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Tiffany S
Ok, so i cut and i really need to get rid of the cuts by 15 days. there not al all bad. help? and yes i stoppe
cutter, cuts, fast, rid, scrape, bad, cutt, teen, quick

Get some triple Antibiotic ointment and bandaids. Change the bandaid and put on ointment every day until the cut is gone.

cover up is your only option really.

Neosporin - works very well for that. and try that stuff for men when they shave and cut them self, it is a white pen for knicks, that should help so after you put on the white knick stick then you could put makeup over it and hide it.

Atomic Rooster
I am really glad to hear you stopped and i hope you continue not to. Anyway, a friend of mine showed me a crazy way to cover cuts so that nothing can get in and they heal faster, crazy glue. I didn't believe him at first, but it seems to work.

Heather F
neosporin!! it works really quick
just make sure you use it everyday

Wash them and clean them and definitely don't pick at them.

go get scar away if they are scars
but if they are not.
put an ice cube over the cuts and hold it there
the rub it alot.
well it depends on how bad and deep the cuts are......
TRUST me my best friend cuts too
and she did this

just keep on cleaning it and moisturize it when it becomes alitte dry

use plenty of Neosporin and maybe try makeup like foundation and powder to help cover it up.

hereecomesxthesun :]
cover up.
i suggest getting someone to help you deal with your emotions better though.
cutting isn't the answer.

neosporian but it won't help that much, coco butter so it won't scare

When I get a cut, or any wound for that matter, I find that they heal many times faster when I clean them out with Hydrogen Peroxide every few hours.
While there is no legitimate way to speed up gods handywork, keeping the wound clean helps out alot. Wash with, lightly rub and dab with cotton balls soaked in Hydrogen Peroxide. It can be had at any pharmacy or variety store for a buck or 2. Keep applying liberally until it no longer fizzes. the fizz is the peroxide reacting with dead organic matter. It penetrates and kills bacteria and germs and forces them out towards the surface.
All cuts must take natures course. I have had some severe lacerations in my day. I have found that they scabbed and healed faster when i used peroxide every few hours, and let them dry out thoroughly. Creams can be helpful but they inhibit natural scabbing process.
Eat healthy, clean regularly wth the prxd, keep dry, for the last few days, perhaps Neosporin will help. at the last moment, rub your mostly healed cuts down with more peroxide. This will clean off excess build up of scab and dirt and lint that may cause darkening of the surface. You're gonna have marks! just do your best.Maybe a dab of make-up? I dont know, I'm not a girl so I know nothing of make-up.
And dont ever cut yourself again! If you are cutting yourself for any reason,then something is wrong with your thinking! But I am not here to tell you what to do. Wish you well.

Brit Brit
long sleaved shirts and hoodies

Leeanna D
Tell a friend or a parent. I'm sorry hun but cutting yourself and covering it up is not going to relieve anything. I'm suffering from depression now, and I don't care if you believe me or not, but covering up with cream, makeup is not the answer.

I am not going to give you advice on how to cover up your scars...go and tell someone, get the help, even if you did stopped, once a cutter, always a cutter..same as for me...but a least I'm not trying to covered them up....sorry hun but you made the mess now face it!

Ohh itss Love
oy vey. honey why would you do this to yourself? Neosporin and KEEP THEM CLEAN! wear long sleeve shirts and stuff like that. use Hydrogen Peroxide a lot.
please don't do this to yourself anymore! :)
good luck babe!
xoxo ♥

joe z
split open an allow leaf and tape it to the affected area

Thank you for your honesty. Where are the cuts located? Doesn't matter to me, but you should ask yourself the same because they need to be moist and covered and bandages may be visible to others. By moist I mean with a cream like Neosporin or even Vaseline. And covered; either with a dressing (bandage) or band-aid if they're small cuts. If you don't mind seeing a doctor then there is an Rx called Silvadene that speeds the healing process and reduces scars. Keep the cuts clean (2-3x daily) and let area dry before adding dressing. Depends on the depth of the cuts, but they should heal and somewhat clear up in 1-2 weeks. Good luck and stop cutting. Easier said then done.

I agree with the previous commenter - some of your posts are really ignorant and insensitive. To cut oneself takes a very anxious, depressed person and to put them down will only make them worse.

She already knows she has a problem and wasn't looking for psychiatric advice - if you don't know the answer to the question she DID ask, then don't bother answering at all.

I used to cut.. and really there is no quick way of getting rid of them.. If it is cool weather where you are right now just wear long sleeves.. That's really the only thing you can do. Or you could try covering them with makeup..

neosporin and antibiotic treatment. mine are really awful, so i have deep scars, so i hope you don't have those. let it breath at night, but during the day put Neosporin/antibiotic ointment and a bandaid over them. good luck.

Troubadour 1318
jsut pure some H2O2 which is Hydrogen Peroxide to clean the cut and put a bandaid on it keep putting the H2O2 every couple of hours

Sour Orange
Try Mederma, I heard it works pretty well.
Also, a foundation mousse always works pretty well (if it's a last minute cover-up).

And I'm glad you stopped; I stopped too.

cover up i think is the best thing to get rid of it in 15 days.
no skin ointment will get rid of it that fast.
trust me, i know.

Clean them with soap and water and put some antibiotic ointment on them. It sounds like they are superficial skin wounds so they should heal fairly well. And quit doing that its lame.

captain obvious™
"what are those cuts on your ar-"
"i got attacked by a cougar."
"yeah. i was sitting on the computer and a cougar attacked me via yahoo answers."

there's your excuse. i'll be the cougar


Daniel M
Put on some Neosporin. They make scar remover stuff too. You can get it at Wal-Mart. You might just be screwed. Some deep cuts will leave scars. Vitamin E is supposed to help with scars.

Put on some makeup over the scars if you have to.

♥ Mandy ♥
neosporin then a counselor..

ღ?cavalier de fantôme?ღ
I'm sorry but you made a conscious decision to mutilate yourself, and now have to deal with the consequences.

There's not much you can do to speed your body's natural healing process.

First you need to seek out some help for the emotional reasons why you are cutting. Then put neoporin (a triple anitbiotic) and a bandaid on them.....hopefully they will disappear, but you are still likely to have scars...Use your head gf...quit cutting!

vitamin b12 really helps, also try Neosporin for scars and then make up when ut needs to be conceealed. works like a charm. :)
best answer please?

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