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Urgent!! Please help! How do you treat a gun shot wound to the stomach?????
Please hurry!!
Additional Details
The person shot is a fugitive. NO HOSPITALS!!

take it from an EMT...go to the damn hospital

Ms. T
Going 2 ER is only solution!!!!

Yell for help and call 911, an ambulance and inform the police immediately to take care immediately

and youre on yahoo?!?!

Big Bear
Go to the ER. Place a towel or something on the stomach to contain the bleeding. Get to the ER immediately.

Call 911! Hopefully, you aren't in any danger!

call 911-

ok...you had enough time to go on yahoo answers? lol

Deirdre H
It depends on the type of wound. A stomach wound can cause a great deal of damage, or very little. Likely, you would perform a CT scan to determine which structures had been damaged, and then define your surgical protocol from there. If the Aorta was damaged, or the liver, spleen, etc, you would treat each injury differently. If the colon was damaged, you might need to do some lavage.

Hopefully, you've got the right equipment in your kitchen.

Me, myself and I
Get off the damn and call 911 NOW!

you dont, a surgeon does, go to the hospital now....

Go to the hospital.

uh 911 maybe!

jessie t
ah come on just take some seasalt and rubbing achole hold there for 60sec then ease it out but literly if the person was in danger you would'nt be asking people on the computer you'd go to the hospital

Helen DDS
By going to the hospital and seeing the ER docs. 911

a visit to a trauma center. get a grip and turn off the tv.

Drink a bottle of Syrup of Epicac to help you vomit up the bullet. Thus will also help to remove your stomach of acids that could leak into your abdominal cavity and cause a worse stomach ache.

1-Call 911
2-Call 911
3-Call 911
4-Call 911
5-Call 911
6-Get a life This Is Not Real

KT the QT
lol...you should be calling 911, not posting a question on Y!A.

The West Coast Avenger
First, have the person take a swig of whiskey, pour whiskey into the wound.

Second, fish out the lead balls with a clean knife.

Third, cauterize the wound with a whit hot sword.

John H
lol, you crazy gurl. don't ask us knuckelheads. call da ambyoolance.

as a top conti i would have never thought that you would ask a question such as this. hmmmm, it seems to me that i would seek the consultation of a doctor via an ambulance trip to the E.R. . i only do this kinda work in the sterile confines of a hospital. o btw, while you are waiting on the answer, the patient has more than likely died due to blood loss. the computer is not always the answer, common sense is.

Im not using this account anymor
By calling 911 instead of trying to figure it out on Yahoo Answers.

discuss this with your surgeon.

Stick a banana in it.

Marion F
Urgent my butt!!! You should be in the emergency room, not on line.

stick your finger in the wound

Seek help. No, I'm NOT talking about the gun shot.

hurry quick get the bullet out and and adn and put a band aid o nit

same boat
another shot but to the head

you have got to be kidding me.

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