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Will i get fat by doing this 10 points?
I think im fat/obese.. i just turned 13 year old.. all my friends say im not.. but i decide to eat EVERY day the same thing, i dont eat breakfest, i eat lunch every day at around 12:00PM and i eat the same thing, a T.V. dinner that includes 1 small piece of chicken and a square thing of corn and some potatoes whitch i dont eat, i put A1 sauce on her chicken and then she drinks a coke with it.. and then for dinner she eats the same thing except with a powerade instead of a coke..

Am I going to gain weight by doing this?? Or will I lose weight or what?? I also excercise everyday by walking up to my school whitch is pretty far away and then back.. help 10 points.


Since you're only 13, there's a good chance that as you mature your body will change from what it looks like now. I've seen people I went to middle school with who were chubby at the time now taller and thinner. I'm sure if you search online you can find a chart that uses body measurements to determine normal weight-range for your age and body type. Also, what body types does your family have? Maybe one of your parents has a faster metabolism than the other.
I think today's culture of "perfect body" idolization might also be playing a part in your worry.
I hope this helps!

Yes, I think you would get fat doing this diet.

You should eat breakfast - Oatmeal? Not have sodas they are full of sugar and will make you fat. You need to be eating more vegetables.

those TV dinners have alot of fat calories among other things that arent that great for you. you could try eating salads fruits or a homemade meal. also you may want to jog home (not to school cause deodernt can only do so much :) ) that way you can get your heart beat up which helps your cardio. also you should eat breakfast if you dont this affects you metabolism and can actually make it harder for you to lose weight. hope this helps also you could pick up a sport.

No it you will not get fat, although i bbelieve its very very unhealthy because you need certain vitamans and proteins in your body so you can be nourished.

eating and watching TV at the same time...Yes...you are going to gain more weight.

First of all you should check your BMI. use this site http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/ .. its a measure of your body fat. Based on that you can regulat your diet. The plan you mentioned here doesnt sound very healthy. You shouldn't skip breakfast. Breakfast actually gives your body signals that energy is on the way, so it boosts your metabolism. Walking to school is good. Now for lunch and dinner, you can eat meals that are low on calories depending on your daily need. Basically, to lose weight, just decrease your calorie intake and increase the exercise. Good luck..

A diet needs variety. It also needs fresh fruits and vegetables. You will lose more weight by having a banana in the am or an apple. Another snack later some small cubes of cheese. A piece of fish or a chopped hard boiled egg over a salad. A cup of yogurt and a handful of almonds. Try jello for dessert or a frozen fruit bar. Grill your meat. Steam your veggies and spray with lemon.Much on carrot sticks and Celery. - Celery takes calories to chew than it conatins!

puffy puffers
It sounds to me like you are very obsessed with your weight. That will only lead to trouble. Many young ladies become very worried about their weight and they become bulimic or anorexic.

It sounds to me like you are heading down that road right now by skipping meals.

Skipping meals itself can cause you to start gaining weight, it's the bodies natural defense. If the body thinks it is starving it will start storing fat.

My suggestion to you, talk to your doctor or a dietician about how to eat a proper diet.
It sounds to me like you are getting plenty of excercise.

Stop worrying about your weight and eat normal meals.
Again, I suggest seeing a doctor , dietician or maybe even a counselor before you end up getting yourself in trouble.

First, if you think that your are obese, or that your weight may be affecting your health, you should see a doctor.

Second, the problem with what you are eating is the salt that is found in most TV dinners and the quantity of sugar in the soda and in Powerade. Eat breakfast! It starts your metabolism in the morning so that your a burning calories all morning. The exercise is good! Just keep it reasonable for your lifestyle so that you stick with it.

I will make two suggestions:
1) The best "diet" (though dieting in the common meaning is not healthy) is to eat small snacks all day long rather than 3 large meals. This will allow your stomach to shrink and you be less hungry and fill up faster when you do eat. Eat foods that are natural and not processed. Even the "healthy" processed foods contain large amounts of salt and unnatural sugars. Fruit, cheese, etc. are good snacks.
2) See a nutritionist. Ask your parents to take you to a nutritionist. This is a specialist that can determine the best foods and exercise plans for your individual health and lifestyle.

Good for you considering your health early! Develop a healthy eating and exercising habit now and it will come naturally as you get older.

you should be eating either 3 big meals a day or 5 or 6 small meals a day if you're trying to lose weight, those dinners have fat in them either way it goes because of all of the sugar. look on the back of the package at the percentage of fat. try eating some non-processed fruit or vegetables every day in your meals, and non-fat or low-fat stuff helps out too. and exercising, buy a aerobic dvd or vhs tape, thats a fun, easy and fast way to lose weight. I hope this helps. and don't forget to do a weekly weigh in if you're still wanting to lose weight, bye.

