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 Im 15 and my breasts are already a size E there anyway i can reduce there size ?
im not overweight or fat....

 If I eat 200 - 400 calories a day..?
Will I lose weight in a month?

Breakfast: Weetabix with water. ( 65kcal)
Glass of water

Lunch: Large salad (Lettuce,cucumber,red pepper,red onion)( 50...

 Am i over weight? i want the truth i will not be offended!!?
i am the one in the black shirt
i am the one in the green shirt

 If you are 12 and weigh 160, is it bad? Does taht mean you are overweight?

Additional Details

 If you only eat 100 calories are you anorexic?

 What is better to drink during a work out water or Gatorade?

 Im trying to lose weight but tomarrow is thanksgiving what should i eat?

 Is 100 lbs alot for a 13 year old girl?

 Do i look fat/please critique?
okay- i want you to critique my body...if i was walking down the street would you think? which body part should i really work on? thank you
and also how much do you think i weigh, i am 5 foot 2...

 I'm scared to start jogging?
We have a path behind our park and I want to start jogging but I am afraid if I start I'll gas out after a few steps and it is right in front of the basketball court so that would be really ...

 I weight 100 pounds and im 5" 5', is that overweight?
Ohh yeah and also how do u lose weight on your face... im not real fat or anything.. ...

 I work out at night. is it better to eat before the gym or after? i usually hit the gym by 8pm.?

 Do u think im fat?
Im 12 years old Im 1,69 meters tall and i weigh 175 pounds approx 80kg. Do u think im fat? how much should i weigh?

Note: its fat weigh not muscle ( my belly stands out as if i was ...

 What is some ways I can gain weight?
Because of a serious medical problems (not an eating disorder!) I have lost a LOT of weight and my doctor said I need to gain around 15-20 pounds to be at my "idea weight" any ideas of ...

 How do i get my girlfriend to lose weight?
Shes fat cause she sits around. How do i tell her nicely. we've been together 3 years....

 What's in the cake that makes it unhealthy food?
My daughter asked me this as she is not convinced with her lesson that cake is not a healthy food for a growing child. If bread and biscuits are good food then what made the cake to be not good?

 Does ANYBODY feel sorry for fat people?
they do not want to be like that.it is a kind of illness....

 I feel so fat!?
Im ten and in 5th grade. Last year i weighed 69 pounds this year 75 i have so much extra fat and im afaird to go back to school on monday. What should I do?...

 Someone I am stitting next to in work has BO, what should I do???

 Many people say im short?
im turned 15 in March..im going into 10th grade...& my height is almost 5 feet...i think it's around either 4'7" 4'9"
what do ya think?...

☆♥Hello Kitty Obsessed!♥☆
You are what you eat? what are you then?

super SHANTI
mostly humos and abit thini

a chicken noodle :D

I c e c r e a m

Martin the baby
a carrot


black tea

a massive cup of tea

I'm pizza with extra cheese!! What are you?

i am junk coz i eat junk

Kerrie L
a cheese sandwitch

im meat and cheese

Mrs B
a large bar of dark chocolate

A nut

nothing, how depressing right?

a pu$$y

at the moment im a cherry yoghurt, until i have my lunch..il be mediterranean flavoured tuna

A plain crisp - God, how boring!

a sausage.!!

Eat Fresh Produce wherever Possible. No Fried Food,the only thing I fry is Mushrooms all my Food is Grilled or Baked or Boiled. I do not Buy Cakes or Sweets as the Temptation is to great to make a Pig of myself. I have a Habit of Eating to much Bread, I eat only Wholegrain Bread but still have to watch myself. I try not to Eat Meat all the time ,occasionally on some Days I go Vegetarian especially when I have no Money. I love most Fish and Eat that a lot.I like Beer and Wine but I hardly Drink any as it is Bad for my Stomach.


Matthew B
A Ginsters

Artful Dodger.
A sandwhich with plenty of salad cream.

Ali V
A fish finger sandwich with lots of tomato sauce!

Jenna ;D
Im a carrot. :)

Friendly Alien
Stores own brand everything else is too bloody expensive

Raymond S
sick kebab

Beans and Chips!

(?WhY mE?)
Chicken lol

I'm a small vegetarian tart

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