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Why is it that fat people never can say NO to junk food?

im heavy and im not offended by this question people need to lighten up a little bit. 3 reasons for not saying "NO" to junk food could be 1) lack of self control due to low self esteem or stress ,, 2) boredom ,,, 3)some people just dont care about how healthy food is they just wanna enjoy their food their motto is "even if i die from being unhealthy at least i enjoyed eating when i was alive" . be careful with how much junk food you eat cause even though you are skinny sometimes your bmi(how much of your body is made up of fat) can be just as high some fatty mcfat fat you see walking down the street.. i saw a lady on tv whose body fat percentage was in the obese range and she was average size she was like 2 seconds away from a heart attack .

Because it has been deliberately formulated to be addictive. It's packed full of sugars which, when eaten, produce a sugar rush giving you a temporary high. However, the same rush causes your blood sugar to drop within two hours, making you need another "fix" again.

The more you eat, the more you need - just like drugs and cigs.

Leah M
I saw a great one the other day in Starbucks, the fat guy in front of me asked for a skinny (skimmed milk) latte and a big old slice of chocolate fudge cake!!!! Work that one out!!

asia m
Well first of all, I think your question is kinda mean to the fat people in the world. Now, fat people CAN say no to junk food. They choose not to because they are used to all the sugary sweets that they don't care about the junk food so they just eat it.

they can

alisha bessette
the only reason its like that is because they dont want to say not to it thats why and i think that they should say no to it only because it would help them a lot....


Because it is so much easier to eat junk food. There is normally no preparation, no peeling and cooking, and most of all no hard biting and chewing, it all slides down the throat. Worst of all, it tastes so good, that its difficult to eat healthy foods. The high fat content in junk foods is what makes the flavour so good.

Why are you posting a question like this here in this category? We're here to help & support each other, not criticize!

same reason you cant. only you havent gotten fat yet

they have an eating disorder which made them obese to begin with. My aunt is so heavy it scares me. she can Barley stand anymore. Say a prayer for people like that. They truly need help.

Why is it that shallow, mean-spirited people can never say NO to judging others?

Since your premise is faulty, the question is moot.

Why is it that a drug addict can never say no to their next fix?
Or an alcoholic to their next drink?
it is an affliction, a disease of the body & mind, and with help and the right guidance can be overcome, but people who see a fat person automatically assume its down to stuffing their face. Obesity is a disease which can be treated like all aliments that afflict human society...for some it is a medical conditon or a disease of the glands to the simplest of aliments such as the tyhroid gland...
Don't be so quick to judge a book by its cover...

I think you are being slightly stereotypical and unfair.

Yes, I am aware of the number of obese people in the world who continue to binge on junk food, but there are a vast amount of people who are overweight due to health reasons beyond their control. Therefore, you cannot imply that they are fat because they eat junk food.

Also, I think you'll find that thin people also eat junk food, but they are able to stay thin due to having a fast metabolism, or a more active life. For you to imply that only fat people cannot refuse junk food is absolutely ridiculous. Take a trip to your nearest McDonalds, and you'll see that there are plenty of thin people eating there too!!!!!!!!!

Diaper Cakewalk
Many junk foods contain substances that are chemically addictive. Refined sugar is *highly* addictive. Don't believe me? Try staying away from it completely for one month.

Why is it that people that are offensive about fat people are always pig ugly?????

I am fat and I hate McD's, Burgerking, fish and chips, crisps etc!
Why do stupid people ask questions like this!

Well it isn't just , in your words, fat people! Its like cigarettes. If you have some you want more. Sugar does that to you as well as Nicotine. The salt and sugar in foods make you want more....simple concept.

first of all it's rude to call people fat. second of all someone i knew who was overweight felt better when she ate candy

[email protected]
It's not that they can never so No. Sometimes, their bodies can't break down the fat as easily as others.

Thats not a nice way to put the question. Let me answer it for you. Some people that are overweight enjoy food very much and normally dont turn anything away. I am skinny and I loveeeee food and I don't turn anything away the only thing is that I dont gain any weight. Whoever is overweight and likes to eat...let it be. Eating has to be one of the best things we can do...there is nothing better than to be eating something you really like!!

What a rude little boy you are. I'm on the plump side and I will swear that I have never eaten junk food because my gut won't tolerate it! I am fat because I have been ill and unable to exercise and do not appreciate remarks like that!

Jeez you are so thick, do you honestly think overweight people live off junk food, do you know some people with cancer are large simply because of amount of medication they take, never judge a book by its cover and think before you criticise as thin people can get fat too.

Not all 'fat' people eat junk food.

I think you're incredibly ignorant, not all 'fat people' eat junk food nor do they wish to be the size they are. I'm over weight and eat a really healthy diet all the time and yes I get exercise too but sadly fail to lose the weight, don't judge everyone by your standards and if you happen to be one of those lucky folk that can eat what ever they wish then thank your lucky stars cos some of us wish we could but it ain't happening. I can't believe you're so judgemental, get a life man and go with the flow.

Why is it that you ask offensive questions like this. One day you may be afflicted with this problem so don't mock.

Why is it that Yahoo allows narrow minded people like you to post questions on here week in week out?

Ben Dover
Same reason your mom cant say no to $20 for a BJ.

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