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Is urine an antiseptic?
someone said it was and i don't believe it. because how could a waste product be good for you by entering into your bloodstream?

Something sterile means that it does not contain bacteria or viruses. Urine while in the bladder is usually sterile. Unfortunately when you pee the urine is exposed to your skin and becomes contaminated with skin bacteria. Because of their anatomy women have more exposure to skin when peeing than men. I can see why a man might be told to pee on an injury to help it heal. Urine is loaded with the waste products that you do not need. Drinking it would be re-exposing you to the same stuff that your body is trying to get rid of.

Your urine is the way your body removes the "poisons" that've entered your body.

There are some cranks who believe that urine is good for health and even drink it!?

Guess I don't need to tell you what their health conditions are.

It is pure when it is fresh and externally applied can neutralize insect bites... it is acidic....

good for Jellyfish (as J says) and Sea Urchin stings

also good for your compost heap in the garden, adding Potassium.

Kunwar Singh
The waste product in the form of urine of humans and especially of cows from the animal kingdom is an ultimate solution to all kinds of diseases and disorders. It not only acts as an antiseptic but has been considered to be the best antibiotic for all diseases and disorders. There is a therapy based on urine and it is known as Urine Therapy. Drinking cow’s Holy urine is the tradition in the country like India for ages. People could get rid of their chronic ailments drinking cow's milk and it is openly sold in India by many companies. The cow's urine is going to be the next house hold necessity in a couple of years from now because of the speed by which the diseases are getting spread around the world. Urine is best for shampooing your hair and is also a best ear and eye drop. If you get cut and don’t find anything on the spot, just rub your urine and see the difference. Urine is also a best after shave lotion for men. The former Prime Minister of India drank his own urine up to his last days to ease sufferings from his skin disease. I too can understand that it is rather very difficult for a large population to digest that urine really helps in many ways but one has to believe that this is true. Cow’s urine is equally same as Holy water. Please don’t get confused and you will find plenty material on the web site on this subject. Take care and be in good health.

no, it's not an antiseptic

I beleive it may kill germs, but you should NEVER use it as an antiseptic. Urea is a poison found in urine that could KILL you!

yup its great for jelly fish stings

no, urine is not an antiseptic.

no it's not. Urine entering the body can make you very ill, it's posion to your body thats why the body releases it. Whoever said that to you was either messing with your head or is going to get quite an infection if they do that.

Urine is not an antiseptic ask anyone who has ever had a urinary Tract infection!

No, it is not an antiseptic and can contain bio hazardous waste. Otherwise why would you need to clean your toilet with something that kills germs? Someone is lying to you.

It is.
Soldiers were told to use it as such in World War one if nothing else was available. It is filtered through the kidneys and does not usually contain microorganisms.

Hmm, I do not think so, since our body get rid of the stuff!

ureas dn acids and so on and the salt leached from the body are able in short term to keep a wound fresh so it doesnt turn

No, it is not an antiseptic but there are times when you use it for EMERGENCY treatment. One would be with certain types of stings from sea creatures.

The rest are a bit gory and I don't think you want to hear them.

who ever told you that is NOT WELL AT ALL!!!and of course it's not. thank god you already knew that.

no! and it can't

Lizziedoddle B
It's anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-viral, antibiotic and anti-fungal

~*~ Stormy Weather~*~
gross where is ur friend from mars...

Uh no, pee is not a good thing to clean other things with.

Actually, I have heard that if you pee while you are in the shower and you have athletes Foot, it can get rid of it. Back in the old days people use to put urine in ears to help ear infections. If you do not believe me ask an older adult, 70-80 years of age.

No. And it isn't sterile either. Don't drink it without filtering and don't apply it to open wounds. There are reasons you wash your hands after going to the restroom.

it is sterile with a lot of poisons in it and should not have any kind of antiseptic properties. in some cases it is not sterile however and many people expell bacteria through urine. in short, it is a sterile poison!


Our body excretes urine for a reason.. it's waste that our body doesn't need. It doesn't make sense for it to be an antiseptic, and it could probably do more harm than good.

Pinky Patel
it is believed in ayurvedic that if you drink your own mornings first urine. it purifies your body. I know this works as one of my father's friend was doing just this. One of the India's well known historical figure also followed this.
this is a known to be followed during renaissance, and is very ancient therapy in China too.

No, but the ammonia content of it is quite helpful for jellyfish stings, bee stings, and other bug bites... It is more "clean' and "pure" than Saliva! No, I would not suggest ingesting it, it would be like drinking sea water, quenching the thirst, but dehydrating you more!

Yes, urine can be used as an antiseptic. I don't know about the science behind it, but it is sterile so would probably be good in the absence of anything else to clean a wound with.

Good grief, and you believed that "someone"? No, it is no such thing. It is a waste product, and though ordinarily sterile, it is not at all appropriate to put it on your body or to drink it. If I were you, I'd smack whomever told you that crap!

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