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 How come people still smoke?
How come people are still smoking these days when we have proven information that it leads to health risks....

 Any Last Positive Words Before I Go?
I am going to court today for a traffic ticket and I hate court its making me want to pass out. Its not mandatory but I am going to see if I can bring down the points. But anyways just some nice ...

 How much sleep do you really need?

 What do you do if you have a bloody nose?
ive heard you shouldnt tilt your head back, something about blood in the sinuses. what happens if you get blood in the sinuses?
Additional Details

i swallowed a piece of hotdog wrong and now i can' breathe!!!!!!!!!!! what do i do?!?!??!?!?!/...

 How can i Pierce my ear without a needle or gun?

so i have a pretty bad sunburn.
it hurts to barely even touch itttt.
hurts to put my shirt on and everythinggg.

anyone got any good home remedies to treat sunburn?

 This is kind of embaressing....?
I'm kind of embaressed to ask that, but I'm a bit worried and I don't want to go and ask my doctor.....

Sometimes, when I go to the toilet for a poo, if I push hard I get ...

 Have you ever trusted someone COMPLETELY?

 I shot myself in the leg with a nail gun at work today and i'm wondering if i need to get a tetanus shot?
it was a new coil of nails......

 What should I do if my imaginary friend Bob is on the ground with a knife in his forehead and blood all over?

 What is the best thing to use on a cut that won't heal?

 Any advise on how to prevent a hangover?

 Does anyone know the substance used to clean your skin just before it is cut during an operation?

 Do you really like who you are?
This means as in liking yourself before you can like anyone else....

 I can't get my ring off!!!?
What's the best way to get it off? I've tried greasing my finger with olive oil, window cleaner (but not Windex). Should I take a diuretic? How does the string method work? Please help!...

 Do u think 101lbs is fat for a 13 year old?
My friend is 13 and wieghs 101 pounds
she is trying to loose 20 pounds cuase she thinks shes fat im not sure if thats a good idea
do u think thats unhealthy?...

 Can you eat ice cream if you have a sore throat?

 I accidently cut off 3 of my fingers...what should i do??

 How do you get rid of an infected ear piercing?

I filled my mouth with house insulating foam and it set quicker than I thought, what should I do?
My friends have run away and I'm struggling to breathe

I've know some people I'd like to insulate!
Good one!!

call 911. you need to get to the hospital right away. don't worry if u can't talk when you call 911 they will send police to you house

Give yourself a 'glasgow kiss', remove the obsruction and enter it for the Turner Prize. Or enter yourself, for that matter.

Breathe through your nose and be thankul that you will have the warmest tongue in the country

aint got a clue but you sure have given me some thing to laugh about!!!!!!

try putting some up your behind you will be weather proof then

good - then hopefully you will stop asking such pathetic questions


very funny

Say Your Prayers

Go to Hospital...ASAP

Yes I'm struggling for breath too, so I will just set up my computer,send a 'What shall I do!' question then sit and wait for the best answere while I lose conciousness. lol

Gee what a waste of perfectly good insulation not to mention a Yahoo Question that will never get a Best Answer selected because you'll be dead before you can select one.....can I have your points when you die???


on the wagon
leave it

Do you like tracheotomies?

Breathe through your nose...things will be quiet around your place for a while...

Get up in the loft and do your job - insulate!

jackie d
get to hospital what a strange thing to do,

i would insult u but ur probably insulated from any such digression


this is a job for woody wood pecker, he will chip a little hole in it for ya so you can breath.


Put an air hose in your rear and open the valve, it should dislodge the foam.

....call 911?

go to the hospital.

Have a cigarette and the answer will come to you (you'll have to smoke it through your ear, of course).

lol go to hospital

It's amazing the number of questions on this thing to which the answer is 'see a doctor'

But in your case, I'd see an undertaker.

Don Fisher

Breathe through your nose.
And get used to eating/drinking through it too!! ha ha

Ms. Roxie
That stuff is quite fun to sculpt when solid. If you get it out, let me have it and I will work my magic on it. I could create a statue of your friends' cowardice that will stand as a lasting testimony to their lily-liveredness.

Marcia "Mei" Laws
call 911 and find some new friends ;-)

Sue the insulating foam manufacturers; they obviously didn't give clear enough advice on the packaging. It doesn't say anywhere that it is unsuitable for oral cavities.

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