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Please help........... Serious answers only!!?
My husband, 15 month old daughter, and I have been passing this cold/flu thing back and forth for months now. How do you suggest we get rid of it for good? I have already been putting bleach in the dishwasher to prevent spreading that way. We have all been on antibiotics, but it just isn't going away.
Additional Details
I am very anal about everyone washing their hands.

kleighs mommy
i would go to the er sounds like its more than the flu

You need to go see a Dr. again. I don't believe it is possible to have the same virus more tahn once. You guys should see if you might possibly have a mold problem within your walls. A lot of the times mold can cause a lot of different viruses that can make you feel like you are always sick. I would be careful about the bleach that you are using in your dishwasher also. Those chemicals are very harsh on your daughter. You don't want to mess with bleach when it comes to your dishes. One wrong thing with bleach and it could kill you. I would deff. see the Dr. again and have your house and area you live in checked out for mold and spires. When you are sick, you do need to rest alot, just because you fell better does not mean that you should get up and start doing a bunch. When you are starting to feel better that is because your body is finally having a chance to recoup and build strength. If you start using that energy than you actually end up wearing your body down and making you more sick from it. It would also be a good ideal to try and keep whomever is sick at the time in a nother room untill they are fully healed.

Good Luck and I hope that you all feel better!!

Spray Lysol on EVERY hard surface. Wash all bedding, curtains, clean carpets.....clean restrooms....spray disinfectant on bedding & furniture. My family & I did that for about 2 months also. This was the ONLY things I found to work! (Besides antibiotics :) I wish u luck!

Altima Girl
You should check and make sure you don't have any mold in your house. That could be making all of you sick. Good luck!

Its unlikely to be the same bug each time, you're likely to be very run down and so pick up lots of different bugs. Try and eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg, particularly anything with vitamin C in it. Also try and get lots of sleep.

Get well soon!

Wash all your bedding, flip your mattresses, open all your windows. Air that place out good. Get out in the sunshine, exercise a bit, and eat right. Wash your hands, but don't use Antibacterial soap. And... That Airborne stuff was a lifesaver for my family (6 kids, 2 adults). The one we get is lemon-lime flavored - it looks somewhat like swamp water, but tastes like Sprite. (Just make it with really cold water). You can get it at WalMart or most any pharmacy.

Stop with the bleaching and antibiotics. You are going to make the virus mutate and get stronger.

If you would have given your address, present temperature and nature of work it was better.
Prolonged cold can cause fever. It is natural way of body to eliminate cough; i think it's not viral.
Stale, spicy, cold and fatty foods cause cough. Cold atmosphere can also cause cough. It can be due to your Constitutional problem also.
You all keep yourseves on lukewarm water + honey (pure natural) for two to three days can solve your problem.
You can write for more help.

jump off a cliff


Airborne was created by a teacher that kept getting sick. This is available at your local drug stores and Walmart.

Wean off of the antibiotics and use natural supplements, a healthy diet and exercise. Too many antibiotics, particularly for the baby, are a bad thing. They can weaken her immune system in the long run. Lots of vitamin C, Zinc, Echinacea, plenty of water every day and lots of rest.

have you all (cept the baby) tried a product called Zyban? a lot of people I know say it works.

There isn't much you can do. It is a virus, so your body has to learn to build up an immunity. As it is, you are probably catching different colds and flus that are different strains as once you clear out one, you have an immunity.

Take Wellness formula by Source naturals they also make a liquid for kids.
You need to boost your immune system so the virus can not survive in your body.
If you have all been on antibiotics you need to supplement with Acidophilus to replace the friendly bacteria that the antibiotic has killed.
Antibiotics kill everything good and bad so when you are done you are left with no natural defense, that is why the Acidophilus is so important to replace the good and prevent reoccurring illnesses.
You can get these products from any health food store.

Are you sure you are getting the bleach off the dishes before you eat off of them? Getting bleach into your bodies would not be a good thing for your health. I would just suggest good hygiene and washing hands (especially after changing diapers!). My brother got violently ill from changing his daughter's diaper and not washing his hands because he said everything looked pretty clean, but the doctor told him that's not true. If it's been that long and still hasn't gotten better I would go see a doctor.

Are you eating plenty of foods with iron in it? A good dose of iron capsules might help? I always end up getting the cold/flu if my diet changes or I reduce my red meat / green veg intake.

Lucid Jane
i've been through that also. you just have to ride it out.

go to the dr.
air out the house
change all the bed sheets
disenfect all the washrooms

is it possible you have a mold issue in your home?
look on the web for ways to detect it?

Eat healthily,drink lots of fluids,wrap up warmly on cold days and maybe consult your doctor if symptoms consists

go to a doctor and take ur baby to the pediatritian ... her lungs are still delicate to such a long cold and she might develop respiratory problems if not treated carefully

good luck

Alex Ortiz
try homeopathics...

HERE ARE A FEW TIPS THAT HELP ME......wash all the bed sheets open all the windows and doors and do a thorough spring cleaning. Also make some chicken soup(its been clinically proven to help your immune system) and start taking vitamins. make sure that when you guys are out in the cold everyone has a sweater/jacket and if you guys shower really early in the morning dont go out with your hair wet into the cold.

good luck :)

[email protected]
Antibiotics will not at all help cold/flu viruses because they are not bacteria but virus, antibiotics will only make your immune system more susceptible by lowering your defenses. So my suggestion would be to not take antibiotics at all and to make sure you and your family don't drink off of each other's cups at all either. Keep everyone healthy by getting lots of rest, washing things thoroughly like it sounds like you already are, and drinking lots of water. Water is a hydration that everyone needs and prayerfully it will knock out everything you are all going through. If your baby is lacking energy you might supplement her water with Gatorade or Pedialyte as well. You and your hubby can take vitamins. Best wishes =)

I can relate. This happens in our house every once in awhile. Clean everything with clorox wipes and encourage everyone to WASH THEIR HANDS. Try to take it easy and eat right and take some Vitamins since it sound like you guys' immune systems are low right now. Fresh air helps to, but please stay away from people so we don't get it. *HUGS*

Orange Juice
hand sanitizer
Regular Exercise
Check home for mold and carbon monoxide
If that dont work I would Have your doctor check blood work for any type of immune system disorders

go to the doctor

matt da fisherman
Check for MOLD in your house....it couldbe making you sick.

Is there some friend or relatives house each of you can stay at for about 7 days? That's about the only thing i can suggest.Also,start taking herbs,www.naturessunshine.com


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