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I have green stuff oozing from a hole in my leg, will vodka do as a disinfectant?

it will do fine

i think your winding but if not get the doc to look at it

Essmi d
I think you should see a doctor and have it cleaned properly. It doesn't sound like a good idea to pour anything on an infection that's gotten that bad and you might need antibiotics to clear it up in case it gets into your bloodstream and causes blood poisoning or something worse.

herb s
fill the long glass with ice, then pour in some vodka, gin, tequila(silver) and havana - anejo blanco, add some lime and lemon juice and some coke. drink it and then go to the doctor. it might be serious!

If you are serious you should get to casualty before you get septicaemia

Unless you're The Incredible Hulk who bleeds and oozes green, you better get to a doctor. You probably got the hole in your leg after you drank vodka and made out with a frog.

Not as much fun as drinking it !!!!!!!!!!!

No, first you drink the green stuff, then the vodka. you'll feel real good after awhile.

Yeh why not, if it doesn't work - you will get pissed in the process.

No, vodka is only 40 % alcohol, whilst alcohol as desinfectant need to be 70%, but the green stuff from your knee means part of your skin or flesh which is destroy quite deep, your local immune system cannot cope with the inflammation. Go to the doctor before you got fever. You need antibiotic, local disinfectant only cure the superficial wound -cannot penetrate much further.

Barking mad
It looks as if you have been stabbed by the poisonous sword fish, the gurgling yellow phleghmed hard bellied ray, and the only antidote known to man is err err ohh I FORGET sorry, you have hours left to make a will.

If you have absolutely nothing else more suitable, yes it will do.

But if you have green stuff oozing from a hole in your leg, you need to see a doctor rather rapidly because of serious infection.

Either that, or you're a Vulcan with a cut!

You have got gangrene. Go into the kitchen and swallow as much vodka as you can. then open the cutlery drawer and get out your sharpest knife and amputate your leg. A bit like that guy in the film SAW, only he never had no vodka. Then, when you have done this ask if there are any HANNIBALS on Yahoo Answers whgo would like a good LEG OF HUMAN curry!

Get some dettol to clean up the blood, and look on ebay for some good crutches!

HOP this is an informative answer for you, and if you need some company to help you drink the vodka let me know!

Go to the emergency room / Drs as soon as you can. You might like to stop off at the needle exchange on the way there......
M : I

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....i would just drink it...HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Nightcall
It might not do so well as a disinfectant but it might be a good anesthetic while they chop your leg off. Go see a doctor.

pudding queen
Not really

Do you have any antiseptic cream or liquid. I would get this checked out by a doctor as it sounds nasty.

put some antiseptic cream on and cover loosely with a sterile dressing.

sweetie... dont be soooo stupid! try bleach; this a sure-fire way to kill infection and reduce the chances of losing your leg. Im not saying it wont sting a little but itll be worth it

yes drink the bottle the pain will go away

Sounds like a bad infection. If you put vodka there, you will burn hell out of it. you don't want that pain, do you? Please go to the doctor straight away and get it treated. You will need it cleaned and dressed. They may take swabs to see what kind of infection you have. You will probably get an antibiotic and a pain killer or advice on pain killers. Good luck.

oh yea it is a great disinfectant... You will scream bloody murder as it will burn like fire but what the hell drink the vodka and then you might not even care if it burns when you finally find that hole and get the last of the vodka in it. Yellow stuff oozing from a hole in your leg is a sure sign of an infection. MRSA is crawling all over the place out there now. It is a resistant strain of a skin infection bacteria that if left unattended or "cured" by Vodka it can kill you. I also saw a 39 year old male vodka coineseur recently who finally lost his right lower leg to one of those dippy yellow hole things in his leg...

go to your local GP or try TCP diluted that should do the trick

teary chocolate
Well I am assuming you aren't serious, so I will say why not give it a go and see what happens.

not really. But taken orally you should feel better!

jewel of the nile

You have a serious infection and should get to a doctor ASAP to get it treated. Rubbing alcohol will help temporarily (it'll sting like mad) but it's not a complete treatment. If the wound is left as is you could end up with gangrene in your leg.

you need to get that checked out before it gets any worse, you may need antibiotics

and that would be a terrible waste of vodka!!!!

Doc. justasinner111
Yes. It will do.

whiskey is better

No, poop works better. Have someone poop on your leg and smear it all over the hole.

(That's funny......I'm suddenly hungry.)

Big hands
just drink it and get drunk it will be better than wasting it on a cut

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