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How come people still smoke?
How come people are still smoking these days when we have proven information that it leads to health risks.

the BOSS
Ask this--
Why do people drink....
Why do people do drugs....
Why do peopple drive way too fast...

Answer -- becasue nothing will ever happen to me. So do you drive too fast??

Are you smoking ?
Try it you'll understand why !

They say cigarettes are more addictive than heroin. Ive never tried heroin but I know I have tried to quit smoking and havent yet. Besides the health risks they are very expensive. Wish me luck I am going to try to quit again.

Its the most disgusting habit ever! In Scotland, on 23rd of March, there is a new law being passed which makes smoking illegal in public enclosed places. Bars, resturants, offices, council buildings, everywhere. I think its great!

The only downside is that, you get groups of smokers standing outside the premises, and you have to battle through a smoke cloud to get in. Thats what is so disgusting!

loulou !
The reason why people still smoke is because of all the cravings. They know it's bad for them but they still smoke it for many reasons. It may be for relief of stress,peer pressure or just addiction. I think that it is very hard for smokers to quit smoking.

1. It relieves stress
2. Some people have addictive personalites, and can't quit.
3. Lots of people have to have something to do with their hands, or they fidget, like me.

i am a smoker... it's an addiction you know. i have been smoking for about 8 years, and when you try to quit there is certain things that you feel that you can not do without having a cigarette in your hand... i don't know actually, i have once gave up smoking for about 9 months but i got back to it in seconds... it's weird, really!!

Having never smoked, it is hard for me to say. My friends that do smoke have tried repeatedly to quit, but keep going back. It must be VERY addictive.

It's like all the drugs..
Make one wrong choise in your life and you have no choise but continue with it rest of your life.

Not sure. I have oftened wondered this myself, I think a lot of them are just addicted or they think it is cool. Which is a silly reason in the first place to smoke.

just like any other bad habits..like drinking and driving..why do they still do that...either way someone's going to die...some just go faster...smoking is long term(most of the time) and they think that something else will get them and they might as well enjoy what life they have left.

Cotton Tablecloth
It's very simple. Nicotine is addictive, it gives people a buzz, without impairing judgement.

The side-effect of death would seem hard to ignore, but people seem willing to play the odds. Odds are you won't die, but even if you do, that's years away. In the meantime you get the buzz.

For the same reason they still eat meat and go to fast food joints when they know it causes heart disease. They enjoy it and it becomes a lazy habit. It takes a little energy to change.

jeffrey' s lil angel
cause some of us like me have very bad nerves and our meds dont help us any more and others like me like it and it helps get thru our day if everyone dont smoked all of a sudden quite the world would be a really mean and hateful place more then it already is

plus if everyone who is sooo concerend with the smorkers of the world would put there worries to something else like child abuse or ppls going hurngery then maybe there would be no child abuse or kids going hurngery out in the world

because its addictive also anything that is sold will be bought.

Becuase it is an addiction, and it is very hard to quit, thankfully I have never taken on that habit.

I smoke to stop me from going after the complainers like you. People like you add on the stress and basically causes us to need a cigarrette. Stop complaining about it, if you don't like avoid it, or keep quiet.

Most people start smoking when they are in their teens. At that stage in life youth is our armor. Health risks shmelth risks. And so they get addicted to smoking.

It is a terrible addiction.

it's a stress relief. I don't smoke but that is what people say who do.

I have heard that Nicotine makes it addicting. Why they even start? I have NO idea.

They have a death wish?

Nah...mostly they start smoking because they think they'll look cool ... only to find themselves addicted to the Nicotine. ...d'oh!!!

Once they're in that situation, as I'm told, they find themselves more concerned with "when can I get my next smoke?" ... instead of "I really need to stop smoking..."

I think a better question is, why do people start smoking in the first place? We all know it's addictive, one of the worst things that you can do for your health, and pretty much disgusting -- yet people start doing it anyway. After they're hooked, it's really hard to stop.

Speaking from personal experience, I started because I thought I was "cool" doing it. Regardless of what others claim this, in my opinion, has got to be the leading cause behind starting smoking. Trying to be cool, fit in, feel grown up, etc., are the real reasons why people start to smoke.

It's unfortunate, and luckily it seems that the number of smokers is on the decline, and hopefully this is the way this trend goes in the future.

Take it from a former smoker...don't start! First of all, it's not worth it, there is no benefit in it for you at all. If you need stress relief, take a walk, and save your health. And...it is so hard to quit! To all you smokers out there that are trying to quit -- good for you, and I wish you luck.

It may be stupid but its called addiction and everyone has one or two, some people over eat under eat do drugs drink pop pills I'm sure you get it right, and I know you have one or two yourself its not that easy to quit

andy in greece
When I started, it was totally acceptable. All the film stars smoked & it was encouraged.
If everyone in America stopped smoking tomorrow, then the Tax that they lost from cigarettes would bankrupt the health service.
We smokers pay for your health.
Reformed smokers are a nightmare. People whe have never smoked don't seem to care either way.
I'm not saying it's right to smoke, I'm saying "give us a break" we'll be dead soon." (probably live longer than you non-smokers though)

Kimmy <3
Because people are stupid.

Cat In The Sink
Because it's addictive. Phyically and mentally. Some former heroin addicts say it's harder to quit than heroin.

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