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Reese R
:( im 13 yeas old?
im 13 years old =/ and awkward body :( this is gonna be rly embarrising for me to say this but im 5'2 and 147lbs =/ but i eat healthy and exercise alot :((( i have kinda big thighs, kinda big hips and kinda big ribs :( and i look like an hour glass...but like i look like a weird hourglass :( idk whyy im built soo weird :( i hate it so much :( most 13 year olds r all skinny and stuff, whats wrong with me?!?!?! and will i ever get a cute shape? :(
Additional Details
please b honest and btw i dont drink cokes

hello! jealous skinny person here! u shud be happy with yourself,, people would die to have your figure,, ur not a wierd hourglass,, u still have time to grow until 21. dont worry.. ur beautiful.

i dont think i have ever seen someone use that many sad smilies.

your not fat, its just who you are. youll grow into your body dont worry. dont try anything bad, youll only makeyourself worse. continue eating healthy, and try some more excercise. dont sweat it, you dont need to be skinny to look good!

Learn to love what you can't change, and learn to work hard and be determined to change the things you can.

If you, your parents, and your doctor decide that you should lose weight, then get educated. Sodas aren't the only thing that cause your weight to climb.

The more research you do about being active and eating healthy, the more prepared you will be to make changes in your life to become a healthier person. At 13 you still have some growing to do. Your body can and probably will change a lot still.

A diet is not a good idea at your age... but you can just make changes in your lifestyle to get rid of bad habits, and add good ones.

Don't be afraid to talk to your parents about it... they will WANT to help you and support you in any way they can.

The worst thing you can do at your age right now is compare your body to the bodies of your classmates. Everyone's body is different, and comparing can only damage your self image and self confidence.

You can be beautiful no matter what your weight or shape and just do things that make you healthier and increase your self confidence - like exercising regularly.

Please don't waste your teenage youth being depressed and self conscious like I did. Now that I am older, I wish I had just accepted my body and enjoyed life instead.

Angel School Girl
You're growing. Have you started your period yet? If not, your body is probably getting ready to. When your body goes into these changes, your diet does as well. You will most likely start that way and then start shedding off the weight with a nice figure and you'll also get taller and fuller around the breast area. Don't worry. I'm 11 turning 12 in July and I had the same problem as you. I have had my period since I was 9 so it took the process a little time to get into the shape that I'm ''okay'' with.

For women, your thighs collect more fat than the rest of your body so don't feel to bad. Sometimes, to have a little fat around that area is good. No matter what, never go bulimic or anorexic...Never. I did that and I never really realized how bad it was. Metabolism. Some people have faster metabolisms than other. Your metabolism is how fast you burn out energy. If you have a fast metabolism then usually you'd have a ''skinnier'' figure but if you have a slow metabolism [much like me] then it's going to be harder.

don't be so hard on yourself. :]

vegan is the s**t.
Don't worry about it. You'll grow into your body.
Also don't worry about what you look like compared to other girls, learn to dress and make your body look it's best. Learn the love your body and people will notice your confidence and soon you may be hearing that they want a more healthy, fulller body like yours!
Plus: 13 year olds are sometimes really skinny, but most of them wish they could put on some pounds. That's how I was, but when i started growing, I grew into my body and became curvy. Love your curves, they're beautiful.

Julianna G (Duck with a gun)
Give it some time. If you're really eating healthy and exercising a lot you probably just have a lot of muscle. As long as you're not carrying around a lot of excess fat, I wouldn't worry about it. Everyone has different sizes and shapes, especially when they're 13. You're still going through a lot of growth and changes. You may shoot up another six inches between now and 18, or you may stay the same height and shape. Keep exercising, live a healthy lifestyle, and don't worry about conforming to what "most" people look like. Wear clothes that fit properly (too big, and you'll look even fatter because you've got the hourglass thing going on--too small and you'll look like 160 lbs of garbage stuffed into a 147 lb sack). Take the time and effort to make sure your clothes actually fit you, regardless of the number on the tag. Cut the tag off if you have to. No one else is going to see that number, and your clothes need to flatter you. Work on your self confidence and tell anyone who's picking on your body to stuff it. Being attractive isn't about a number on a scale, it's about how comfortable you are in your own skin. Nothing is wrong with you, you're just outgrowing your childhood body and trying to adjust to having a woman's body. When you're old enough that it matters more, believe me, a guy who can't like you for who you are isn't worth your time anyway.

Nothing is wrong with you. You are beautiful;
As the bible says, "we are all made in G-d's image."

