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Can you overdose on Water?

Yes apparently.

you cannot over dose on water. However, you can get water loged it might hurt your phyical state. it might make you feel a bit uncofortable if you drink too much. Keep hydrated though. 8 to 16 oz. is sufficiant

yes, you definetly can. Its a notorious death in frats as chugging water is a common hazing ritual. Too much water in your system can definetly kill you!!

Piss is not processed water... piss results from your kidneys filtering your blood, hence having to piss so much when you drink alcohol. There is no "safety valve"


Yes if you drink about 8-9 Gallons of water in one day you will die. Because i ask my science teacher that one time thats what she told me

you can drink so much water it flushes out minerals and electrolytes that could eventually cause seizures.

all fishes must be overdozed damn it

not really... just a lot of water in ur body will coz u too peee alot... but there's nothin like intoxication of water... its only caused when water enters ur organs which is mainly due to bad living conditions. more the water u drink... more young and healthy u'll feel

YES. It's called hyponatremia. It dilutes your electrolytes and can kill you. It's very serious. I think it causes your brain to swell. It typically happens to people who are doing intense physical exercise and are drinking only water. Gatorade helps avoid it.

Anglo Banglo

Baby girl born on 8/29/08!!!!!!!
You can drink so much you've puked. I've done that. you'll also pee alot.

no but if you drink lots of water you just go pee alot.

[email protected]
don't listen to anyone who said no...YES YOU CAN...its called water intoxication..just look it up in your search bar...you can die!

Yes, it is called water intoxication and it can cause death. Water intoxication (also known as hyperhydration or water poisoning) is a potentially fatal medical condition in which an individual's intake of water exceeds a safe amount.

Yes, it is possible. Water intoxication disrupts the balance of electrolytes in your system and can cause severe reactions even death. It is most common in patients with uncontrolled high blood sugar, certain developmental disorders and in hazing rituals. It is uncommon in the general public as most people are intelligent enough to stop drinking water when their body tells them too.

too much water is bad for you, but this question seems to show how so many people seem to guess at answers so you should never take answers on here as Gospel

Overdose....means it will kill you.

Water has not toxins in it. You may just get full and get sick, but OD...I'm sorry buddy it's not going to happen!

During January 2000, a 20-year-old trainee in the Army drank around 12 quarts of water during a 2- to 4-hour period while trying to produce a urine specimen for a drug test. She then experienced fecal incontinence, lost consciousness and became confused, then died from swelling in the brain and lungs as a result of low blood sodium.

Yes u can. the symptoms are the same as being dehydrated: muscle cramps, headaches, nausea. u should drink no more than 8 glasses a day. and did you know gatorade is less heathy for u than power raid. Gatorade does not put enough electrolytes in your body. Gatorade is more sugar and other unhealthy ingredients than powerraid. Drinking soda does not count as drinking water either!

Yes, and you die from oxygen poisoning, too.

I'm not sure, but I think if it is possible to overdose on water it would take A LOTTTT for that to happen. As far as I know the more you drink water the better it is for you, and the excess just goes into producing more urine anyway.

curious me
YES now I'm going out on a limb on this on....

and the correct answer would be:
What is called drowning
next question please....

ok so I watch tv every now and then
and have a sense of humor

Yes!! Drink to much water does something to your brain, that leads to death. I don't remember what it's called, Sorry!!

No but you can get full off of water.... you do know that we are made up of 70% water right? How could we overdose on something that makes up the majority of our bodies?

some fraternities have gotten in trouble because they force someone to drink lots of water you can drink to much water and drown on the inside

not technically
you can drown
you overfill your stomach

a kinder, gentler me
Yes...that happened last year or the year before...some kids' parnets punished her by making her drink gallons and gallons of water. She died.

Jersey Girl
Certainly. The more water you drink the more internal body salt you remove and pee away. You should have no more than 8 glasses a day.

No but it will make you feel like you have a watermelon in your tummy. And theres the pee factor


go there dear it has the answer and reason.. answer is yes

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