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 How many sugars do you put in a cup of coffee/tea?

 This may sound stupid......................
But can a person die from hiccups? If they hiccup for a long period of time will it affect their breathing?
I guess it depends on how bad the person has the hiccups and the age...
But still,...

 I have an open sore on my buttocks...should I go to the doctor..?

 HELP! make it stop bleeding!!!!!!!?
OOWWWWWWWW! i fucd up my finger so bad! i accedentally cut it when i was opening a can and i'ts still bleeding HELP!!!!
Additional Details
that cut i fucing deep, man!...

 Omg help me please will i be ok?
Ok, well in science we were using some acids and by accident some of it got on my lip. When i tested the PH level of it, it said that it was a level of 14 [it means its a VERY strong acid!] After my ...

 How do u get a burp bubble out of ur lung.?
man i drunk some coke and it been aboutt 5 mintues and this burp wont come out and now its forming a bubble what do i do!!! am i going to blow or summing
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hurry damn ...

 My arm is bleeding...?
I got my whole arm stuck in a blender! Yes the bone has gone through the skin...what should i do?...

 How can you get a ring thats stuck on your finger of?

 What is the best way to gain weight?
All of my life i have weighed under 100 pounds, im 56' so its not like im super skinny but i would like to gain weight but eating a lot does not work for me......

 Is it bad if I swallowed the metal top from a Pepsi Can?
about two hours ago.
Its the metal thing that you pull up to open a soda can, someone put it in my drink, is it bad? What can happen?...

 What do you eat when you have a cold?

 How painful is it getting blood taken?

 Is it bad that my son swallowed a crayon? If so, what should I do?

 My tongue hurts. one of the taste buds on the tip is swollen and the pain is getting worse, what should i do?
maybe i bit the tip when i was sleeping or something, but on the tip of my tongue i have a swollen taste bud. should i pop it or what? it's only getting worse by the hour.
Additional D...

 Mosquito bite!! EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHH...
I got a mosquito bite yesterday on my hand, in between two fingers. Now its swollen and squishy and stiff and itchy and painful. What can I do to stop the immflamation?...

 What's the best way to treat a burn with things one has at home?
I got it when I was getting off a motorcycle a few hours ago. It's starting to bubble....

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 Why are people ashamed of passing gas?

 Has anyone ever taken stitches out at home? My daughter has 3 stitches and I want to take them out myself.?

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Just wanted to add that, no, I am not a doctor, but I feel that doctors are often overused and overtrusted. There are many good doctors, and there are also many ...

 Is 5ft 10 in?
tall for a 14yr old? short? average?
Additional Details
I'm a ...

How do I quit smoking?
My girlfriend hates that I smoke. Is there anyone with tips on how to stop smoking fast?

Seriously, you should check in to a hospital and get yourself on a saline drip IV for 2-3 days. It makes the withdrawl symptoms managable, and the atmosphere is not condusive to smoking.

no program no 12 steps. this is how you do it. TRUST ME IT WILL WORK FOR YOU!!!!!

you know how when you wake up in the morning you do your bathroom thing and then right to a cig? well dont have your first cig. thats it. someone told me about this and i was like. "isn't that like cold turkey?????" and they were like "no, just do it" so, i did. I woke up avoided my pack of smokes and that was that. i bought some gum on my way to class and that was 5 years ago

The patch works very well. If you're a heavy smoker, though, the gum may work better. Talk to your doctor to find out what is best for you.

I used Zynex to quit...get a professional to help you. Its easier that way.

Get nicoderm Cq...have heard it works well...otherwise, stop cold turkey!Whatever you decide...Good Luck!

1) Get Nicotine patches or gum.
2) Carry around hard candy or something to distract your body when you get a craving
3) Put a picture of your girlfriend on all your packs of cigs.
4) Get others around you to support you so they can tell you to put it down if they catch you wiht a cig.
5) Get her to nag you whenever she sees you smoking. Eventually you'll just get so fed up and quit.

You need support and want to do it on your own!
Sit down and make a list of reasons why you should quit smoking. LIke - you'll save money in the long run!

I hope this helps :)

You could try hypnosis. Consult a local psycologist for more information

SSSSTTTTOOOOPPPP!!!!!! I know it isn't easy.Do it or don't.

12 Step program?

Fast? lol.. no such thing. It's a process. If you want to quit smoking "fast" then just don't smoke. But, that's very hard to do. I suggest finding something to do with your hands and chew on some gum. If that doesn't work get the patch, fast! :)

Smoking is a dual habit.... both a physical addition, and a behavioral addiction. If you think of it, you probably smoke when you do certain things. You need to make an effort to change those patterns, you have to change your lifestyle so that you don't activate those triggers.

my best friend could never stop smoking--he tried everything when finally he tried Zyban and within 3 days he couldn't stand the sight, smell or taste of cigarettes...it was amazing!

buy that gum and chew it like a cow when i doubt double up

I've tried it all. and it all come back to do you want it any more or not. i stopped two weeks ago. there have been times when i wanted one or several went was passing a gas station and thought about all the other time that i broke down and pulled in bough a pack and then was disappointed in my self. but i said no and i drove by. You and only you can make it happen. the patch,gum, help the crave but only you can stop the rave.

Every week reduce two to three sticks.Ultimately you wil
will be able to quit smoking. Not possible to stop fast.

16 YRS smoker...dr. perscribed "Wellbutrin"....WORKED

so sick of games
get advice from a doctor or someone who u know that quitted smoking

have candies or chewing gum instead of cigarette

Hypnosis worked for me did it 5 years ago best 50.00 i ever spent ,as a matter of fact im getting hypnotized tomorrow for weightloss.hope this helps good luck. p.s i smoked for 31 years and any where from 1 to 2 packs a day.

Let me tell you. I have quit using meth, alcohol, and various other substances. But I can not kick cigarettes. It's not easy and it makes you fat and angry. Damn! I need a cigarette.

jeffrey' s lil angel
well i m a smoker and i DONT wanna quite and netehrer dose my man but here is a tip my dr told me once go cold turkey dont cut donw cause u smoke faster and get more nictone

good luck

Starting of smoking comes in life as style. But gradually
a weak will power human goes in its trap.
If you want to quit, First start reducing the number of Cigarettes, Then start smoking only half, After that make your self strong willed man and stop it, You think that none of the things can rule you.

Nita and Michael
This is so hard to do...I smoke myself and have tried everything from patches to gum to welbutrin..none worked for me...I'm about to try something crazy but my friends did it and they are no longer smokers....you go to the doctor and they put a staple in your ear..no kidding and it makes ciggarettes taste gross...check out the web sight...

why dont u teach her to smoke instead of quiting smoking.dont mind haaa..just joking

nicoderm cq
cold turkey
the gum

Yes, you should stop.

I have a blog that teaches you how to quit smoking in easy steps. Visit it in my sources.

You have to be determined AND there needs to be a consequence that will prevent you from falling off the wagon AND tell everyone you know so that they will help you keep your goal AND go "cold turkey"!

Good luck!

Your best best is patches. Those, with the encouragement from your girlfriend will be a great help.

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