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Why am I so out of breath when I walk up stairs?
but I walk and work out on the elipitcal every day with no problem? Are stairs just harder especially because I have 25 extra lbs?
Additional Details
I wouldn't say I was fat. Just some extra weight I was trying to lose. I don't smoke. I just notice my heart pounds and I breath heavy for a few minutes after I walk upstairs, but with no other activity does that happen(expect running, but that is because I am not used to it.)

umm, maybe just try to lose some of your weight. I am soo not trying to be mean, but I'm not going to leave an answer like, "Because you're fat"

Best of luck!

don't carry the extra weight if it's too hard for you...

good day
out of shape, need to exercise regularly

Devyn S
you are out of shape.

lose the weight and you will feel better

Alexis M
yess it IS because you are over weight...
lose some pounds and then you will master the stairs
slap ur celulite everytime you feel the need for a chocolate bar

Because you are working much harder against gravity. The pitch of the stairs makes it harder work.

It depends.
Are you in your 30's or 40's?
Maybe even older. Old age can solve that. But, in-case you're NOT old...
Your body is probably tired of doing the same thing every day.
It happened to me once. We had to run every day and every day passes I got slower and weaker.
It'll wear off. Don't worry. :)
But in the meantime, you should try to ignore that and just think happily, walking is exercise too! :)

maybe you have asthma

if your a male a few extra #s means 100... loose weight

The stairs may be steep. I found that in my freinds house when walking up his extremly steep stairs i am nackerd, yet in my own house i am not. Then again you may just be getting on abit or unfit.

Keely R
well all of your energy transferrs from you, to the ground and if u dont smoke, then thats why.

♥♫♪Super Sexy♫♪♥
exertion of energy



I noticed the same for myself a few months ago and here are some tips i came up with:
-keeping your back straight helps stop hyperventilation
-take one step at a time
-when you take one step at a time straighten out the bent leg on the top step before lifting the leg on the lower step up.

these helped me and it's not so bad anymore.

lost and the difference will be night and day

Joe R

Depending upon the difficulty factor and speed that you set for your eliptical or how long and vigorously that you walk, walking up the stairs may well be more difficult.

When using the eliptical machine, you're basically just moving your legs in circles. But when walking up the stairs, you're actually climbing them -- lifting your entire body weight up, one leg at a time. That's more strenuous, especially if you're 25 pounds overweight.

Also, without realizing it, you might also be holding your breath as you go up the stairs. This can contribute to being out of breath.

My recommendation is first, get a physical with your MD. Then, add a higher level of tension and elevation to your eliptical machine, and/or walk more briskly when you go walking. Try incorporating Gentle hills on your walks, if you have them. This will increase your breath capacity and stamina. You'll find yourself losing excess weight more readily and breathing less hard going up stairs.

Good luck!

Danea j
It depends on your height,stamina,and gravity.
Keep walkin those stairs.Couple of push ups
might help.

stairs are harder than the elliptical, if you've ever tried doing 10 minutes on a stairmaster, it's exhausting! The elliptical will help your heart but won't make stairs any easier necessarily

Yes, climbing stairs is more strenuous than walking. (I'm not totally sure what the eliptical does, but I think it is a moderate intensity similar to a treadmill except that it works more muscle groups without the impact or jarring.) In those activities, your body is doing easier work for a longer time. Climbing stairs involves a great deal more work (lifting the weight of your body about 12 feet - against gravity) in a shorter amount of time. Shoveling snow is another deceptively strenuous activity, again, moving a weight against gravity in a short period of time.

Being out of breath indicates that your body needs more oxygen for the task than your heart and lungs were providing. Shortness of breath can simply be a sign of not being in very good condition, (and carrying extra weight does make the task more strenuous), but it can also be a sign of a medical problem involving heart, arteries, lungs, or nervous system.
It would be a good idea to mention it to your Dr. either way.

[email protected]
well just to let you know you're not alone, most people have the same trouble. I used to be like that but I just went to my local field (which had 10 rows of 35 stairs and trained there once every other day. you just have to get in shape

im normal weight and im an athlete yet i sometimes get out of breath when i sprint up my stairs. if you get out of breath walking u p them..i think you need to work out a little more

Check your pulse, it could be tachycardia. (Where your heart beats too fast for blood to get in or out fast enough). You should see a doctor for a stress test.

Its not because of the extra 25 lbs. "Someone I know" Is 80 lbs over weight and they can run forever and can climb like a million stairs and not be tired!

Chris B
Yes, stairs are tough on you, especially if you're carrying extra weight. I would see a doctor just in case there is something wrong. Does heart disease or copd run in your family? Are you a smoker? You didn't mention your age but if you're climbing the age ladder I'd get to one ASAP! You never know. You shouldn't be out of breath climbing stairs. It tells me there may be something amiss.

Although u r exercising, u may have to speak to ur gp about exercising for ur heart & lungs combined

Check with your doctor about "Angina." Heart condition. I'm
serious, and ask for a stress test. It saved my life. <}:-})

Because of the force on your whole body from the feet up. Science. Walking down is easier.
P.S. Disregard Hooligan for not knowing "your" from "you're"

You Might Need To loose some weight not trying to be mean But that happens to my sister and She just started running up and down the stairs and now she is used to it without it being so hard

♥Dnt Hate→ Cuz U Aint♥
dont listen to that stupid idiot that said you're fat.
Just try working out a bit more and eating healthier.

Kyle H
you exert a lot more energy when going upstairs because you have to extend different leg muscles to climb. Try working out on a stairmaster. It is probably not because you are overweight by 25 pounds.

Britta Britta
It has nothing to do with your weight. Sure, your weight might contribute to the problem, but it's definitely not the root of the problem.

Are you used to walking up the stairs? Do you do it regularly? Some people find it harder to walk up the stairs because they use leg muscles that are not used on a regular basis.

Keep up the work on the eliptical!

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