You are at an awkward age where your body is changing, and needs the extra weight to start puberty (if you haven't already.)

If you want to try to lose a little weight and get in shape, play more sports, try to walk places, even run up and down the stairs a few times, eat more fruit, and drink more water.

Please do not think you are fat. You are beautiful :)

IMakeBoyz Jizzzz
sounds like you were just built that way...you're the type of girl thats meant to have some meat on her bones vs. those skinny paris hilton chicks that are always gonna be flat chested and have no butt...just accept how you look...i promise some day you'll be ok with your body and thats going to be more attractive than a 30 inch waiste...make sure you eath healthy and excercise and you should be fine.

k going to be honest here youre probably going to have to deal with your body size and shape for a while. I went through the exact same thing around your age and i was unbelievably self conscious but after about a year or so of eating healthy and playing sports (mostly volleyball) ive lost overall most of the ""fatness"" that i had. i consider myself thin now adays but i definetly wasnt at all at your age. just keep up with the exercise and healthy diet youll love your body soon enough :) scientiffically your body is going through puberty basically the main reason for all of this it passes i promise lol. hope this helped a little :)

I would talk to somebody who would know more about it, like a fitness instructor, and dont think it's stupid to ask your doctor because it's absolutly not.
Remember to really focus on your cardio more than anything, and dont do any crazy diets.

dont give up

Its ok hun,
You'll grow into your body, and guys will love it.
Ever hear "your hips, your thighs, they've got me hypnotized"
They dont want that stick body, and if right now your awkward, dont worry, you'll get taller, and have a beautiful figure.

just wait. thats all you need i was 13 last year and felt the same exact wayy now a year later i can see tht my body is changing and forming into a good body tht im starting to apreciate. i think i no wat you mean lke its not tht your fat but your just built bigger not lke those girls who are built so small and look lke a stick. trust me youll apprteciate it later just keep eating heakth and excercing and you will be fine just dont let ur self go or you wont be to happy later in life

hockey keeps me smiling :)
you need to be comfotable with your own body for now
you have too much life aheadofyou to hate your body now

btw i hit puberty extremley early
byt idint lose my baby fat until i was about 15

nothings wrong we all have different shapes for great tips go on.........................................

I Wafflez I
Find out exactly what your nutritional consumption should be from a doctor. Make sure to control your intake of carbs/sugar/ fatty foods. NEVER, I repeat, NEVER starve yourself or take diet pills. Running/jogging a few miles a day is guaranteed fat-burn. Never over-do-it. If nothing works well for you, consult a doctor and/or your parents. Never take extreme measures in attempts to lose weight. No offense, please reconsider posting any more questions on this forum, considering you're underaged and break the rules of the site. Direct any questions you have to a parent/guardian, as
embarassing as it may be. Always happy to help'

Edit: Ehhh....like noone had replied when I typed this orginally. I backspaced >.< deleted the entire thing, had to type it again...doh!

you suck

dont worry about it

eat healthy, exercise...

nothing is wrong with you just grow into your body I am a 15 year old guy...but grew up with alot of sisters so yea just stay happy dont stress yourself....

well honeyy im EXCLY the same!!!

im 5'1 and used to be 140 pounds!!!
i lost 6 pounds in just a week
my doctor made up my diet nad its kinda long
so if you are intrested

email me! =] : [email protected]

Preciouz 1
God put you on this earth to like the way he wanted you to look if god didn't want you to look like a hour glass( which i am sure you don't) you would not look that way you do!! :)

maybe just wait

Italian Soccer God
just be patient, your body is going to develop, the last thing you want to do is go on a diet before your body develops. just wait it out, you sound fine to me btw ;)

everyone is different. It is weakness, to conform to societies perfect picture.

arsenic sauce
if you eat healthy and exercise, then what can I say?

since you are only 13 you will probably grow taller and have a shape that is less "weird" to you. (i.e., a cute shape)

you probably have a cute shape now, curvy, etc.

hehe you're curvy before all your friends...

You just have to grow into your body. Nothing is "wrong" with you.

CALM DOWN. everyone has diff body shapes... i have a long thin body that i hate sometimes too. i can never gain any muscle and i work out 3 times a week and eat healthy. love your body...

Every 13 year old is awkward. Just wait your body should normalize and even if you don't get your ideal body it's not like you're never going to get married or have kids or even have a great life. Life is what ever you make of it.

There is hope! Go to your doctor and have them check your Thyroid. You Thyroid controls your metabolism and yours might be slow. If it is that theyll give you medicine to regulate it =) .. if its not that just keep up with your workouts and eating healthy =) Good luck!!

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