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 Urgent!! Please help! How do you treat a gun shot wound to the stomach?????
Please hurry!!
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The person shot is a fugitive. NO HOSPITALS!!...

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wow searay...another bad day huh?

i'm not trying to be funny here
just want people's ...

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 Why can't I sleep?

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Just because I'm a nurse doesn't mean I have the answers for everything Mr. Question....

 Do you smoke ?

 When experiencing a nose bleed is it better to tip head forward or back?
I've always been told forward, to avoid blood in the stomach. but I saw Rachel from friends tip her head back when she had a nose bleed from her dog, Lapu's death. Which one is right?...

 Do you feel BETTER after CRYING??
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 How come people still smoke?
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 How much sleep do you really need?

 What do you do if you have a bloody nose?
ive heard you shouldnt tilt your head back, something about blood in the sinuses. what happens if you get blood in the sinuses?
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i swallowed a piece of hotdog wrong and now i can' breathe!!!!!!!!!!! what do i do?!?!??!?!?!/...

 How can i Pierce my ear without a needle or gun?

so i have a pretty bad sunburn.
it hurts to barely even touch itttt.
hurts to put my shirt on and everythinggg.

anyone got any good home remedies to treat sunburn?

 This is kind of embaressing....?
I'm kind of embaressed to ask that, but I'm a bit worried and I don't want to go and ask my doctor.....

Sometimes, when I go to the toilet for a poo, if I push hard I get ...

 Have you ever trusted someone COMPLETELY?

 I shot myself in the leg with a nail gun at work today and i'm wondering if i need to get a tetanus shot?
it was a new coil of nails......

How do I get chewing gum out of my hair?

You dissolve it with an oil base product.

peanut butter always works


ice, peanut butter, shampoo. in that order. if that doesnt work... cut it

By chewing with mouth closed? :-P

Peanut Butter
1. Put peanut butter in the hair, around the gum spot.
2. Rub the peanut butter to get out the gum.
3. Wash out peanut butter.
1. Get ice and hold in hair near gum spot until frozen.
2. Pull out frozen gum wad.
1. Cut out gum spot.
2. Trim around the parts of the head to even out hair.

Some peanut butters seem to work better than others. The more natural ones work best. I think all the extra preservatives and hydrogenated oil dont have the same effect as old fashioned peanut butter.

I got a HUGE wad out that my daughter fell asleep chewing with Skippy Natural. It worked WAY better than the last time I tried with the other kind.

peanut butter

water and peanut butter or ice

try peanut butter and a comb! slowly work it out of your hair.

Penut butter!!1

try rubbing crisco or peanutbutter into it. and pray! lol gl

I nice hair cut will do it.

I think I would be inclined to cut it out - very delicately and sensitively. The hair does not take long to grow and the hair that is ensnared by the chewing-gum would never be the same again, I should imagine. It makes me wonder how it got there in the first place and maybe you will treat your hair/head with more respect, bearing in mind how precious are its contents.

First shampoo your hair then either cut it or pinch it right out. :)

baby oil....or use mass quantities of conditioner

gasoline or paint remover

wrestling diva!!!
baby oil. it works trust me!

Lowest Common Denominator
cut it, or, try putting urself in a washing machine

the second one worked 4 me

peanut butter, weird, but it works

Chew it out of your hair , just kidding , put ice when it stiffens and freezez pull it out.


peanut butter !! put it on the spot with the gum wait a second and then comb it out slowly! then wash!(not with jelly)

it happened to me and my sister and you use peanut butter and then wash it out with shampoo a couple of times....it might sound wierd but i don't know how..but it works

chewing gum gotta be chewed out

I got nothing
Acetone (nail polish remover)

Be very careful with this method since it it is highly flammable (catches on fire very easily).

Just another Monkey
Cut your hair. Or you could shampoo it for like an hour.

Jennifer Grissett

Peanut butter. Then, of course, you just have to gt the peanut butter out, but a regular washing will take care of that.

oil dissolves chewing gum

Try ice.

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