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Do I need to loose weight? Any suggestions would be fine...and NO sarcasm, please.?
Two of my freinds and my grandparents think I am too heavy and that I should loose about 20 lbs. I am almost 17 yrs old, about 5' 5" and weigh 140lbs. I honestly don't think I look too heavy, but I'm far from being a skinny mini. Do I weigh too much?

After my mother passed away last August, I've been so stressed and am eating a lot more than I used to. I feel like I can't control my appetite or redirect my emotions into something more, um, constructive. I saw a counselor a while back, but I'm not going anymore. Should I?

PS. I am homeschooled, so I have easy access to food all day long. That doesn't help me at all! I just need a way to redirect my stress. Anyone have suggestions?

I know this may not sound very original but the best method is exercise and a low fat diet. There are many trendy diets out there but any trainer or physician will agree that nothing beats it. Exercise and a low fat diet will not only help you lose weight but also increase your health and exercise serves as a great way to reduce stress. The most difficult part is often just starting. Once your able form a routine after 3 to 5 weeks it becomes much more easy to stick with it. Something as simple as walking your dog or a casual afternoon bike ride are great forms of exercise. The most important part to success is finding something that you enjoy. Along with the exercise eating a nutritious and low fat diet will boost your energy levels. Living a healthily lifestyle such as this will allow you to not only lose weight now but also keep it off in the future. I realize all these things are much easier said then done but the best method is truly that simple. However, the most important part of all this is for you to want to lose weight for yourself and not because your friends or grandparents think your to heavy. Although it may sound cliche it is critically important to be comfortable with who you are and to want to make changes based on what you think is best for your personal health. If your truly interested in making the change I recommend going to a local gym to talk to a trainer who can introduce you to different training methods. I realize a gym can often be intimidating and a trainer's introduction could hopefully both motivate and make you feel more comfortable.

i really dont think you sound like you weigh to much i really like short girls but also i like girls that are a little big too

You need to do what feels right to you.. It does not sound like you are overweight at all but if u feel like loosing some weight will make you feel better then do it. You are still only young women don't stop growing until they are 21 years old so it will all spread out with time. 5"5 is fairly tall and if u were to look it up you are the healthy weight for your age and height. Keep your head up.

first wieght is not actually a problem, its when other factors become involved that there is an issue. if you blood pressure, cholesterol, triglicerides, blood sugar, and liver and kiddney functions are all ok, then no you dont need to loose weight. if you are having problems with any of the above, dont worry about it. society is jsut fat-a-phoic right now, and soon they will all get over it.

Go to regular school, go back to your therapist because you can't be over your grief (sorry by the way) and yes you could stand to lose a few. See a dr first though.

Deffinetly don't become anorexic or bullemic!! that wont help. Start working out and going on a diet. not a bad diet, just start slowly replacing candy for fruit. eat less and digest before getting seconds. when you get sad about your mother, dont eat your pain away start a hobby to distract you.

i think your estimate of about 20 pounds is probably close causei am 5'10" and i weigh 120 but i am underweight.

you probably should see a counselor even if you dont feel that you need to talk you probably do (at least until the counselor says you dont really need to)

find a hobbie to consume your time instead of eating.

You're under a lot of stress with easy access to food - bad combination. Get the junk food out of the kitchen, stock up on healthy, cruchy things. When you're feeling sad about your mom - more than reasonable - walk around the block instead of raiding the fridge. Walking will work off a lot of tension, and help tone your muscles.

hunny, you're just fine! my suggestion is don't eat after 7:00pm. and start walking regularly for "heart health". I'm 5'5 and weigh 102lbs. we all come in different shapes and sizes as long as you feel good about how you look don't worry about what anyone else says! just stay healthy!

Maybe your friends and family just don't want you to become overweight. No you don't need to lose weight. Dealing with the loss of your mom is hard. Just make sure you don't let your eating get away from you. I would continue to go to a counselor. I have had eating problems in the past and my counselor really helped me make better decisions and control my eating habits. Most of all, don't worry about losing any weight. And if you want a suggestion to help emotional eating, find a hobby that involves your hands. I like painting. Its really hard to paint and eat at the same time. Hope this helps!

exercise...run...cut back the fats....maybe lose 5 or ten...go for it baby

there is a scale now that can tell you for medical concern. call the doc office and ask nurse or you should find it on the computer some where. just go to medical sections other than that looks i would have to see you to be honest.

don't worry about it. If you think you look fine that is all that matters. Maybe you could set times you eat breakfast lunch dinner and a few snacks. Just give time for the emotional wounds to heal. P.S. Eating to get over a problem is a lot better than picking up some of those other habits.

you are well within a healthy weight range for your height and age. don't sweat the small stuff.

