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I am having trouble Sleeping, what will help?

just sit in the dark for a while and think of something really hard. or watch a movie that is really sad that makes you cry that always makes me feel weak and I end up just wanting to sleep

How are you having trouble sleeping? If you cant sleep in the dark then turn your tv on and if you dont have a tv in your room then turn on a night light or a radio.

Lavender or Sandalwood Essential Oil.

try not watching tv right before you go to sleep

Warm bath, listening to some nice soothing classical music especially cello music, in a 20C temp room. No TV. No gym exercises at least two hours before bedtime. Sometimes I imagine sleeping on a white sandy beach on a tropical island with Gentle sea waves lapping at my feet do help me go to dreamland. Your music player can switch to sleeping mode otherwise you can forget about switching it off. Main thing is how you can stop thinking about plannings and worries, instead just forget and let go.

Pistachio Pie
Lunesta,warm milk,a soothing bath.Or get some of those soothing shower tablets that dissolve in the shower and release soothing scents.

make an effort to wake up 4 days in a row at 5:59 am. go work out for 45 min , shower and do your normal stuff. go to bed no sooner thna 12 am. I guarantee u by the 3rd night you will have no trouble sleeping

You can try an over the counter sleep aide and if that does not help then please see your doctor for a prescription such as LUNESTA! I suffer for insomina too. Sometimes I just can't get to sleep or I can't stay sleep. Sleep is very important so get an aide because sleep deperavation will effect you the next day like at school or work.. or whatever you do. And you want to be your best right.. take care.

You can get sleeping pills from your doctor - but I'd be careful with them. Also a swig of nyquil always works too.

don't drink any coffe at all.
and an eye check on yourself

A good hot water bath b4 sleep always helps me.

try taking i Tylenol pm , thats what i do when i cant get to sleep

East Bay Punk

Being an insomniac is like being suicidal!!

Hope this helps...

Try having a bath before bed.
Try not to eat after 8 at night
Try to cut out any fatty foods... (I know it's hard!!)

Best of luck from me!!

I have been an insomniac for about 3 years. I was glad when I slept more than 4 hours in one night. I have always refused to take pills. Now I wonder if this has been a good decision.
First: reduce the stress. It does not help to solve the problems,on the contrary.
Two: it is a medical problem, do not think you are guilty or bad.
Three: regular life, no late and fat food. Eat good breakfast, lots of fruit before noon. Noon and evening eat a little bit only. Drink a lot of plain water before noon and less later. No gas drinks or sweetened drinks. Stop drinking after 20:00 pm. Avoid alcohol, Nicotine and caffeine (tea included).It might take two weeks before you feel the effect of stopping with coffee. No TV or PC one hour before you go to bed. Read a book, not a magazine.
Four: when you feel tired and want to take a nap before 1300 pm: do immediately if you can. After 13:00pm, do not, start doing something active. Always get up same time, no matter how much you slept. refresh bed sheets often. If possible leave window of bedroom open day and night. I have slept in every room of the house and ended in the bath room for a few weeks. It is quiet and very dark.
Five: use a light therapy in the morning, see www.litebook.com. It was the start of my healing. It is still on my breakfast table. I use it only when I had a bad night again. I sleep 6 to 7 hours regularly now.
Six: when you can not sleep longer than 45 minutes, get up and do the dishes, the garden, wash the dog, play with the cat or take a walk. Music by Mozart and J.S. Bach will help if you like them.

Short term try taking some herbal remedy, dont watch TV in Bed and take a warm drink have a bath and try and relax before you go to bed. This will only help with your symptoms what you really need to address is what is stopping you sleep. You obviously have something on your mind causing you the problem of not sleeping, you need to address this as well, it must be fairly serious to you as its stopping you sleep. Good luck either way :)


no caffeine, try to relax, warm milk, soft music. hot bath helps too.

have your meals at the same time every day...eat dinner earlier. try reading right before and having a hot cup of caffeine free tea.

a shot of Brandy before you go to bed


Try to relax and stop thinking about whatever is troubling you if anything. Then listen to music. Not rock but maybe some R&B. Then if that doesn't work lay down and try breathing in and out focusing ONLY on breathing.

Here are some suggestions:

*Avoid daytime naps.
*Don't eat any closer to 3-4 hours of your bedtime
*No stimulating drinks (caffiene drinks for example) after 2-3pm
*Establish a regular time to go to bed.
*Establish a before bedtime routine to mentally prepare yourself for bed and signal the body that bedtime is approaching. For example, reading a book, a soothing drink like a soothing herbal tea (with no caffeine) or a warm drink of milk.
*Even though alchol may make you sleepy, it does interfer with a normal sleep cycle/waves and best not use on a regular basis.

