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pat b
Ive eaten glass what do i do?

Additional Details
i didnt mean 2 ..my mate smashed a bottle and it landed in my food i looked down and there was lots of little bits in there ..is it really badly serious?? ..im scared ..i cant go the doctor incase i havent eaten the glass ...im going to look a bit stupid

Teen in need!
Go to the hospital or call 911!!!!!!!! NOW

have a sturdy bar and some leather to chew on when you go number 2!
on a serious note, if you haven't sought emergency advice do so. Especially if you find blood in your spit, stool, or urine. Sharp objects in your DT could really do a number all the way to your rectum!

eat a banana (really it will help you, its not a joke) and then go to ER. what are you waitting for.....

Throw it up.

sh** it out

go to your doc

Go to a doctor. And why the hell would you eat glass. You just like the taste or was a neat party trick??

Go to the hospital, and tell them. They will take care of it.

u need nothing to do now the glass will do.

Go to ER/A&E straight away!

Eva Daniel Rn
go to emergency room, more likely we take an x ray of you and see if it is there... of course surgery if it is

stupid what are you doing eating glass

O, it depends how big of a piece it is......if it's small drink plenty of water and eat a sandwich and also pray...so you can poop it out without cutting your insides. If it's big you've got to go to the ER.

Dan =]
Go to the hospital immediately or call 911! Duh!! It's serious

Call your insurance nurses hotline and ask. It sounds like an emergency, but I'm thinking about all these hot shots on TV who do this as a stunt, they never seem to have a problem, so maybe it's not as urgent as one might think. I'd definitely call a professional for consult though.

Go to the hospital before you have to take a dump. Ouch.

call a doctor or go to the er dept of your local hospital for gods sakes you dont want to crap it out..... OUCH

A&E now don't even read the rest of this message!!
Why did you eat glass?????? Wasn't that a silly thing to do???

go to hospital asap

prepare to die.

jessica rabbit
well...that wasn't a very smart thing to do...

depending on the amount you have eaten, i would still go to the hospital....a trauma unit as opposed to a community and local hospital.......they will prolly grease you up in the inside with canola oil and a lot of it

Go straight to hospital. If you cant get someone to drive you immediately then call an ambulance. Do not drive yourself.

Update: Look, at least just contact your local A&E department. Would you rather look stupid or bleed to death?

Go To The Hospital Emergency Room & Tell Them What You Did


but if it was me, i'd go to the er before it mangles your intestines like a meat grinder batters beef. good luck

Go to the hospital IMMEDIATELY!!!! You can internally bleed to death! It's very dangerous....

Good Luck!!!

get lots of Vaseline and paper towels, eating the glass was the easy part, the next part is going to be hell.

Spit it out.

call a psychiatrist.

you prob should go to the er

Let the acid in ur stomach dissole it--the acid can dissolve stainless steel blades.

Go on TV and challenge David Blaine to a glass eating contest. You could become famous. But, you could also slice your guts apart. Your call!

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