It's MEEE!
hah, hun if u think u are heavy u shud see me! Im 12 pounds heavier than u and im 5'6.5"....Even then i realy dont think im that heavy-looking, its just the number on the scale! If it helps any, swimming is a great way to lose weight. for the last few months i have been doing 15 laps monday and friday and 20 laps wednesday at my local ymca's pool. I lost like 10 pounds in about a month after i started, but ive gained some of them back lol, cause i havent been swimming in a while, and im sure ull lose weight even faster than that if u make changes in ur diet, which i have not done. weight loss is a slow and steady process, so dont sweat it if you aren't losing as fast as you think you should be. Hope i help!


I don't think you need to *lose* weight, but you may be on the edge... careful.

If you don't exercise regularly, I'd recommend it.

Well i would have to say where is all this weight going to first as a guy i want it to go to your *** and **** but if not then yes you have a problem. I am sorry for your lose but i think with that much energy you should just work out thats all also. it might sound chessy but its all about what type of person you are and you have to let the unfortunate things go because we all have a time that will expire sometime soon girl keep your head up and if you want hit me up

You only need to lose weight if u think so yourself. remember, it's your life. Plus bone and skin/skinny people aren't always healthy. They probably are craving a Cheese burger. But if you think you need a healthier diet, try veggie sticks as a snack(if you don't want to try some, just stick with salad, fruit, BUT NO STAVE YOURSELF DIETS!). And don't take away your stress by eating. Find a hobby to take your mind of things. Then you can find buddies!!!

Go to the gym. And it is really fun =)

©rojoe® Semi Retired
at 5'-5" 140 pounds isn't bad at all....hang in there time will help with the loss of your mom

It doesn't matter how much you weight, the only thing that matters is how you feel about it. If you want to lose 20 pounds cut back on fatty food and sugary soda, try taking walks with friends. As for your friends and family saying you need to lose weight ask them to keep their opinions on your weight to themselves and worry about more constructive things.

country girl
I have always heard that girls should weigh 5 lbs for every inch over five foot.One way to see it you are over weight is to check your BMI @ http://apps.nccd.cdc.gov/dnpabmi/Calculator.aspx
Exercise will not only help your weight, but help get rid of stress.

Well...I would say 140 at 5'5" is a little chubby, but it could be mainly muscle. I've known a lot of female dancers who weighed that much due to their muscle mass. But what do you think?
Working out would definitely take your mind off things, and stop the comments to you that are obviously hurting your feelings.
I've learned that the best way to keep your mind off the aches and pains of a broken heart is to throw yourself into something totally new that demands all your attention and focus. Is there something you've always wanted to try, but never had the time?
Dance class? Surfing? Snowboarding? Playing an instrument? Acting?
Theater of some sorts could be a good involvement. It requires you to be somebody else. And then you have all those rehearsals, and new people to meet and talk to.
I hope I've helped. Given you an idea of some sorts.
Good luck, hun:)
...and I'm sorry for your loss...

If yout hink you are, try meal nreplacement bars. Their a great way to get you through a emal. or in your case, in between. Or, snack on a healthy treat throughout the day, like a small fruit salad. The way to lose wieght is to eat right, eat a little less(meals and one snack) and exersize. During class, ask if you can maybe walk around the room while answering questions. Or maybe even run. Take breaks where you can exersize. I wouldn't take to much off, just take things slowly.
A way to kill stress is with a stress ball. Or, try relaxing yoga. And once in a while, take a trip to the spa.

Loose = opposite of Tight

The word you want is spelled LOSE.
Learn to spell correctly.

Big Easy
Hey your not that bad udging from your stats u gave. What i would do is eat more vegetables and fruits. I know that they arent the best things to eat, but they are low in calories and they give you all the good stuff at the same time. I hope you the best and i am sorry about ur mom...if u need a friend hit me up

Wizzy Woman
before school, have a jog in the morning.
Try to eat low fat foods all day.
Tell your people to go away and leave you alone.
Go to Weight Waters,
Check out the South Beach Diet on the web.

Have fun!

Get turbo jams it works

lets see 5` 5" and 140.. That's a little plump for your height and you are 17 so its probably pleasingly plump.
So what can you do. You are home schooled so not only is food accessible, but you can easily exercise alot. SOOOO exercise more and eat less....

According to your height of 5' 5" your ideal healthy weight is 125 pounds. Your recommended weight range is between 119 and 149 pounds.

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