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True or False. Why?
The moment you wake up is the most alert you'll be for the whole day.

Not true for me, no matter what scientists may say.


I'm pretty sure I heard on the news that this is true.

Depends if you r a morning person or a night person.

false, i try not to wake up

false, because I'm more awake in the daytime than in the morning!


True!bcoz when we woke-up our mind is very fresh and we will be in a good mood if anything happend at that moment and our mood spoiled then the whole day we willnot be happy.

i think false

Good gosh i hope not!!

The Mailman
Because when you sleep your body is being recharged, and the most power you have is as soon as you're recharged, During the day your battery begins to run down, and you get tired . You then must again recharge (sleep)

peopel are most awake in the morning

true because when u wake up or get woke up u want to be aware of ur surroundings. The rest of the day u already pretty much know since u put yourself in certain surroundings. But in the morning, in the first few seconds u wake up u have to make yourself comfortable with where u are.

Steven D
For me it is true, but it depends on the person. When people wake up, the hormone cortisol is excreted to produce energy to wake and get going until you eat. People have varying levels of cortisol excretion depending on their health and their own physiological make-up.

Im more up at night...i cant sleep i try but its hard
I am talking to my twin sister and she falls asleep im like,''okay!be like that!''
soooo my answer to the question is false

There are persons where this is true, there are persons where this is false.

That moment is very important. I think that it sings all the day. So I try to wake up calmly with out an alarm clock (and of cource I collect the best company to pass the night with).
An apple not a cup of coffee alerts you for the start of the day.

Sir Chyver
False.I don't know why.


Not universally true or false.


False. It depends on the person. It is probably true from some people, but not for all.

princess angel 2207
true, because when i wake up for work, and take a shower iam alerted. but afternoon, i feel tired.

Geez, I hope not. I wouldn't want to, say, operate heavy machinery the moment I wake up...

um...I would have to say false b/c when you wake up you really don't know whats going on around you.

False, after my shower I feel the most alert

Peace Maker
False because a cup of caffeinated coffee or tea could really alert someone.

i dont know but i thought most people were sleepy and very unalert when they woke up

no not really. i feel more alert after 2 hours of waking up .

False, it is the worst time of the day. Once you wake up, you are still tired and sleepy.

false,when u wake up ur basically just out of a coma (unless ur weird)the most alert time ull be all day is around 11:00


I think it varries with each person. For me, the moment I wake up, I'm groggy and a little bleary eyed. It takes me a few minutes to really be happy that I got up. I think I function better earlier in the day; am more alert in the morning hours, but I don't notice a huge decrease in alertness - just a slow dwindle, until I'm ready to go to bed. (About 10pm, the mere suggestion of a bed will put me to sleep!)

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