for dry or burned skin.

General Moisturizers.

A general skin moisturizer such as Noxzema can be applied to sun burned areas to cool and sooth the painfully itchy malady. Baby oil is a good moisturizer but don’t use it in the sun or it may help fry you further.


Anesthetics such as the popular skier’s treatment Cool Blue actually kill the pain of most sunburns for a time. This is applied to the skin in the form of a spray or gelatinized rub. It is also frequently mixed with Aloe Vera as sold. Aspirin dissolved in water in small doses may be tried directly applied to affected areas.

Other medications.

Unguentine is used to treat the ache and itchiness of sunburns. There are other brand name and store brand treatments you may want to ask your pharmacist about. Mycetracin or other multiple healing ointments may help to speed healing though you will want to ask your pharmacist to be sure.

A hot shower.

A hot shower immediately after mild sunburn can bring about peeling sooner and rid you quickly of discomfort.

Vitamins taken internally or applied.

Vitamin E, one of the antioxidants, can be taken regularly as part of a daily Vitamin and mineral supplement or spread as in an ointment on sunburn. Vitamin C is another antioxidant that will help prevent severe damage from sunburn and shorten its effects. Selenium is a mineral that will help fight sunburn.

Preventing further sunburn while you heal.

To protect the eyes and the area around the eyes, try placing thin slices of fresh cucumber over closed eyelids when lounging in the sun. The cucumber will absorb all the ultraviolet light and keep the eyes safe and cool.

Sunscreens cannot be over recommended in my opinion. Being someone who is sensitive to light and burns readily I know that an SPF 8 or greater Sunscreen rating is needed if you plan to only reapply it every two hours or less often, at least for those who need to be as concerned as I do."

well aloe vera is deffinetly the best but slice up some potatoes and put them on the burns sorta like giving ur face a cucumber massage it helps and it feels good

Use Aloe (the actual plant). The jelly from inside the plant will not only cool the burn, but also allow it to heal properly.

White vinegar will take out the sting. I know it sounds nasty, but it's completely true. I've had a few bad sunburns and my mom always puts white vinegar on them to take the sting out.

You might be able to call your physician and get a prescription medication. If not, try taking an Aspirin to help relieve pain. But...I do NOT recommend Aspirin For Children, as there is a chance for Reyes syndrome. Aspirin increases blood circulation in peripheral vasculature, therefore promoting skin cooling. It will also promote skin healing from the increase in circulation.

Well it won't accelerate but try putting the aloe in the frig it feels nice on the burns.

Jewish Vegan 4eva
In one of my womens world magazines it says to cut a tomato in half & apply it to the burn but I have never tried that. Try solorcaine & make sure you are using pure aloe that has no additives in it. Put the Neosporin that says + pain relief on it to the blisters.

vinegar...soft cloth...smells for a short time prevents blistering and promotes healing....old cowboy way.

A HOT bath. You think it's killing you, but it takes away the burn.

If you were in the Emergency Room they would apply some Silvadene. It's a lotion they use on burns to kill the bacteria. I have used some Gel that I got from the drug store (on shelf with the suntan lotions) its blue and it has Lidocaine in it. It works really good. I am out or I would tell you the name of it. You'll see it though. I've gotten it at CVS and at the Beach. I've not gone to the beach to lay-out in 2 years so I haven't needed it. My asthma has gotten worse so I can't take the heat like I use to. Guess that means I'm getting old. HA! Good Luck to you and be very careful with the blisters that have busted open, should they get infected then you'll really have problems. You may want to put some Neosporin on those places. Good Luck.

k dog
rub blister lotion day and nightfor 1 week and if they are not gone rub for 2 and do three times a day

Kimberly T
Vinegar it works and yes you will smell but smell vs pain ???????

Ellen N
get a lotion/gel that contains Lidocaine; it will numb the skin

also take an analgesic like Advil and drink lots of water

owwwwww! Ive been there and its not nice, it took me 7 days before the fiery red of my skin calmed down and peel.

I had the tan marks for two years after lol but lession learned!

Tons_of_questions....few answers
im white so when i get sunburned i bake, fry...whatever you want to say. baths make it burn worse so i usually chill around the house for a few days with ice packs and i take cold baths. once its done peeling and i can walk again i head back to school.

keep applying the aloe and also where your clothes inside out so the seams dont rub against your sunburn..

Sharp Marble

i heard something about white vinegar. i'd check up on it first.

my suggestion is just to keep putting on aloe vera gel. there are special kinds that help the burning, i think it's a green gel. that's what i used when my skin blistered and it helped a lot.
if it's really bad, try getting a prescription from your doctor. the ointments that they give are probably the fastest way to get your skin healed.

Why Not!
cold compress.

Michael N
get some aloe vera, the actuall plant at places like trader joes, etc. organic foodstores and slice open the leaf and rub it like every 2 hrs. it really helps

This will sound strange to you... sponge down with vinegar, white distilled vinegar. It does two things. First, the acidity minimizes the risk of infection of the skin. Second it soothes and promotes healing.
So, sponge vinegar all over, let it dry, then shower. After apply a nice moisture lotion. Do that two days in a row, and the sunburn should be well on it's way to healing.

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