Here is my question why did you write 'SHE drinks a coke..' aren't we talking about you?? Okay sorry never mind. Anyway... you won't lose weight by eating those kind of food and exercising this way. You should eat some of these things~

-fruits and vegatables
-things that are low in fat
-Kellogs cereal
-granola bars

Some things you should drink are~
-water is a must
Some exercising tips are~

-walking to school is good
-Does you're community center have a pool?if yes then go swim there
-doing push-up's, ,jumping jacks, push up's
-go to the fitness center

I hope this helped and if this doesn't than remember eat low in fat food. Also remember to eat breakfast so you won't have food on you're mind. Also remember to eat low in fat food and to exercise about 30-60 minutes everyday. Hope this Helped and Good Luck.

1. At 13 you shouldn't be obsessed with such things.
2. Who is the "she" and "her" that you are referring to?
3. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day-don't skip it!
4. STOP eating tv dinners. It is dead food and will give you no nutrients. Just a lot of FAT and SALT!
5. You need variety in what you eat so do not eat the same thing everyday.
6. Do not drink carbonated beverages (coke). Really bad for you!
7. Eat food that is fresh, not packaged.
8. Stop worrying so much-you are 13-enjoy your youth!

calories in should equal calories out. otherwise it is either obesity or bulimia.

Eric O
You talking about yourself or somebody named her?

just exercise alot and eat healthy foods. specially salad.thats what i do but i was never fat and you probably weren't either

yeah, I think that should be good for u. If I were you I would eat breakfast though that is one of the most important meals of your day and one of the least likely to make u gain weight because you will burn off that food during the day. You need to set a time that you will not eat past. Like 4 hours before you go to bed. Say you go to bed at 10, don't eat past 6pm. IF you "have" to eat something just eat a small snack. (healthy one)

norma n
i think you should eat low carb yogart in the morning, drink water all day eat lunch like chicken salad milk something healthly fruit, and for dinner if your eating the tv dinner thats fine just dont eat the breading on the chicken, or the potatoes, replace that with nice fruit or green veggies dt. coke will be fine water and power aid is good too.

Rob L
You know better than to eat like that or you would not be asking.

so uh why do you go from saying "i" to "she" half way thru?
and seriously, look at the nutrition label for crying out loud.

if you want to loose weight exercise everyday more than a walk to school. also eat something for breakfast it will jump start your metabolism also eat something other than a TV dinner they are NOT healthy. baked chicken and green veggies are your best bet! green veggies have little or NO fat in them so you can fill up on those! use little or no butter or salt. and EXERCISE!!!! that really is the only way you will loose weight. no diet will really help you.

That definitely is not a lot to eat I would say that you are going to lose weight

There are several things to take into account. If you get lots of exercise and are very active. Then you'll probably be alright until you get older and your metabolism catches up to you. If you have alot of fat people in your family you might be screwed. Either way why the hell would you want to eat the same thing every day?

that is not very healthy.as long as you eat a well balanced diet which includes 3 meals a day you should be fine.

Eating breakfeast is a good thing man, it will keep you full so you wont eat junk hours later, and as long as you try to do atleast 45 minute of excersice daily you will lose weight and be good.

check the fat contents on the TV dinner package - normally they are very high in fat, if so i would assume you would gain weight from it. is the chicken fried, does it have skin on it all factors into whether it is healthy or not. a much healthier way is to vary your foods including green vegetables.

Wait. WHO's eating this? You or her? Anyway why would either of you eat nothing but fat and carbs? It is all processed junk. I think you should make healthier choices while youre young. It's harder to change your eating habbits when you're an adult.

Experts say that skipping breakfast will actually cause you to gain weight as your body starts hording nutrients as fat stores.So long as you live an active life and eat a balanced diet then you've nothing to worry about.

sounds like multiple personalities here. keep yourselves away from t.v. dinners and eat more fruits and vegetables.

I suggest you to eat breackfast, and eat nothin at dinner.
that will help you burn off your fat when your at school.
and i think your current dieting is pretty fine.

hard times
eat breakfast. dont but steak sauce on your chicken... and why do u say "she" at hte end of your question... shouldnt u say "I" unless your not really talking about yourself

but it would help to mix up your diet a little

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