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I cut my hand open..?
So for new years i was with a friend, and haha we were drinking some stuff, and we were being stupid, some how, we broke the glasses and i cut my hand open,
I've bled through two towels and i cant get it to stop,
I don't know how to tell if i need stiches
[im 14]
and my parents are both out getting drunk, so i need help here on what to do
and is there supposed to be white stuff in your body, like, it looks gross.
but yeh help would be nice
and yes i am wrapping it cleaned it and putting presure on it. it ******* hurts.i feel like passing out cuz i've literlly lost a lot of blood.
Additional Details
i didnt mean alcohol i dont know what its called its like sparling something

and im typing cuz im not a baby i've basically grown up on my own its wrapped up but there is blood on the keyboard lmao
and i am laughing cuz thats the way i am, i'm not a baby my parents are ******* drug addicts so i deal with **** myself

Dip your hand in alcohol, that's always fun

Find some Hydrogen Peroxide to clean it with. The white stuff is probably puss. Put pressure around your whole hand. Are you sure you got all the glass out of your hand? You may want to inspect it under the light just in case.

RiA [ToFu] ♥ 's PJ
OMG!! how are you typing this? I agree with the others call the ambulance. you have got to get that taken care of!

Right now, calm down. This won't help if you freak out.

First, clean it as well as you can. If you have Peroxide, just put your hand over the sink and pour it over the wound, and let it bubble if it does. If you don't, just wash it with soap and water as long as you can. (remember to wash out the sink afterwards) After this, dry off the area with a clean towel, and then wrap it up in gauze possibly. If you don't have gauze, wrap it up in the towel. Do this as tight as you can to restrict the flow of blood to the area.

The white could be puss. This is why you need to clean it.

A way of knowing if you need stitches is actually pretty simple. If you've been bleeding through two towels, that seems like it's pretty deep. If you look at it and it doesn't seem like it could close on it's own (like with a paper cut, the cut between the skin where it's bleeding is not very 'open', so it would obviously seem like it would close) or be able to heal on it's own, then that's another way.

If you're dizzy from losing blood, first get some cold water and drink it, or something to drink and possibly eat to keep you hydrated. After this, stay laying down or seated in case you pass out.

Try what I said, and if it still doesn't work, and you're still bleeding a lot in about 30 minutes, call 9-11, because you could be losing too much blood and need stitches.

Good luck.

call the ambulacee

i dont think white stuff is supposed too come outt

There should be no white stuff coming from a cut in your hand. If you have alcohol in your body, you will bleed more because your blood is thinned by the alcohol. If two towels and direct pressure and still have a steady flow of blood from wound,

CALL 911.

With the alcohol in your system, slowing the clotting factors in your blood, you can bleed to death from the wound. If you are dizzy/passing out, you may be not only reacting to the pain but sight of a excessive amount of blood and/or alcohol intake. DO NOT TAKE ANY Aspirin. You may not be stop bleeding because Aspirin and alcohol both are blood thinners.

dude you probably need to go to the er.. if you can see white stuff it could be muscle... but seriously if its that deep you do need stitches... if you think you have lost that much blood... call 911... and what the hell were you doin drinkin ??? well anyways
hope all works out ok...
its gonna hurt for a while...

Sound like you are going to need to make a trip to the ER. The white stuff is not puss or you white blood cells give me a break. It's not infected not this quick. apply direct pressure and raise your hand above your head. White stuff you are seeing may be tendons or muscle. If you can't move all of your fingers you may need surgery

Call a family member, a friend someone, 911. hold the towel tightly on the cut, keep it there until bleeding stops or you get to a doctor don't wait.

Okay, first off, don't listen to these people telling you that the white-stuff is puss.
It's actually your fat in your skin.

Now, call an ambulance immediately. This is a medical emergency.

LMA0!.dum ***.yA thAt white stuff is ur ****** white cells there trying t0 cl0se ur cut up ^^.And yA i think u n33d stiches l0l.dud3.drink l0ts 0f.0'J iit h3lps u 2 n0t pAss 0ut LMAO!.
w3ll help3d me ^^


Nice one
try this site for info>
Hope U have an adult you can trust this too. R one of your buddies moms cool that u can call? Pls get it taken care of responsibly. Happy New Year!

You cut your hand open and the first thing you thought of was to come on here and type??? call your parents (if it's true)

go to the hospital
sounds like you need stitches
hurry before you die
what a way to start the new year

and how are you typing while putting pressure on your bleeding hand? just wonderin

Krystal H
if you have cut it deep enough to see the white tissue under the skin, then you need stitches now before you lose too much blood. go now, the hospital may need your parents' consent before they will treat you, though. hope everything turns out alright.

Elmo ^_^
go to the closest hospital!!!!!!!! they r still open and always are coz they r 24-7! if they hospital isnt walking distance from ur house or wherever u r call a cab or ambulance!

i like how your laughin throughout the paragraph
and its funny how you think its funny that you were drinking..a looked what happened..

Mindy F
Sounds like u need stiches!!! :S And also i think alcohol thins your blood out makin you bleed faster. You should brush your teeth good and call you parents.

call your mom and dad they shouldn't get mad. i have a 13 year old and if she got hurt i would like her to call me anytime. because it could be bad. good luck.

call ambulance or hospital, they should know what to do

call the ambulance before you die of loss of blood.

go to the ER and get help or call someone an adult to take you and help you. Why are yo udrinking at 14 anyways.

have someone call a freakin hospital! oh my gosh, but lie down and maybe drink some water...

CALL FOR HELP!!!! youre gonna pass out from bloodloss

Forever Young♥♥
Call 911 and pray to God that you want to live to see the next hour, Seriously.

BABY GET YOURSELF TO THE DOC!! There are arteries in there and you may have cut one! Why are you drinking at 14?


call for help and go to ER.

it'd be better to be safe than sorry!!

good luck.

Dial 911. Then ask for an ambulance to the NEAREST hospital or medical facility.

You need stitches immediately. If your friend is still with you, have him/her go with you.

Do it NOW.

lol umm 911 is the number i think lol

Go to the hospital now.

The white stuff is more likely to be tendons, bones or ligaments. Fat is yellow so it aint that and definately not pus (it hasn't been long enough).

Keep reinforcing the bandages (do not take the old ones off, just keep adding them over the top), hold your hand above chest height to slow the blood flow and go to a hospital now.

Call an ambulance if there are any spurts of blood.

Chris- Registered Nurse

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