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Christine K
Why is it bad to eat almost nothing for about a week?
I mean if you don't continue it for much longer than that I don't see what is wrong with it, it helped me to lose about 20 lbs but, I did it for about 2 weeks and I have kept it off for months and not gained anything back
Additional Details
I'm not doing that right now, I only did it for two weeks and have kept off the weight, I do eat now and a good amount

baby gyal <3
bcuz u can get sick =[

without food for a week sure well make you lose weight but as well as you make your body suffer and when you give up you may start to eat and feel shame after that , try to eat small meals which have vegetables and grains which doesn't have such a a lot of calories. with some of exercises.....

that is very unhealthy.. do not do that to urself
if you want to loose weight go to the gym but do not starve your self..

Fly girl
That's crazy. Once you start eating like a normal person, you're going to gain all that weight back and then some. Your body and metabolism will be confused due to you starving yourself.

It's bad because you need food. You need it to get nutrients and energy. Starving yourself is not a good way to lose weight. Your body will start absorbing nutrients and such from your body, like taking Calcium from your bones making them lose strength.

eh you could hav a heart attack.

b/c ur body needs all the nutrients that help it function, without Calcium for instance, your bones wont get the strength needed, might cause osteoporosis. With out protein you cannot grow muscle. With out carbohydrates you would have no energy.

R Y Khan
The body needs energy to keep moving and to allow oxygen to flow around the body.

The body already has energy reserves, which are uses whenever you get ill and need energy. The same thing happens when you don’t eat for weeks. When you run out of energy and reserves, you’ll faint and oxygen would stop flowing around the body and also your brain, an organ which needs food and oxygen a lot.

For a week, it’s possible to survive, so long as you have the reserves needed to keep going.

Well you seem happy about the weight loss but in the long run skipping meals slows down your metabolism, which can make you gain some weight. It also makes your body crave foods and it's easy to give on. But in the short term it may be ok - i think it depends on your body and your metabolism too. Your body needs vitamins and minerals and if you don't get these your body will start to eat itself leading to organ failure in an extreme case.

you lost muscle,not fat...thats stupid!

If You don't eat even for one day You body will use Your muscles for nutrition, So You will loose muscle NOT FAT FIRST. eat healthier and excercise!!!

after 3 weeks, you can die from not eating. did you drink anything? when your body runs out of fat to burn for fuel, it starts to burn muscle tissue, like around your heart. most anorexics die from heart failure, not starvation.

It's not very healthy to go weeks without eating. You could develop a number of illnesses. Your body needs fluid and protein and all the things that help your heart pumping and your blood flowing. Trust me, there are many healthier alternatives to loosing weight, and you can still eat food.

The body needs fuel. If you don't give it fuel then it starts shutting down and will cause permanent organ damage and possible death.

thomas p
Indiscriminate eating for a week is a luxury that a food addict cannot afford. Most overweight people are food addicts. It is analogous to an alcoholic taking a week off from three or four years of sobriety. It could not only be unhealthy; but, it could lead to an early death. Morbidly obese people (more than 100 pounds over their ideal weight) give up much of their function in life. Imagine seeing someone in their 40s riding one those Scooters. It is sad how we all have these dark and self destructive elements to our personality. I am pleased that you can indulge and not suffer a setback in your successful weight loss program. But, I think you are a true exception to the rule. Maybe Jared of the Subway ads would be another! But, I really do not think your experience is typical. I think you probably have youth going for you. That also makes a great difference.

Andy J
If you eat under 600 calories a day for a certain amount of time, your body will go into starvation mode. Starvation Mode is when your body doesn't have enough food to power their body and energize it so it feeds on your fat and it basically eats away your fat. As soon as you start eating again, Your body will not recognize the food and so it will not know how to use it so you will gain weight. It will also be craving for it so it will make you gain more. The risks of eating almost nothing is being hospitalized
need pills for body to function right
organ failure
you'll screw up your body.
You'll look like an ugly twig w/ limbs.

