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Would you consider me thin?
-20yrs old
-5'8" or 5'9"
*measurements are"
Hips= 34 1/2"
Waist= 29"
Chest= 32"

would u say thats thin or normal or big
i dunno...sometimes the mirror lies :-S

^Blue Rose^
You are not thin, you are normal

Ok. You're thin. Stop digging for compliments.

Those measurements are normal for an American girl; for a Korean girl, not so much.

OOOh Yes Thats It Yes!!!!
you sound normal and thin.

You are normal, I can tell you don't have a boy friend. Because if you did you would not have the need to ask this question. He would tell you every chance he had. Take care.

maria g
u are perfectly normal. u have a perfect body for ur height and stuff. be happy with it =]

Ms. Opinionative
I say you're average.

You are not thin. you are the proper weight for your height. you could lose an inch or 2 around the waist but you are normal.

Tatiana G
no worry ....Eat the right food, and excersie daily for healthy... are you normal pretty for sure....

Nicole A
your average by todays standards. most would probibly say you were to thin though. your measuments are close to model standard measuments and everyone knows models are too skinny.

I think your height and weight are normal, because I'm also 5'8" 135, but your measurements seem unusual. I'm 34-27-38. Maybe you'll grow more curves as you get older?

For now, you're at the right weight I think.

Blaqchinah Violation Queen
Girl have you seen some one big before stop being so insecure.135 @5'8 is far from big

Your measurements are kind of boyish...you have no chest for someone that tall and weight.

somewhat normal but 125lb is best its a size 6 on ya i think the last i checked with some friend of girls

you're thin... it sounds that you have good measurements!

your either thin or normal..

I have to see ur pic first. but yeah ur not fat.

You sound pretty normal to me. You aren't ghastly thin or big. You definetly don't need to lose weight, but you may need a boost to your self-esteem. Don't worry about it. Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, you are perfect.

I do not think you are extremely skinny but you are in the middle leaning towards the skinny side. 5'8 is a little short, but your weight is very small so definetly normal.

Mere Exposure
According to the height and weight chart you are exactly the weight a healthy BMI would indicate for your height. Ask your physician to perform or refer you for a physical that will measure with calipers and determine your % body fat. This will help you gauge on a more individual basis rather than a general chart.

Everyday is a chance to improve yourself; use common sense and be healthy!

between thin and normal.
don't worry. you sound fine.

Oh yeah, you're definitely thin. I'm two inches shorter than you and like 10 pounds heavier. Don't listen to the mirror if it tells you otherwise. :)

not thin....normal :)


Alicia D
you sound normal :)

you are normal.

that sounds perfect to me!


bobby D

sounds normal to me

You are on the light side of normal... you most certainly are not overweight are overly thin. Be proud of your height...eating that extra taco will not show on you like it would a much shorter girl.

Keep in mind that when we look in the mirror we focus too much on our faults... while others see our finer points. I get complimented on my eye color. But when I look in the mirror I see shoulders too broad for a girl. I see nothing special about the eyes. Believe me, there are many, many girls who would love to be your weight and height!!!

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