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 My tongue hurts. one of the taste buds on the tip is swollen and the pain is getting worse, what should i do?
maybe i bit the tip when i was sleeping or something, but on the tip of my tongue i have a swollen taste bud. should i pop it or what? it's only getting worse by the hour.
Additional D...

I just nibbled on a jalopeneo what do i do to stop the burning!?

rossie a
eat some butter

jennifer j

I hope it went away by now, next time you have peppers keep milk near by!

little mama kat 23
Milk and bread are surefire cooler downers.

Eat a piece of bread!

What works for me is a big tablespoon of plain ol' sugar. Let it dissolve in your mouth, and tastes good, too!

drink some milk.

milk, bread, or lots of water works

the "hot" is in the seeds. usually I eat bread afterwards and drink a lot of water...works for me.

I usually tell anyone that does this to eat some bread. Drinking water seems to make it worse. The burning will stop.

Peppers are supposed to be hot. You might try milk, very cold milk sometimes lessens the burning. At any rate it should pass away by itself in a couple of hours.

this is why mexican food has sour cream and cheese on top - to keep the balance of hot/cold.

drink milk

Drink milk! It really works!

Drink whole milk, cheese or any dairy with high fat content.

Eat a cracker, piece of bread, or some pasta. If you can't get your hands on any of those, shish some milk around in your mouth.

Cat Loves LIN 300!
Eat bread or a dairy product. These have molecules that bind with the Capsaicin that is burning your mouth and carry it into your stomach. DO NOT drink water! All that water does is swish the Capsaicin around in your mouth and set your whole tongue ablaze!

gayle j
Drink milk!


Cream, ice cream, or milk in that order.

moon vine lass
Drink milk, or Maalox. Water will make it worse.

Put milk and ice in your mouth. Don't swallow for a minute. Repeat several times. Brush your teeth when you are done so the lactose won't eat the enamel off of your teeth.

drink milk and eat bread it takes the heat out

drink milk

Drink Milk and eat some bread. Dont nibble on jalopeneo's anymore.

MILK! Get this person some MILK!!!

Drinking milk is the key ;)

Drink milk.

try milk or a piece of white bread

realistic human
Drink milk- it neutralizes the acids that cause the burning.

drink whole milk, eat some sour cream or anything with fat in it

Drink Lots of Water

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