Don't do it again because it seems like your body is getting pretty used to it so if you do it again then you'll go into starvation mode and you could also get hospitalized and end up paying thousands for treatment. Sometimes it even messes up peoples view of their body, so they think they are fat, when they are a pile of bones!

your body needs certain vitamins to function properly. vital organs need nourishment to work. you're lucky that your body didn't just shut down on you. that's anorexic behaviour.

lets say you lose bone tissue like that especially when it becomes a habit and you cant stop you will end up laying on the couch with no meat on you just skin and bones and you will get hurt more often if your body doesn't get what it needs daily i think you should try eating and stop doing it the easy way thats how people usually hurt themselves or other's.

Hope you make the right choice

you will die thats why its bad.

korean=love anti jonas/cyrus
its bad to skip a meal becuase u need energy.
if you want to lose weight...u need to exercise. skipping meals doesnt work at all. skipping a meal can make u feel weak...tired...starved...and u might faint.
so..the best way to lose weight is EXERCISE

um...........u beter eat or ur gonna be in the hospital soon. u need vitamins and stuff that food has.

Because it slows your metabolism and you won't be eating nothing forever...you'll either go back to eating actual meals or (die if you continue not eating) Our bodies need nutrition! There are so many harmful affects you'll get.

doing the herbs
its not healthy cause you could die. your organs will just "quit"

Laura Cullen♥
Very bad.
You will get weak and die.
go get some help.
your anorexic.

When you do not eat, your body begins to tear itself apart to try to keep you alive.

Unless you hate yourself and everyone in your life, DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN. If you really feel you must lose weight, talk to your parents first, then increase your exercise

Not a good idea - organs will shut down and your body will eat itself from the inside.

OK it is pretty obvious. you are not giving your body any nutrition and your body is growing weaker. It is VERY bad not to eat anything. You should never ever do it.

Brandy boy
it totally ***** up you metabolism and your body in general. and it will make you really tired


you are starving and KILLING yourself.

spoof ♫♪
screws up your metabolism.
organ failure.

Not eating will make you unhealthy, it will not kill you if you are willing to pay attention to hunger symptoms once you get them, and yes not eating for 2 weeks will make you lose weight, but eating will make you lost a lot more. Being fat or thin is also not directly related to your body's health unless you are obese enough for the weight to cause back problems, other then that it's not really unhealthy to be fat. (Fat people have more heart attacks and clogged arteries because fat people are also usually unhealthy eaters.)

Another thing about not eating for more then a wekk; some people won't get hungry after only a week, in addition your stomach gets smaller. Your stomach

Your body goes into starvation mode after three hours. That is one reason why Americans are fatter then West Asians - West Asians eat 5 meals "per day" as a social idea rather then 3. However, eating "meals" at all is actually also not the healthiest way to eat.

Sorry, let's try that again. Your body goes into starvation mode after three hours. During "strvation mode," your body thinks you are starving, and therefore saves more fat from everything you eat for later use. But since you are not actualy starving and you do not need that fat, you actually just get fatter if you wait more then three hours before eating again. So if you want to lose weight, the easiest way to do it is to make sure you eat something every 2½ - three hours even if you are not hungry. If you are not hungry, you should eat something like a granola bar, one brownie, etc. You should also eat something as soon as you wake up - the health and fat content of the item you eat does not matter in regards to weight, unlessyou eat a large amount of it.

Another thing about not eating for more then a wekk; some people won't get hungry after only a week, in addition your stomach gets smaller. Your stomach literally changes size based on how mcuh you usually eat. So, if you eat nothing or one slice of pizza per day for two weeks, your stomach will be very small, and if you try to eat a normal-sized meal, you will get very full and not be able to finish. For that reason, you may not gain back weight you lost from not eating for two weeks after a few months. But your stomach is slowly expanding every time you eat a meal, and once you start eating normally you will gain back weight, it won't nessecerily happen in a few month, but your body still know it was starving during those weeks and stores fat.

Again being fat really has very little to do with being healthy. Food is needed for energy, so any time you do not eat for more then about 5 days, you will have less energy and want to sleep more. For some people this can happen in as little as two days. Food also has specific nutrients such as iron, omega 3 oil,Calcium, etc. So you can lose brain function, become blind, lose control over muscles, become stupider, etc., due to lack of these nutrients if you do not eat.

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