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What's the best way to force yourself to get up in the morning?
I have the hardest time getting out of bed in the morning. Any advice would be appreciated.

set must do goals for yourself,put your alarm clock in the corner on the other side of the room as loud as it go

have a goal in life that gives ur life the meaning that will force u to get up early of course to do something good and sllep early as u can and always think of good things after u sleep that u sleep without nightmares but with good dreams or without that give ur body it's right of rest that u help ur body to obey u in the morning
happy dreams hahaha :)

Im not into the alarm clock thing. I would suggest you to think of yourself having a great life in the future because of being an early waker. You dont need an alarm clock to motivate you to get up. If your purpose is of great importance thats enough. I remember when I was still a kid going to school, my mom had no problem at all in waking me up because my biological time clock awakens me every 5am. How do i do that? Its simple...whatever I do and whatever I want to accomplish, I always put it in my heart, only then you will succeed

Buy a really loud alarm clock and put it across the room so you'll have to get up to turn it off. Thats what I did!

Number One: Be kind to yourself and try to understand why it is you don't want to get up. e.g. are you tired, bored, nothing to get up for,

Number Two: Still being kind to yourself try to make something really enjoyable to get up for.

Number Three: If you enjoy being in bed appreciate how blessed you are to have a comfortable bed and thank Goodness that you are not homeless - specially in the cold weather. Appreciation is such a healthy mindset and being in that state may make you appreciate other things i.e. that you are physically fit enough to nimbly get yourself out of the bed unlike people who have to be helped to get out.

Number Four: Enjoy going to bed, being in it, and you MIGHT learn to enjoy starting your day.

Can't think of owt else at the moment. Bed is quite a wonderful place isn't it - so enjoy it and treat it with respect.

Set your alarm a little bit earlier, and turn your TV on when you first wake up. You can wake up while catching a little news or something. Well, this will only work if you have a TV in your room.

Have kids - they never let you sleep.

Failing that, put the alarm clock in a distant part of your room so that you're forced to get out of bed.

personally, I've got one of those annoying alarms that emits an annoying buzzing sound every annoying second. it starts off annoyingly soft then gets annoyingly loud. when I finally do get up I'm annoyed by having to do so.

Some fella invented an alarm clock that sorta runs and hides when it goes off. I'm sure you'd be wide awake by the time you found it.

make the situation more pleasing while your awake to look forward to the next day

There are some funny answers here. I used to have trouble getting up and I loved having coffee in the morning so what I did was, I got a coffee maker that automatically makes your coffee in the morning. That way if you smell the coffee it's more motivating knowing you have that it's ready and just waiting for you to get up and enjoy it. If you can't afford an expensive coffee maker perhaps you can try using a timer.

Somin Lee
You can buy an alarm clock @ Wal-Mart.

Some very good thoughts here. I set an alarm for 20 min before I HAVE to get up. When It goes off I reach up and turn on the 4 bulb light/fan fixture that is right over my head and I turn on the radio LOUD. That usually works because I need dark to sleep.

Also I have pets that whine about breakfast and sit on my head when they hear the alarm. Good Luck.

Here's one thing that works for me: Put a clock radio on the "buzz" setting, and put it really far away -- I put mine on the dresser all the way across the room, or sometimes, on the dining table (dining room is right outside my door). I set it on the loudest volume, and it's really annoying! I have to get up and turn it off, and I have to walk away from the bed in order to do it. By the time I turn it off, it's easier to get into the bathroom and start getting ready.

I also get myself psyched up the night before about the next day's activities, but I know that in the early-morning phase, nothing excites me more than the possibility of going back to bed. So I have to combat the problem by putting the LOUD alarm far away!

Put the alarm clock far away from you, but not that far till you can't hear it ring. In this way, it will force you to wake up and walk towards the alarm clock to shut it off.

put the alarm clock across the room and get enough sleep. Once you get enough sleep and wake up early on a regular basis it wont be hard anymore.

Get an alarm clock thats loud like mines.

Go to bed 30 minutes earlier each night until you wake up just before the alarm goes off. You aren't getting enough sleep!

set an alarm clock right near your ear and set it to the time you want to get up (make sure its on the FM radio setting). turn the volume up all the way and then go to sleep. at oh, lets say at 7:00 (or the time you want to wake up) you wake up to a loud burst of music which makes you want to get up and smash a hammer on your poor innocent alarm clock.

correction added later: invent an alarm clock that is allergic to beds and has to sit on your bathroom sink

find a passion. find something worthy of your time, effort and energy. I promise you that once you do...getting up will never be a problem again.

Turn your radio/stereo to a loud volume that'll wake you up, not everyone in the house.

[email protected]
in the morning have one of your friends pour water on your face. thats what they do to me and now i whant to wake up earlyer than them to not get wet!

have an alarm set for the time that you want to get up at and then set it for your favorite radio station and really loud so then it will spound like people are screamin at you!

da dude person
Theres a new alarm clock that actually plays hide and seek, so you have to get out of bed to make it stop making the noise.

Put your alarm clock out of your reach. This way, you gotta get up to hit the snooze, and once you're up, grab a cup of coffee. that should do it.

Tell someone to kiss you awake

Drink lots of water before going to sleep. Assuming you don't wet the bed, as soon as you wake up you will need to urinate and it will overpower how tired you are.

make your self a very busy day

Turn your alarm up as loud as it will go, and put it in the next room or as far away as you can put it but still be able to hear it. That will force you to get up and turn it off. The snooze button won't seem nearly as appealing after trudging through the house to get to the clock.

Don't go to bed, just stay up all night and do Yahoo Answers and Watch TV..

Before sleeping make a decision in your mind that you have to get up early. Think of the advantages of early rising when you are in the bed. No other thought should enter your mind. You will be surprisingly awoke by your inner "You". This is more accurate that alarm or any other measure. You must give up bed immediately when your eyes open in the early morning. This is best and tested way in my opinion.

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