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 This may sound stupid......................
But can a person die from hiccups? If they hiccup for a long period of time will it affect their breathing?
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that cut i fucing deep, man!...

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Just wanted to add that, no, I am not a doctor, but I feel that doctors are often overused and overtrusted. There are many good doctors, and there are also many ...

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Anyone have a cure for lazy?
I get in these "ruts" and don't want to wake up in the morning on time. I get home from work and don't want to do a thing! I have a family and responsibilities, that in my mind know they should be addressed right then, but feel NO motivation. I think I'm willing to try just about anything.

Either you are suffering from Depression, in which case there are conventional and non-conventional therapies for that, seeing a therapist to get to the ROOT or St John's Wort herb is reportedly great for moods. But I think your problem might be different: I think you are BORED. I think you've reached a point and are asking "IS THIS ALL?" It might sound cliche, but it's time to find a hobby, a cause dear to you - women's issues, community issues, children's issues ... whatever. Something catches your eye everyday, turns your head. It's time you let your body follow

Rememeber swami vivekanadas words
First play football,then read gita.A sound body will only supports or will make your mind sound.so try to work out heavily ,you will surely get relaxed and will get away from the disease laziness.believe that the second that past away cant be brought back to us.so by wasting each second you are thereby deceiving the allmighty who gave u health and wealth that might be used fruitfully otherwise.

I used to be that way to. I found that before I leave work I write myself a list of all the things I need to do when I get home. For me I also placed my children in sports that I to enjoy so that leaves me no time to just sit around. Also I started going to the gym on my off days, this way when I get home I still have a lot of energy to tend to my household chores.

sleep and sleep and dream that you are working. U will satisfy both ways then.

I also used to be like that. I work full time, go to school full time and have six children. I bought a motivational tape (because I couldn't afford to go to the gym) and I listen to it everyday while driving to work. after the first week of listening to the tape, I started jogging in the mornings and had my kids join me. It was a way for me to start my day off with my kids. They could tell me about what they had planned for school that day or if anything was bothering them. I have been doing this every morning for the past six months. My kids like spending time with me, I don't feel as stressed when I get home (it used to be that the kids would just start telling me about their day all at once and it was mentally draining) and I feel more motivated at night when I get home, and the weekends are great with he kids. This is what works for me.

I can tell you there isn't a cure, mean drugs,for laziness.
It's important to understand if you have other symptoms than the lack of interests like persistent sad mood, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, and the inability to feel pleasure or happiness.
Lack of interests in fact can be a sign of depression.

If this is your situation, please go to your doctor.

If this isn't your situation, I advice you to stop, sit down and think of your life; you have to ask yourself what makes you feel down and think about this.

Another advice I can give you is to think to what you like; for example if you like to walk, take a time to do it in the day, or you like read books, take time to do it.

Hope this help

~Untold Wisdom~
You should consider seeking advice from your Dr. These "ruts" as you put it, could also be symptoms of clinical depression. If that's the case it will not go away on it own, but through treatment can help you with a much healthier, and happy life-style. Check into this for both your sake, and your families.

I used to be like that. I started going to the gym at least four days a week, and I have WAY more energy and more time to do stuff since I'm not laying around. It takes some getting used to, but it does work.

there is no cure, it is all you on the things you do. you maybe had a lot of things to do and you never seem to get rest. you just need to have one day to relax and the that would help you just a bit. you just need to take things slow enough for you to stop being lazy.

You should consider taking anti-depressants. See a doctor to get diagnosed first, of course. They really can help, some more than others, everyone is different. If that doesn't work start drinking red bull! :)

May b u should start taking multi-vitamins, they help.Also bring some changes in ur working schedule, keep changing ur regimes, n see what suits u the best.
Another way is to see whats the ht. of ur laziness, n then a guilt feeling appears which can jumpstart ur day again.
I hope that helps.

I'm a chronic lazy person as well.....

Have you considered it might be an energy thing? Try some energy-boosting supplements (I use one called "Greens". I forget who makes it but it's pretty common) or maybe some small snacks spread throughout the day.

If nothing really helps it, it could be psychological. When you get home are you just thinking about how hard the day was at work. Do you tell yourself in your head again and again that there's so much to be done and you're focusing on the big picture instead of one bit at a time? Negative self-talk can be very destructive. If you feel it's a serious problem, and the first idea doesn't work, look up a local Psychologist. Not Psychiatrist, Psychologist.

Good luck!

Yeah... <lol> Call "Rent-A-Jesus" for all your household needs! He COOKS! He CLEANS! He'll give you a WAKE-UP CALL! Call RENT-A-JESUS TODAY!

Man, what's with these people who think that religion is the answer to EVERYTHING?

The working out is a good idea. After a week or two, it really does energize you! If you spend most of your time in the house, try to step out into the sun every once and awhile. Alternatively, Open windows to get some fresh air flowing around you. Hearing the sounds of outside and all the activity, be it tweeting birds or honking horns, can help perk you up and want to move around.

A simple thing that works for some is to FORCE yourself to do ONE thing. Come home, put down your briefcase, kick off your shoes and wash the dishes or vacuum. If you can keep up some forward momentum right after you get home, it becomes strangely easy to say "well... the dishes are clean, i might as well wipe down the sink. And oh, the countertop looks pretty nasty, I'll just scrub over that really quick. Wow... look at the stove! Let me just spray some cleanser on that too..."

Doing chores CAN be almost as addictive as just sitting around and doing nothing... or... uh... answering yahoo questions for hours. <ulp!>

either force yourself or see a doctor it could be depression and fixed with medication

Jesus will help you!

You are not lazy although you feel that you are.

See a Dr and ask for a blood test.

If everything is OK then go to see a herbalist.

you can change your life it just takes motivation.

You have to be strict and harsh with yourself.

drink water to keep you hydrated and get natural energy. have a hobby or keep motivated to clean or do something. put on some music that will boost up your energy like a favorite song. realize you havea life to take care off ands get a move on!

if you belong to one, try getting involved in your church. also, having a workout routine is a great way to stay energized the whole day and stay motivated with personal/family goals.

Start a regular exercise program. It releases endrophins into your ssytem to help you get over the "ruts".

trust me praying doesn't want, nor does believeing in other things. It takes you to pull you out.

maybe you should try to take vitamins.

The only way to cure laziness is lots of rest.

You sound like you might have a slight clinical depression. Talk to your doctor, get some pills, they might help you.

I use to suffer with the same thing but I started working out and believe me it helps alot. Try it and see!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could be dysthymia or low-grade depression. How long do these "ruts" usually last? If it's really bothering you, I'd go see a psychologist (NOT a physician, as they are not trained in mental health diagnosis). If it doesn't really bother you or cause any significant impairment, then I wouldn't worry about it.

Texas Made!
always stay on your feet...dont sit around or lay down when you get home...look for things to do

No work, no eat.

load up on caffeine,once in a while does no harm

i also try to go hungry sometimes if i have a lot to do,and not eat until nearly done.Hunger will keep someone awake

Yes, just get off of your (***) and do something.

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