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sarah b
Why do i find exercise boring?
im 18 and i weight about 11stone. i know i should exercise, but i find it so boring. i cant do push ups or sit ups. if i try to run, i can only last a few seconds. how could i make it more fun
Additional Details
i went to the gym when i was in year 11 with one of my mates, but then she stopped going, so i did as i didnt want to go on my own. i have a few exercise vids, but i dont use them

Kevin R
because you think it isnt doing anything.
that guy who is 6'6 at 310 needs to loose weight fast. i'm on my way to be taller than that n ill be about 160 - 170 ibs.
you need to get fit mate , thats why you carnt last jogging. you need to start by walking for 2 hours a day

Play the Wii fatty.

Join a gym. You spend money on it, so you have to use it or it'll be wasted money. In a gym, there will be people around you and most likely TVs and music. That should be enough stimulation for you. Bring a friend, it'll make it lots better.

Because it is well boring! Find some other way of getting fit - dancing, housework etc.

Pheasant Plucker
You need to have willpower!
If it's in a gym do they have TVs? If they don't, bring your ipod or mp3 player along with you. Just don't think about the running just face forward and get on with it. Trust me, time will fly by. As for the few seconds, you need to build up your stamina. You don't just give up when it hurts. Giving up gets you nowhere.

because it just is
i dont know anyone who finds it fun

Charles S
I really don't see the point of exercise, unless you walk nowhere. Exercise really is totally boring and most PE teachers have no understanding of those of us with limited physical abilities. The result, if like me you're in the lowest decile of ability, one tends to regard organized sport as an exercise in sadomasochism. My answer is simply to walk quite a lot, walk to buy my newspaper or to buy things from the convenience store. Walking is good exercise and as there's usually a purpose to walking, it doesn't feel like exercise.

For people who hate exercise it is possible to lose weight and get fitter without participating in organized sport or going to the gym. Follow a strict calorie controlled diet and the key to success is only to eliminate from your diet things you really feel happy about eliminating. For instance, doughnuts have no useful purpose in a diet. They're pure stodge and absurdly calorific but if you love them, it would hurt to give them up completely. Instead, if you meet your weight loss target for a month, allow yourself 1 doughnut with coffee as a treat. When dieting you have to create your own incentives and in this example a doughnut once a month would be your reward for meeting targets.

try joining a gym! that way you can take some amazing classes that will be exciting. try kickboxing, pilates, yoga, or spinning. All will help you tone up and keep you fit, but the energy in the classes will make it fun. or, when you walk or run bring a friend! that way, you'll be able to hang out with them while getting your excersize.

First, get an Mp3 player and load it with your favourite music. That will give you a rhythm to keep to and you will automatically up the pace.

Second, exercise with a friend. You'll be able to support each other, encourage each other and even have a little moan if you need to.

Third, vary your exercises. The same old thing every day is bor-ing! If you can't run, walk, listening to that music. I can't run either, but I can walk 3-4 km in a hour. Ride a bicycle, mobile or stationary. Do one thing one day, another the next, mix it up.
I walk every day but I try to vary the path I follow to keep things interesting.

1st dont find it boring because after a month when u work on biceps triceps uhh abs stamina endurance and stuff you will feel a big difference and you will feel better about youre self...what i do when i workout is i put like really on beat music really loud nd stuff so yeah or i smtimes have a friend come over and we work out...it can be fun

Do something to challenge yourself, it takes a lot of self-motivation if you're trying to exercise on your own.

I have no idea how many pounds 11 stone is, but if you think you're overweight, combine minimal exercise with a diet.

I've been doing about 100 crunches a day and some moderate weight-lifting combined with eating very little sugar and carbs and it's done wonders in just a couple weeks... give that a shot.

But if you're having trouble exercising, make a list of everything you should do in a day (like 100 crunches) and stick to it.

Join a walking club here in UK - they will teach you how to walk fast and you'll be in good company of folk of all ages who are as fit as anything.

Olympic walking competition

Join other walkers

If you enjoy being outside try some walks with a friend...if you enjoy gardening, that can be part of your exercise program....

Tori N
What kind of exercise do you do?? Maybe you a variety of stuff so you don't get bored! That's what i do! I like to go outside and walk/jog while listening to my ipod and revel in nature. I also like to come home do yoga, ballet, different kinds of videos, you just need to find stuff you liek to do and do it! The after affects are the best part! :) good luck

Xeoh L
listen to music while exercising, go to gym where they got tv in front thats where i go lol or get someone to do it wiht you

arron p
If you enjoy exercise your much more likely to carry on with it. Try a sport maybe football or hockey? or you could swim, just do different type's of exercise mix it up a little bit have a bit of verity and I'm sure you will do well.

4 S
play music!!! it helps so much it gets you really pumped up!!! especially like dance songs and techno.
you find it boring cause your not used to it.

I hate it too. People generally do it for the benefits. Also find a sport that you would really like, like swimming, kayaking, rock climbing, wall ball, hacky sack, gymnastics, acrobatics, martial arts,dancing, like latin or others or something that you enjoy and do it, than build sport specific physical attributes, it will give you reason tomexercise, so you can do what you enjoy better, harder and longer. I personally like rock climbing and would enjoy gymnastics. I also like sport fighting, and wish I could spar and train with a gym.

yurp, im exactly the same..cept im 20 yrs old. i try to go to the gym with a friend or sumtimes my mum. it helps motivate me.

fast paced songs on ya ipod also help and things lik walking to the shops, getting off the bus a stop before you need to or parking furthest away in a car park will also help.

do a sport/exercise that motivates you

Avni K
turn on some music in a room.then try to run the same beat as the music.i think rock really gets u running.

<3 lovely
because it is boring.

I'm the same way. I find it really difficult to get motivated. The trick is just do things you think you will enjoy, then it doesn't feel like a chore. Buy some roller skates or a trampoline, or go for a long walk while listening to music on your mp3 player, get a stationary bike and cycle in front of your TV, or go your local pool for a swim, maybe get a friend and play some Frisbee in the park. Get imaginative. Exercise doesn't need to be boring. You can change it around and do something different each day. :-)

Little Miss Me
try going with a friend who is fitter and then that might push you
also you colud get one of those exercise dvds sometimes they are a laugh

hope this helps


Wood Smoke
Working out alone is a bummer. In our area newspaper, one time per week there will be a listing of a bunch of groups who do one form of exercises or another, and it is usually free or low cost, and it can be walking, biking, rowing etc.

Good Luck

try sports or the bike

try doing it to music to motivate you.
or maybe join a gym, with a personal trainer to push you.

Sean K
it is a lot more fun if you do it with other people. most things are. challenge yourself to exercise with others and then it will become routine and you won't be bothered by it as much.

trek trek
listen to your fav music, or like dance, i jump on my trampoline alot, its mad fun but i dropped 5 pounds in a week.

You could try exercising with a friend or listening to your iPod during your workouts.

Oh join the club. Finding exercise boring doesn't mean you're lazy, it's just other things interest you more. I hate exercising, but I joined a gym with a year long membership. I have to go at least 3 times a week to ensure it's not a waste of money. I go to Curves and all of the other women there are are friendly and we all have a bit of a chat and a laugh whilst we go round the circuits.
I also have an exercise bike at home and (this is the sad bit) I go it 3 nights a week whilst watching Corrie. I wouldn't go on it otherwise. Keeps me interested. You could do a DVD or exercise to music. Try having an exercise buddy and go running with a friend.
if you don't enjoy it and find it boring then you won't keep it up.

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