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Why are people stronger if they weigh more?
i just wanted to know. why are people stronger if they weigh more? even though it may just be fat, they still manage to be stronger than someone who weighs less but is pure muscle. why is this?

not true at all. My friend is 260lbs of pure fat and can only bench 140. My other friend is 200lbs of mostly muscle and can bench 300.

mussle weighs more than fat (:

That is not completly true, it depends on what the weight is caused by, say its fat then they would most likely not be stronger though if the weight is caused by muscle which has weight too they can be stronger. Hope that helps!


No matter who you are, size matters.
It has something to do with momentum or something, anyways, fat turns into muscle, and they probably have a bit more than what you think they do, just think, they have to haul themselves around....
And, when you're used to the weight, it's like it isn't even there.

normally if someone weighs more it means they are pure muscle. My doctor told me that an athlete would weigh more than a couch potato because muscle mass weighs more than fat.

Ritika 97
They have more muscle so that makes them stronger.

[email protected]
because, they have more to lift every day. It would be like wereing clothes full of sand!

so not true a 220 pound person can totally be weak

Century Baller #32
they are frickin' bigger and VERY scary.

shelby m
well if it's pure fat..then its not true.
but if it's all muschle..then it is most likely true
because muscle weights more than fat..so if some1 weight a lot because of muscle..then they are stronger than some1 who weights a lot because of fat.

alberto o
say he/she has a shield.100 life.(his/her fat).muscles 100 power.use it all no more he/she attacks u you lose.

Jonathan l
It's because muscles weigh more than fat. So if you are heavier, you can be either just plain fat or strong and muscular.


generally people that weigh more have more hunger. Hunger may be associated with drive, and force. Hunger may also be associated with a will to complete projects.

This will, can be linked with strength. If it is of a good and loving nature than the strength these people posess can move mountains, or allow sycamore trees to uproot themselves and move out into the middle of the ocean.

Also, inertia associated with mass will allow that drive to continue for a longer ammount of time, producing the effect of strength.

But, do not overlook that the weightless can be strong in and of themselves. Did the maker of the oceans weigh any? Was the creator of galaxies bound by the laws of gravity and by any means thereof holding of weight?

old lady
The only thing the blimps are better at is holding down one end of a teeter-totter. Other than that, the non-flabby, muscular person is stronger.

joyce w
r they ???

first of all, if sum1 wuz pure muscle compared 2 sum fat, the muscle person should weigh more cuz muscle weighs more than fat

secondly, i guess cuz more weight ppl have strong muscles that can really pull things

third, ppl who weigh more but r composed of more fat rnt stronger than skinny ppl, they mite even b weaker

island girl!!
thats not true at all, but i think what you mean, is that like for instance a fat person sat on a guy who was pure muscle then it seems like the fat one was stronger but not in true sense, if you get wht i mean

idk i dont think thats true....

muscle weighs more that fat
muscle = stronger


usually if it is the case it is because their muscles have to support more weight, thus making them stomger.

sanford r
they have more overall mass

tucker o
cause they have to carry around extra weight than normal so they are stronger

people who are bigger arent necessarily stronger but heavier
people always asume that bigger people are stronger.

Because when ppl work out their fat turns into muscle and muscle weigh more than fat

John Doe IV
They have more weight to lug around. Even if someone works out every day, a larger person is still carrying more weight ALL day. And if all that fat was to insantaneously dissappear (internally too - buildup around heart, etc is bad), that person would be amazingly fit.

Pr!n(3ss @nn!3
Ya weight has nothing to do with your strengh......thats sooo wrong

because they have to have bigger muscles to support all their fat, and also just a little push and its not their force its their weight that pushes so yeah

Well, if it's muscle tissue, that kind of answers your question. If it's fat, they still have the weight advantage. Getting hit by a train doesn't make the train muscular - just massive.

Usually because they have more muscle.

Liddy is Lost
People are only stronger if they have more lean mass. What some people don't realise is that when you gain weight, you don't just gain fat, but also a little extra muscle. They still aren't healthy if their body fat percentage is too high, but they may still have more lean mass than someone of a healthy weight and therefore will be stronger.

HTH : )

Jack of All Trades
with eating excessive food muscles get more nutrients to grow. carrying around extra weight puts more strain on muscle fibers in which tell them to get stronger. It would be like walking around with a weighted vest, leg and arm cuffs all day long every day. You would get stronger too.
This however is not always true. some people are purely fat, no muscle really, this can be caused by genetics.
A healthy weight person can work out to be stronger which seems to be some peoples argument. I thought we were talking about average people that are doing the same things fat or not.

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