I all attempts fail, consult your MD to rule out perhaps some medical problem that may be interferring.

Hope this helps and good luck.

Try taking simple sleep they are pills i take them cause i cant sleep neather they work realy well just take two of them.


Beware the fury of a patient man

I can't sleep unless I have socks on.

[email protected]
I have no problems sleeping, but my friend does. The differnce between the two of us is that I do nothing for a couple of hours and then I go to sleep. She works around the house like crazy and then expects to sleep. It doesn't work that way. Relax for two hours before you plan to go to bed and you will sleep fine.

a warm glass of milk


This is the most widely known cause of insomnia; if you are tossing and turning at night, start by tossing out the caffeine. An ingredient in coffee, tea, colas, chocolate, and some medications, caffeine is a stimulant and a nightmare for the sleep-deprived. For the especially sensitive, its effects can last for as long as 20 hours. You know who you are.


Alcohol is tricky. You may argue that liquor acts as a sedative and initially helps to induce sleep. However, alcohol actually lightens and fragments sleep, causing you to wake up as your body metabolizes it. You may think you're out cold, but your not getting the full-rested sleep that you need. While you're at it, try to limit your intake of any liquids close to bedtime (this time, consider the princess and the pee). The moral of the story: less nightcap, more Happy Hour.


Yes, you tend to feel sleepy after a heavy meal, but the trick's on you: heavy meals actually keep you awake as your digestive system puts in some overtime. Also, avoid spicy and fatty foods that cause heartburn, MSG (found most commonly in Chinese food), and foods that cause gas. However, the right kind of eating can improve the quality of sleep as much as undermine it. No matter how much it pains you to admit it, your mother was right about the milk thing. Milk has an amino acid that the body converts to a sleep-enhancing compound in the brain. Calcium is a natural relaxing agent along with several other vitamins such as the B vitamins and Magnesium.

If hunger bothers you at night, have a light snack before bedtime. Some foods in particular promote production of Melatonin, a hormone associated with the onset of sleep. Among these desirable snacks are cottage cheese, Soy nuts, chicken, pumpkinseeds, and turkey. That's why you're such a slug after your Thanksgiving meal. Finally, high-carbohydrate foods such as bread act upon another essential hormone, serotonin, which reduces anxiety and contributes to refreshing sleep.


If you won't listen to the American Lung Association, at least pay attention to the bags under your eyes. For the light sleeper, Nicotine has to go. It's a stimulant that increases blood pressure, speeds up the heart rate, and stimulates brain activity. Of course, there's also the whole cancer thing.


Regular exercise is a sleep promoter. But if you work out too close to bedtime, the increase in your heart rate and metabolism will make your body too excitable to sleep. So exercise in the late afternoon is ideal, because you then have time in the evening to settle down. In this way, exercise has the same sleep-enhancing effect as a warm bath. Both activities help to raise body temperature, and the body reacts by producing Melatonin to take the body temperature back down.

It may seem obvious, but make your bed as comfortable as possible. Experiment with what works best for you, be it a feather bed, waterbed, bed of lettuce, whatever.

Choose a position conducive to sleep. This is often the position you find yourself waking up in. If your sleeping partner is the source of your insomnia (as he/she often is), asking him/her sleep in the garage isn't a viable option. Rather, if he/she kicks or snores, think of buying a bigger bed or earplugs. If he/she makes many toilet trips during the night, situate him/her on the side of the bed closer to the bathroom.

Get rid of the large, luminous clock staring at you. It not only produces distracting light, it is a stressful reminder that "Hey, you aren't sleeping. Yep, that's right. Not sleeping. Loser." The act of worrying about sleep is, in itself, enough to keep you awake.

Control the amount of light in your bedroom. Excessive brightness not only affects your eyes, but it also influences the hormone production that helps to establish a healthy sleep cycle. Wear a sleep mask if necessary.

When it comes to noise, many people find repetitive sounds easier to sleep through than intermittent and abrupt ones. Ear plugs or a continuous background sound such as a fan can help mask disturbing noise (the next-door neighbors' fight, a barking dog, etc). Another option to consider is a white noise machine.

Control the thermostat. Temperature extremes, whether too hot or too cold, are no fun for the light sleeper.

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