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 Do you like think im fat?
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Why am I soooo fat?
Okay I weigh about 450 lbs. I'm a fat son of a b!^#h. I try to workout everyday by getting out of the house and walking across the street to my mailbox, but sometimes I'm too lazy so i just stay inside and play WOW all day or 360. How can i loose some lbs. I'm almost at the point were i can't fit through the doorways of my house. One doorway in my house is kind of thin and when i want to get in there i have to take my shirt off and butter myself up to squeeze through. I need to loose some lbs. What should i eat. I usually order pizza, and have about 6 pizza's. Is there something better to eat more healthy. What's the best weigh to cut down the weight.

*stares at the 'I'm too lazy' sentence*
Maybe that's the problem. You pretty much summed it all up. =P

stop eatin fried twinkes or fried candy.

gIMM3 enVY... 6ImMe mALiC3
because u eat too much...

and u dont burn the extra calories

u get extra energy...and that is stored as fat..

first...stop eating a lot...eat healthy things..and QUIT ORDERING PIZZA PLEASE!!!!

at first u will have to barely eat...so you burn the fat...ur body wil start using that extra energy stored on your body.. got it???
that only happens if u dont intake enough food...

ONCE u get slim, start eating better, cuz u dont wanna be a corpse right???


good luck!

am i the only one seeing the sarcasm in this?

[email protected]
LMFAO are u serious???!?! what u can do is avoid food with high carbs and eat like a **** load of vegetables in addition walking to you mail box isnt exercise if u cant run good start out a short distance and make it longer each day trust me you'lll be able to run faster

maybe while your getting mail you should run across the street(be careful not to get hit but i'm sure you'll bounce back) Instead of pizza eat salads

garge ent ya?

hey girl heyy 08
fruits veggies

Armand P
Stop being so lazy. Go out and enjoy some sunshine. Try to walk more often. Cut down on the junk food! If u seriously care about losing weight...than u WILL take heed of what other people tell u.

Fruit and veg. then get out more. good luck

when i was 12 i was 8st and too me that was fat, i wanted to reach 7st i used to diet for days then just give in to junk food. But recently i have been determind i have said to myself Becky you dont enjoy being fat so you have to do something about it cause if you dont it will only get worse!

so you have to say that to yourself join a gym eat healthly maybe walk your dog each day until you basically have to crawl home.

im not 71/2st at 13 and i love it so much just try your best but DO NOT HAVE SURGERY as A LOT of people do die from this

This isn't even funny, you know?

There are people here who are honestly looking for healthy tips to lose weight.

Go back under your bridge, troll.

Sweet Lilies & Lavender
sweetie, dont be so hard on yourself.

Okay, well 450 Ibs. is pretty heavy. By loosing some Ibs. you should try going to the gym at least three times a week. Try working out for an hour each day if you can. Maybe 10 min. of tredmill. 10 min. of weight lifting. 30 min. on the bike. and 10 min. streching. I think this would help. Maybe eat less too! Try not eating six peices of pizza's that's a little too much! If you are really hungry, try eating something more healthy like veggies. Also cut off on the sugure for a few months. I think you should do this kinda diet for a few months, maybe until Sept. I think you will loose at least 30-50 pounds. Good Luck Dude! You can do it!

"ne doorway in my house is kind of thin and when i want to get in there i have to take my shirt off and butter myself up to squeeze through"


if this isn't a joke, hire a professional to come to your house and get you on a diet and exercising. Don't do one of those cold turkey ones or a bunch of pills. GET PROFESSIONAL.

you're kidding right, this was a very amusing post. I really needed a laugh, thanks.

Steve Pez
Try keeping your computer in one corner of your house and your twinkies in the opposite corner of the house...that way you can work up a sweat walking to the twinkies...you might even be so sick from the strenuous exercise that you loose your appetite

Good luck!!!

Remove anything that's considered "junk" from your house. Only buy healthy foods. If you're in the mood for fast food, try something like Subway that has some healthy choices. Buy some fun exercise equipment (DDR is pretty fun!) Good luck!


Not trolling can help you lose weight.

i ♥ music (anti jonas and miley)
OMG! im a fat asSS too!

Hey U, Yeah U..Get over here
dude why don't you get a job...that's a start.

Hmm..I Wonder!
why are you so fat?
i think u pretty much explained why in your little explanation there.

Hunter N
this is a joke

i can tell that this is not a serious question,

because your fingers would be too fat to type

get a life.

Eat a lot of fried foods. That helps me

This is SPARTA
ur lying... who puts butter on themselves to get through a freakin door???

John L
Hey! "Low Fat" Twinkies don't help.

Call Richard Simons.

The Burhans
How bout I come down there and give you a nice old side kick to the face? That'll teach you to be fat.

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