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hahaha hell yea thats fat
im not any of that
srry to ruin =P

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Why am i so white?
i eat fresh veg fruit workout everyday and i still look like a zombie.....this is my girlfriend not me any ideas for her

Yea I agree...just tan..

paul m
is she Ginger?? or maybe she has an iron deficiency

I am soooooo white - I look like I have washed in Daz! Honestly? I'm past worrying - china doll skin is so fine now after fake sun tan lotion and burning from sun beds - I look like I had been tangoed if you remember the adverts? When I have a photo taken when I'm out - I look like a ghost. People say to me if I lay down and shut my eyes - I'd be taken to a morgue....... it's like being born with a birthmark or getting a scarr in life, that's me!! xxx

zach c.
I would probably tan, but judging by your skin type you must be some sort of Norwegian and they do not tan easily.

Well like the others say lie in the sun a bit more or your skin might just be pale or use those lotions etc. that gradually build a suntan better than those sprays etc. Fruit & Veg makes the appearance of the skin better & healthier it won't change the skin colour.

chemical tan?

Fake and bake. Some people are just really white and it has nothing to do with diet and exercise, it is skin tone.

Belinda Z
It doesn't matter how well you eat. You have to get out in the sun to get a tan.

If you are just white...It is not a problem.... If you are bluish..then it is a problem..


spend more time in the sun

does she eat meat? she may be lacking in iron. otherwise she's just naturally fair... try some tinted moisturiser to give skin a glow

Your natural pigmentation is probably just very light. Do you burn in the sun or tan? Being healthy will give you more of a glow, but not make you any darker. I use Jergens Natural Glow and it doesn't make me look tan, but just a few shades darker so I look healthier.

sum peoples skin tone is less likely to tan often red heads. my skin is the same, i am very freckly and i just BURN and go red i dont tan and im afraid if u dont then u wont....dont go out with out sun lotion on and DONT WHAT EVER U DO use oil to BURN a tan...you will just burn and get skin cancer in the process.

get ur Vitamin D and carry on with the healthy eating, in winter we are always paler but really if the skin isnt tanning kind then u prob never will tan very well.

Its in her Genes, she cant help it.
Tell her not to worry & make the best of wat she got.
Im so white I get called casper.(lol)

~Proud Wife N Mommy~
eating healthy doesn't make you dark. . LMFAO. . . get some sun or go to a tanning booth or something . . . .this cannot be a real question. . . . your hilarious

Tell her to accept herself. Our skin colour is something we are born with and we should be happy with it, no matter what colour it is. Don't use fake tan --- they look very artificial. Real tan is bad for her skin. Just accept that she is meant to be a fair white lily and take good care of her fair skin. If she loves a bit of colour, then get something for the cheeks from Benefit. A bit of pink on very fair skin is very attractive. Much better than feeling sorry for not having the skin colour of your choice.

working out and eating fresh veggies will not change your skin color. you just need to go to a tanning bed, or the beach. or if ur not by a beach lay out in your backyard for a few min. lol. good luck

Hey I'm Asian and I'm so white and pale. Everyone is always asking me if I'm part white. My best friend who is white, looks very tanned compared to me which is most annoying. I eat pretty healthy too and it doesn't help - i dont think what food i eat will matter really. I don't tan that well either, even in the hottest of weather. i went Dubai a couple of months back and came back lovely and tanned - though not nearly as tanned as everyone else. That's the only thing that makes me look a little less pale.
Other then that i always wear dark powder and a darker shade of foundation on. Though it doesn't hide my pale body. On the plus side, where i come from being pale is thought of as lucky. A lot of people think i'm good looking just because i'm fair skinned - weird - but its all good.
In fact i know a lot of asians including my sisters that wear products on their skin to make them fairer.

theres this awesome lotion by Dove called Summer Glow which u apply all over (please do so evenly and wash your hands after use or you will find dark spots between your fingers) that works within like a week. Get it. Works wonders.

Mr. Wiseguy
sleep more

Liz G
maybe the problem is that you're feeling to satisfied on fruit/veg and not obtaining enough complex carbs, fats and protein.
Maybe your working out too much to.
try eating Avocado, drinking milk, having yogurt etc

your ok just the way you are.

your marsupial friend
eat some real food and cut out some exercise. good god. 45 mins three times a week is enough.

Posh Sexx
not alot of iron in your body, try get some in =D

im incredibly pale too and i know that it isnt going to help to just "get more sun" like some of these people are saying! i always joke that i'm now so pale that the sun just reflects off my skin!

try liking the paleness. it could just be a genetic trait from your ancestors. that is something to be proud of!

Ding Dong
Ignore these idiots telling you to get a tan. You may be a little anaemic. Go to the doctor. They will be able to help.

tell her to stop being so shallow, some people are just really fair skinned.

[email protected]
hey man i have dry scaley skin all over my body you will get over it :o)

I am pale too--just the way Mother Nature made us.

I stay out of the sun--at 42,I have no wrinkles yet ...and more importantly,I will not get skin cancer hopefully.

yf g
zombies are cool... would you rather be red... pale is in... red it out! you rule!


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