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Renee W
Will a 200 calorie diet kill me?
i satater this food diary and all i eat a day is 200 calories! my freinds say that it will kill me but i dont now! Is it healthy? will i die?
Additional Details
im 91 pounds and 11 years old and 4 foot 10 inches

yes it might you are getting to the point of anerexia and long term use of this program it could you will definatley go to the hospital and pass out.it is bad well you are not fat at all so stop please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

why are you doing this.. i use to have a eating disorder.. i know for a fact you are doing harm to your body..you should start eating more normal and with all the food groups..i have been in the hospital and have seen and heard of people dying cause of draining their bodies of enery and nutrients they need..this is very serious and you better take my advice.. please.. it does damage to your bones, your teeth, your normal cycles when you get hold enough could stop.. you could be hospitalized and tubes put down your throat with green food i guess it was to get your strenth.. you could passout.. your heart could stop..think about what you are doing..does your mother know what you are doing??? talk to her and get help if you cannot start eating right by yourself...

Very unhealthy! According to your height age and weight. Your perfectly healthy. When i was your age i was kind fatter than you. I was a little bit over 100 and i was about 3 feet 11. So your perfectly healthy. And you shouldn't diet when your younger cause trust me when you get older your going to wish that you were 11 again and could pig out on what ever you want. Enjoy while we you still have a chance. You lose your chance to eat whatever you want at about 15.

Please eat a little bit more food.

Yes, it will, in about six weeks.

You are misleading yourself. Prisoner of war inmates in the Second World War were given 1000 calories a day and they were constantly hungry and they lost weight. You can't possibly be living on the equivalent of four digestive biscuits a day.

I think so. I took a biology class and I learned that you need 500-600 Calories to breathe each day. So you will be drained.

let the speakers blow your mind
it might

given long enough yes. Especially because it is not likely that you will get the nutrients you need with so little nourishment. And you are at growing stage where your body needs much nutrients.

it'll help you lose some weight, but you wouldnt want it to be a perminant thing. try it for like two weeks then go back to normal. you really shouldnt worry about weight, and if thats you in the pic, your not at all overweight!

YES it will!

11 years old!! Are you completely stupid. It might not kill you (though I'm not completely sure) but at your age your need all the vitamins and carbs and fat (YES FAT) to keep your body's balance healthy. Stop now and eat properly. (Carbs, fat, protein, vitamins etc.) Just eat normally. Don't diet now. It'll ruin your body in years to come and ruin your health,

Nancy Kay
First of all, at your age, height and weight, you DO NOT NEED to lose any weight...good grief, why are you on ANY diet? You are headed for big trouble if you are trying to restrict your eating like that...it is TERRIBLY unhealthy. You should be eating almost TEN TIMES that...between 1800 to 2000 calories per day, with about on hour of physical activity (play, bike riding, skating, walking, running) every day.

its certainly not good for you.

you must be a fool b/c you are asking a question you know the answer to where is your parents or your caregiver who pays you attention b/c obviously u need some attention. someone needs to help you. 200 calories is what like a piece of bread a day or a sip of water a day either way u will be nasty looking and anorexic that's so disgusting.

Very unhealthy and yes you could die.

You should not be worrying about your caloric intake at 11 years old! Eat healthy, play hard, and do your home work!! 200 calories isn't enough to give you energy for a whole day...maybe a couple of hours!

[email protected]
At your age you don't need to be on a diet!! Your body hasn't finihed growing yet. Yes,you could get very sick on only 200 calories a day. Please talk to your mom about this.

You're sick in the head and you need to find a doctor right away. You do not need to lose weight. I'm sending you the whole McDonald's menu over right away to fatten you up a bit.

You shouldn't be doing this at 11 yrs old. You're ruining your life!

your body needs at least1500 calories a day. have you herd of anorexia, this is very dangerous for you.

Elk n' Fresh
Yes. It'll kill you.

2,000 Calories is recommended.
200 Calories is one tenth of that.
200 calories is one one thousandth of 200 Calories.

You'll waste away on 1/10,000 of what you should be eating.

You are 11 and are way to young to go on a diet. Your
weight is fine as it is. A 200 calorie a day diet would do
you much more harm than good.

well it will probably make you stupid before it kills you. your brain needs so much in the way of carbs to function properly. www.essentialnutrition.org

Are you anorexic or bulimic? 200 calories is a serious malnutrition condition and could lead to cardiac arrest.

11 years old? You are STILL growing. That kind of diet has the potential to mess your entire system up. Just follow the basic food groups, don't overeat, limit sweets, and exercize, and you should be fine. You are way too young to be any kind of calorie counting diet. You won't die immediately or anything, but doing this at such an early age will lead to all kinds of problems for you.

You're lucky that a lot of people in here take you seriously. Honestly, I think you have more issues than just your weight. I feel that you are looking for attention. It's about time you grow up. The world does not revolve around you.

You are 11. you are still growing...why are you counting calories??? It is NOT healthy and continuing to eat this way could cause you to go into a coma and die. Your body burns calories to keep everything functioning properly...if you don't have enough...your body will go into a fight or flight mode and it will begin to shut down internal organs that you need to sustain life. Kidney failure,heart failure,etc... EAT!!!

no i just got off it and i look great lost 6 pounds so now i waigh 106... heah!

Do not do a 200 calorie diet...not a wise move nor is it healthy! You will screw up your metabolism and, in time, yes, you will die.

At 91 pounds, you are really being ridiculous! There is no reason for you to lose weight...you are really risking your health. I suggest you see a psychiatrist to help you with your poor body image before you end up anorexic or bulemic.

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