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Will bullimia make me lose weight?
iv begun to make myself throw up after some meals and was wondering if this is likley to make me lose any weight. i eat healthy and excercise but still keep gaining weight, bullimia is the only thing i can think of

♥ H.2k7 ッ
If you eat healthy & exercise regularly then you don't need to lose weight at al. Bulimia is a serious disease and your stomach could end up rupturing, which can lead to death.
You won't lose weight by bulimia and it certainly won't make you thin. Stop it. now.

Well first of all that not a heath way to lose weight but im not going to sit at here yelling at you. I would try excercising a different way ever week. Like one week, do cardo, next week do weights ect. Also try the carb out diet for a bit then switch to trying to just eat heath switching up things helps your body lose weight effectily and being bullimia does not really help and your body can become extremly ill. So i would also walk up to the mirro and say 3 things that you like about your self, two beening about your aprence like i have beautiful eyes and one about your interbeauty like im a good person

it will make u lose weight but it may hurt, why not just lower your snack content or do more exercise or eat less.

The way not to do it is starve yourself, to start with. Just exercise and eat right. I did....lost 90 LBS because of it. Starving yourself won't help at all. Drink more water, eat less before bed, and don't eat for stress are the 3 things I follow and i'm going pretty well if i don't say myself. 90 LBS isn't anything like 5-10lbs so take my advice. If you want anymore details, feel free to email me. ~Adia

David C
yes but it is a disease it will kill you it has to do omething to do with your internal organs

Tom C
No, you won't lose weight but rather your sanity. You need help. Reach out. Good luck.

Kate J
Think of something else, because you are wrecking your teeth and putting your health in jeopardy. Didn't Karen Carpenter die trying to vomit after taking Ipecac?

Teenage Drama Queen
Yes it will make you loose weight but its one of the most unhealthiest ways to make you loose weight. It will make your teeth rot (serioustly, the acid from the vomit rots away your teeth). You will loose weight if you just eat little but you dont need to be sick after eating - you will just make yourself ill and unhealthy.

How old are you?

Not that it matters, Bulimia is far more unhealthy than being overweight. But really. If you're still growing up, then that's the reason you're gaining weight. You're growing. If you're an adult, then just calm down and consider seeing a psychiatrist to help you stop worrying about your weight so much.

Rachel D
Im a bullimia victim have beenf or 3 yearw. my life is hell. Btw yur a frek if yu wont to have an eating disorder it rules your life. ive developed anorexia and everyday is a battle. yur betta off just dietin ig your wont to loose weight. btw 10 out of a hundred bullimic sufferers are average weight and wont eva loose weight.

Go talk to a doctor and seek some help.

No, but it will make you stupider than you already are!!!



You'll lose weight but you'll also take a chance of dying. You do this to long and when you get like a stack of bones you'll still think your fat. Your hair will come out, your teeth will fall out and then you will be living below the ground. Just push away from that table , get on a good diet and stick with it. That is caused by eating way to much and sometimes I've seen fat as* girls think their cute but their not cute just fat from eating everything in sight. You can get those protein bars or breakfast bars and when you eat one their isn't very many fat calories and you will be full. Calories is not what makes you fat , it is the fat calories always read on the side of what you eat and eat what has low fat calories.

Bulimia can also KILL you. Every ones frame is different.
You don't need to be a twig to be attractive. Talk with a gym
coach or your doctor for more healthier advice.

bulimia will end up killing you.....

DONT be bulimic. You will be losing weight, yes but in the wrong places. It can and probably will kill you if you continue this. You are gaining weight probably in muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. Even if you stop being bullimic, you will not grow good and if you gain a healthy weight after that, you will look overweight, because you will not have developed properly. Don't do that to yourself, and stop making yourself throw up meals.

DONT do that !! it's very unhealthy for you. Are you over weight? It's normal to gain weight; youre still growing! Do you excercise everday? You should eat and excercise daily, just dont make yourself throw up!! it can cause sicknesses, and you can kill yourself..

See a doctor or else you will end up in rehab or even dead.

yes, and it will make you lose your mind, and your esophagus, and your voice, and your bone density, and your periods, and your chances for having a baby in the future...obviously it's a bad choice, and one you should stop now before it becomes a compulsive or addictive behavior.

If you really want to loose weight, talk with your doctor or a specialists for a way to do it that will let you keep your sanity and physical health.

To answer your question,yes,bullimia will help you lose weight. It will also ruin your esophagus. It will deplete your body of the nutrients you would have gotten from the food you're throwing up. Your complexion will start to look dull and you'll probably break out in sores. I know from long hard experience that losing weight is not easy. I've had to resign myself to losing a little at a time. I was always in a big hurry and used meth and anything else that took my appetite away.
The weight always came back and now I find myself paying for it. If that's what you want for your future,I cant stop you. Think hard before you decide to do this-please.

bullimia is the exact opposite of eating healthy. theres many people you can talk to like your health or gym teachers, your guidance councelor, the school nurse, or any family physician down the block.

they can all help you keep a healthy weight, and sometimes its all just in your mind.

no....!!!! ulll gain it all back. Beleive me your lying to yourself if you are still overweight and you eat healthy and excersice. (how long have you been doing this). You gotta excercise a lot! if it doesnt help go to a doctor then he can tell you a lot more.

It may or may not make you lose weight but may make you dehydrated. Pl. consult a doctor if you suspect bulimia since it is a severe psychological disorder. You may be gaining weight because of an underactive Thyroid gland.

people who are bulimic will loose a small amount of weight. most people with this gain twice as much weight back after they end the episodes i study nutrition trust me in the end u will only get fatter.

no. you absorb carbs through your salivia, so you are just depriving your body of protein. you will maybe even gain weight but lose muscle mass. instead, talk to your doctor about the problems you are having.

NO WAY!!!! DON'T GO THERE!!! You're gonna make yourself sick, and it takes a while to recover. I've read a ton of stories about people that do this, and they all end up in a hospital.

BULIMIA WILL KILL YOU IN THE END. SEEK MEDICAL HELP NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

R U STUPED??? bullimia will kill you having alittle chub is perfectly fine......... dont worry about it dont throw up you take in smaller portions i could be your metabolism

Oh come on. You're better than that. Why put yourself through this type of psychological B.S., let alone the physical. Don't do it. Please talk to your doctor and seek help. Please. For your sake.

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