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I accidently just swallowed a quarter?
yea i know im an idiot i was playing with it in my mouth and i coughed and accidently swallowed it anything to worry about
Additional Details
i sort of feel sick but not sure if thats paranoia

John L
Aw crap...that was a goofy thing to do!!! Was it a new quarter that I could have put into my folder of new coins? Will it be tarnished and show the image of Santa Claus..because if so, you can get a mint (LOL) for it on E Bay. Best of luck friend...

Gloria K
If you are an adult-go to the E.R. If you are a minor-tell your parents. The coin may do damage to your esophagus when it passes or create tears in it. And I'm not even sure if your rectum will let it pass through.

no, you should probably go to the emergency room immediatly! my lil brother did that when he was a baby and he went to the e.r. but i'm just saying you should do that through experience..

Um...shouldn't you go to a doctor, not the Yahoo Answers page? Er...if you want advice, eat some bread, because that slides things down fast...or just go see a doctor!

gUiNeA PiG
well first of all you are an idiot cuz a bird could have pooped on that quarter, second of all drink lots and lots and lots and lots of water for awhile and dont lay down and just wait 24-72 hours for it to come out the other end in your feces. you should be fine.

It shouldn't be a problem. If something feels weird in your stomach call 911. You don't want to get your air passages blocked or any other tube in your body.

It will be fun when you need to pay for a public toilet tomorrow. ' just a moment please i will be ready to pay in 3 minutes'.
no worries.

bart man™
it will pass
nothing to will happen to you

╚ Alien Gurl ?
If you didn't choke you'll probably crap it out. But you should probably see a doctor just to play it safe.

You'll have to go mining to make sure it passed, if it's not out in about three days and you haven't had a b.m then you'll need medical attention

David B
Actually you can have side effects from it,if your stomach acid eats through the silver plate. You would be worse off if it was a penny,they have a Zinc alloy and it can be serious.I would call a poison control center and ask them about it.

Sorry but...hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa...

Tammy R
it'll pass.

Mental pain can manifest as physical pain.
Don't worry about it.

WHAT I WOULD WORRY ABOUT are the bacteria and crap you just ingested.

you will get it back eventually the same thing happened to the guy in the movie beerfest that was some funny sh*t

my son did this when he was younger took to the hospital after xrays showed nothing stuck anyplace dr told me it will be alright it will work it way thru the body and out. good luck

Probably no problem just wait a few days for some change.

you should be fin it just might hurt when it comes time to pass it!!

Waiy a while and see if theres any CHANGE.

You're breathing fine and it actually should come out of the normal spot. My 2 year old swallow a nickel once and it came clunking into the toilet. If you don't have pain, watch it for the next few bowel movements, increase your fluid intake so the stool stays soft and it makes it easier to pass. It won't hurt, it will be probably even imbetted in the stool.

not unless you start getting cramps or some other syptoms,other wise this too shall pass.

Shouldn't be. Your poop will now be worth something. If you don't feel fine in a couple of days I would ask a doctor. But you should just poop it out by then. Good luck.

On the upside
This too, shall pass.

It'll all come out in the end, but don't expect change for the quarter.

åߪõ£úţέ мåŷá
Nope nothing to worry about, it'll pass through your bowel movement but just becareful next time because for one you could have choked and number 2 money is very dirty I can't belive you had that in your mouth!!!!

Watch for you change....LOL. As long as you are still breathing OK you should be fine....Unless you have intestinal problems you are unaware of you should pass the coin (watching for the change...Hopefully it will still be a quater and not two dimes and a nickle otherwise that would be scary. :) )

On a serious note though, if you are truly feeling ill maybe you should go be check out.

Take Care.

I have responded on at least 50 and change (pun) swallowed coin calls. As long as you are not having any difficulty breathing, you should be O.K. Your next 2 or 3 bowel movements will probably have the quarter in it. You could search for it if you really want a definitive answer, but it's not necessary. If you experience any abnormal abdominal pain and or you cannot have a bowel movement after several days, go to an ER. You should be fine in any case.
P.S. if you crap out 2 dimes and a nickel, that's allright too.

Nah. I swallowed a few quarters in my days, the real problem arises if/when you want the quarter back....

Not to worry, it will come out the other end in time, who knows put up for sale on Ebay.

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