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Wanna Jive with me?
I have a REALLY bad pain in the right side of my body, just under the ribcage. any ideas on what it is??
Seriously, it's killing! It feels like some ones stabbed me with a red hot sword blade or something! No, I won't go to the doctors, unless i start to cough up blood. I have a fear of hospitals...

Samantha S
If it is upper right stomach, it may be gall stones. If this is the case, try eating less fatty, greasy foods, such as hamburgers. If this doesn't help, go to the doctor. A gall bladder removal is an outpatient surgery, you go home the same day and recover in a couple days.

If it is lower right stomach, it may be appendicitis. Go to the doctor now. If your appendix bursts, you can die or have severe complications. Also, this is not a major surgery. You will recover shortly.


Sounds like trapped wind. I've experienced it before and it isn't nice. Try eating peppermints. It does help but if it doesn't help you'd be best off seeing your GP.

sounds like it could be your gall bladder giving you troubles. You should go to the emergency room if you develop a fever and or start throwing up.

Could be your galblader, liver, or your appendix. If you start to run a fever or have stomach problems like nausea vomiting or even heartburn call your doctor right away.

is it ur ipendiks?

Could be gull stones. Get an ultra sound. It uses sound to see what abnormalities you have there.

from the location you described it sounds like you may have some kind of liver problem. and need to go to the Doctor now. if you don't go to the hospital or the doctors you stand a very good chance of bleeding internally. and by the time you start to feel week and disorientated it may be to late to do any thing.

it could be your appendix and if it is they will burst and then you will have to go to the hospital nobody likes hospitals so your not the only one but if your sick your sick and you have to go and get your self looked after

maybe an ulcer but don't be foolish visit a doctor,if you leave it until its too late he cant cure it,the earlier the better

(= Krackerz =)
u might have apendicides or something like that

[email protected]
I am an alternative medicinal therapist and an ex nurse. It sounds like gall stones. In order to get an accurate diagnosis I would need more information. If you want help e mail me but leave your full e mail address.

Gloria (BSYA)
[email protected]

[email protected]
indegestion or stitch try taking some rennies or Gaviscon hope you feel better soon


It could be your gallbladder(stones) which is killer. It happened to me and I was at home about to die until I finally couldn't stand it anymore. I was admitted to the hospital and had to have surgery the next day. Fear or not, the relief is so much better.
I doubt it is your appendix. That is down closer towards your abdomen around your navel. But, any pain that is that bad is worth having looked at.

You should REALLY get it checked out.

for the last 2, change ur diet, no much salt , sweet and alcohol intake, if u feel better next day than it is OK, otherwise don't delay, go to doctor

aren't you funny (no i won't go to the Doc) well my advice is to get a nice massage and have a good rest but if the pains persist, consult me since the Doc is left out lol

you may have sneezed or coughed hard and bruised a rib. pain can go down from the injured area.also your appendix is in that area as is your liver. best see a doctor before the pain gets much worse.also if you have sneezed or coughed hard you can injure your back and the pain can radiate to that area.

If you fear hospitals, then your pain could get worse. you don't have to go to the hospital, you just have to schedule an apt. at the doctors office. Its nicer in there.

I get exactly the same pain.
I have always thought it was pain from my intestines or my gall bladder or my liver.
It only bothers me when I feel bored, so if I don't feel like going out to do anything I just kill it with cigarettes.
I don't know how tobacco takes it away but it works for me.

I know what that is! Does it hurt when you breathe in? If yes then it's chest cavity pain- both me and my father suffered from it. To get rid of it, bend your arm, put it up vertically so your elbow is pointing up at the sky and pull your elbow back. It should go away. Its a type of growing pain, I believe.

hey you should visit a doctor asap...dont neglect and just rush!!

It sounds like your gallbladder, if it hurts under your ribcage. If you don't get it looked at it can develop stones, and if your body tries to pass these stones, it'll be very painful and can possibly kill you if it ruptures.

oh just ignore al the people who are saying it might be your apendics. I mean your apendics arn't exactly under your rib cage are they?? lol!! it might be trapped wind. I find i get i t when i walk after five minutes or so. i would just guess it to be trapped wind. it depends how long it has been going on for. I no that you have a fear of hospitals or doctors but if it has been going on for a while then you really should see your GP, get i tchecked out! good luck x

Well, if it is your appendix, and it burst, you could die. So which are you more afraid of? Going to hospital to find out what it is or dieing????

You might have appendicitis. If not treated, your colon could
rupture, sending poisonous fluid into your abdominal cavity.

You won't necessarily cough blood, but, the unseen consequences could be deadly.

Please call your Dr., it could turn out to be blocked gas, but
be safe - removing an infected appendix isn't as bad as surgery
for a ruptured colon.

maybe ur appendix has been ruptured.. u need 2 go 2 a Dr b4 u get poisoned

If you live in England phone NHS direct it is run by professional doctors and they will tell you whether it is serious or not.

NHS DIRECT: 0845 4647 (Open 24/7)

simple test for appendicitis is the rebound test.
Get someone to locate the spot midway between your belly button and the boney prominance sticking out on the front of your pelvis (anterior superior iliac spine). Press into the tissue and then release the pressure. If you experience great pain upon releasing the pressure, then it is probably appendicitis. In this case you better go to the hospital or you may die.

If this proves not to be appendicites then it could be that your diaphram is spasming. If you know how to do deep diaphramatic breathing then I would suggest you do this exercise until the pain is alleviated. Try 4-6 times and avoid hyperventilation.

PS. gall bladder pain radiates to just between the shoulder blades, moreso on the right side, not the left. If you do not have this referral pattern, then it is not gallbladder

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