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Will i lose weight if i just eat 5 healthy meals a day without exercise?

Additional Details
5 healthy meals, what i meant was...

Breakfast - 1 wholemeal bread, cheese, lots of fruits,
Morning Snack (before lunch) - a slice of fruit
Lunch - Grill Chicken with alot of salad or vege
Tea Time - a handful of dates, nuts
Dinner - salad with fish, chicken or pasta

healthy? YES don't eat food with saturated fats in it, be sure to lose fates the you eat exercising but be careful your body and mine any everybody else need good FAT to function properly

Devin M
You will lose some wieght but probably not what your looking for. If you don't like exercise, try finding some fun way to do it, like walking with a friend, listening to music, or just doing push ups while you watch t.v. I use a punching bag and a speed bag all the time, it's an excellent stress reliever and i keep in shape.

5 meals a day? no! try two, breakfast and dinner, both healthy, and a HEALTHY snack in between when you are hungry like apples, nuts, granola bars, yogurt...

you need exercise to get fit.
eating healthy food is one way but exercise is better

a guy on the morning show was saying that, it doesn't matter how many meals a day you eat, people sometimes say eating smaller meals but more off them can make you lose weight but then also he was saying its like going to an atm and putting in 6x$1000 dollar notes then the next going in and putting in 3x$2000 dollar notes it is the same amount of calories

eating heathy is one thing but you also need exersise and then u might loose weight!

From what I have read and heard I think exercise is essential to not only losing weight but also staying healthy. Your body loses weight when the amount of energy (calories) you use up is more than the amount you take in. So by eating 5 meals a day and not exercising, you aren't using up a lot of those calories. Also, I think 5 meals a day might be a lot without exercise. I think three good meals with a couple of snacks would be sufficient, but you will need to exercise.

Your question is vague.
Depends. What are u eating? Are the foods youre eating reactive with one another to consume higher fat contents than others for energy? What shape are u in? and how long have u been in the shape your in? Hows your genetics? Metabolism? Do u have any Thyroid issues?

Lean diets and HARDCORE Cardio exercise is the real true way to lose weight. Sure, you could waste your money on Weight Watcher foods, or U can get your lazy butt out to the gym and sweat your lazy butt off.

You dont get fat overnite, so, you wont lose it overnite either. It really depends what youre eating because calories, carbs, sugars, sodium, fats, have so much chemistry when losing weight.

For example, if u take 2 people with identical physiques and put one on a no fat diet, and the other on a low fat diet, the person on a low fat diet will lose more weight quicker, than the no fat dieter, due to the body natrually holding on to fat... in which your body could become catabolic instead. .. Meaning eating muscle for energy instead of fat.

As I said. U want to lose weight, exercise or get a Masters degree in Nutrition and become a dietitian

Simply Samantha.
No. You need to work off the calories
you consume everyday.

Take Care, and edit if you have any
more questions for me to answer (:

hmmm im not sure... honestly.
but if that doesnt work can i refer you to a diet ive been using???

Well its not really a diet, but it works and is super easy! you dont have to exercise and youll look great! Stop eating after 6pm! It really works, I lost 5 pounds in only 3-4 days. It actually shrinks your stomach, because if you stop eating at 6 and wake up around 6 am, then you went without food for like 12 hours! so your stomach shrinks and you get fuller faster on meals. Also alot of people are overweight because they eat the most at night! well hope this helped! ^^

someexercise is needed a walk in the park a walk to your local store anything simple can cut it

depends on how much/what you eat in the meals, but you should exercise too. cardio will increase your weight loss, and it's healthy.

i dont think so... if you really want to lose weight you should try to work out at least 30 minutes a day and eat healthy ... not too much to ask!

There's room for us all
If they're small meals, don't go below 1300 calories a day or your body will go into starvation mode and keep the fat. But that's a good way to eat, your blood sugar stays even throughout the day.

You're already starting off on the wrong foot not wanting to incorporate EXERCISE into your diet. A diet with no exercise is like a car with no gas. You aint goin no where fast!

You lose weight by burning more cals then you put in. If you keep eating and dont work out you wont lose anything

If you are taking in less calories than you are expending, then you will lose weight. You need to create a calorie deficit, and exercise helps you to do that, but you can do it with just food. Eating frequent meals is definitely a good idea to keep your metabolism up.

I would try to exercise anyway because it's good for you!

Luvers <3
Acually you would have to workout too because it is burning off the weight too so try to excersize more like go to the gym,bally fit.D.V.Ds ,and other places too, and eatting a good meal is only have of the process...if you do this then i'm sure you will lose some weight in a couple of weeks.

nettie : ]
you might keep a healthy weight, but surely you won't lose weight : ]

Crouching Monkey Hidden Hippo
Yes, this will help raise and maintain your metabolism. Too many people make the mistake of skipping meals and then not eating so good when they do eat. Eating 5-7 small healthy meals a day is recommended and will as I said raise your metabolism thus burning more calories. That being said, you should still try not being a couch potato(not that you are:P) and do some excersicing.

Hmm...not much

Yes, if that is a drastic change from your older meals, then yes. Otherwise, no.

Exercise is a very important step of weight loss.

So I wouldn't recommend skipping it.

No, you will not loose weight by eating 5 healthy meals a day without exercises. You can actually gain weight by eating and getting no physically excesses. If you eat you need to move.

Probably not. If you up your water intake and cut sodium to 1000mg per day then maybe it will a little but any exercise will help even if it is just walking. To lose weight you have to burn more calories than you take in and if you aren't burning many because you don't exercise then you won't really lose weight.

You probably will lose weight if your healthy meals consist of low calorie foods with lean fat and depends on your current weight as well. Also keep in mind that you can lose weight, but you may also lose muscle mass and therefore become "flabby" try doing a little exercise, at least some weight training to build a little muscle so that you don't go flabby and you will born more calories that way too...you do know that muscle burns fat, right?

Jumbo Mama
Watch Paul Mckenna "I can Make You Thin" on TLC (the learning Cannel)

I would say no. While eat seems good to eat healthy meals you are still bringing in calories and unless you find a way to burn those calories it would be tough to say you would lose weight. Especially considering you are adding two extra meals within the day.

Cee Cee
The key to losing weight is to eat fewer calories that you burn. The meals have to be small and of good nutritional value. The exercise doesn't have to be huge, take stairs, do bicep raises with cans of soup while watching tv etc...

Michael >
depends on if that is better/improvement on what your already doing... If so like your cutting out pop and stuff than yah!

depends on what the 5 meals consist of....??

Knight of Lodis
maybe 2 pounds, but not really.

yeah...i wish...unless you're starving yourself or throwing up...you'll probably never lose weight w/o exercise...exercise is an important part in being healthy and losing weight...i wish it were different...but you need exercise to lose weight...but eating 5 smaller meals is a healthy start

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