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Who's a member of a gym?
Just wondering did you loose weight? How long did it take?

Im in the gym a few weeks now.. but only it a slight bit.. only dropped a dress size..

i do 35mins on the cross trainer and 25 on the threadmill and a few weights. it that enough?!?!?

Each body has specific behavior.
But, as a standard, to loose weight, you need do aerobic/cardiovascular exercise more than 40 minutes, to start to burn your energy reserves.

Before exercises, always go forward a doctor and be sure that you are doing right exercises. Bad posture can ruin a healthy body.

Healthy food (balanced - not weird diets), regular meals will keep you body protected and filling new needs to feed new growing muscles cells is important.

Pay attention that loose weight is tricky. During exercise, you will replace Fat pounds by healthy muscled pounds. Keep both eyes on a Healthy life.

Well Done you! I'm trying really hard buit at the moment I'm only going once a week, I do 40 minutes on the bike and 15 on the cross trainer (I hate taht thing but it's so good for calories!) and then I do 20 lengths in the swimming pool. I'm extremely unfit but slowly losing weight and I feel really good!

Im a member of a gym and I go every friday for 1 hour.

Angel of Retribution
The time says something but the question is, how hard?, how many kms means that time in your effort, is important to keep track of this to realise exactly your daily effort, I size is really good cause you don't have to think only in to loose wait but in to get much better muscular tone and to open the veins, arteries and to purify your lungs at the same time that to fortify and enhance your metabolism.

Is good to see the weight lost but realise that the health in exercise is far beyond, take it as a life's style that at the same time will free you from stress and waste time in other matters.

Cheers, carry on and on... Imagine how stunning difference will be in yourself, 10 years training or 10 years without training...completely different person, this is what you really want... go on baby...!!!

hi..good going

Miss RoZy
You can lose weight by training but you need a balanced diet also.
Your gym sould offer you a personal programme designed around your targets and reviewed at regular intervals. Speak to the instructors for advice. I find that diet is essential and the gym for toning. Muscle weighs more than fat so you will gain weight possible but have a much more toned body

little miss sunshine
i am & yep ive lost bout 2 stone
i do a lot of swimming & walking i go on the treadmil & crosstrainner when its not busy like on tuesday i did 45 minutes on the crosstrainner & went just over 5miles on it
good luck

i have been a member of a gym now for a few months..i go to aerobics twice a week (mondays and wednesday) for an hour and every 2 weeks on a friday to body pump..which uses weights to tone up all different parts of the body..thats for an hour too..i really enjoy it. i have gone down a dress size but its taken me a while..i have had a baby so i'm expecting it to take that little bit longer.i'm also a big built girl and always have been which doesnt help. depending on your metabolism will depend on how much and how fast you lose the weight.keep going to the gym and eating healthy and you will get there..getting impatient will only make you frustrated and more likely to make you give up! even if you dont lose weight (which is unlikely) continuing with fitness can only make you better and less likely to get all those nasty heart diseases,diabetes etc.. that comes with being unhealthy.
what have you got to lose?? not only will u look and feel great but you are preventing your body from getting health problems and dying at the age of 65+

stewart 873
I am 43 and after many years of not doing much joined the gym in Jan this year. I also adjusted my diet. In the 1st month i lost 3 kilos and have now stabilised my weight with the fat turning to muscle. It is not really the time that you stay at the gym it is the intensity of what you do when your there and what you are doing when there. If you do lots of reps of low weights it will get you trim but if you do less reps of a heavy weight you will build muscle so you really need to know your plan before you go. Also they recommend 1 day on then 1 day resting that muscle group, so you can alternate your exercises by days. Best thing is minimum 3 times a week for at least 45 minutes of intense exercise.

I am a member and if you want to lose weight you have to practice aerobic exercises, running, bike, dance... something like those. I do my exercises only to get muscles because I am satisfied with my body.

80% of geting rid of unwanted fat on your body is try having 2 liters of water ever day for amonth then stop for month just have when thristy to dehighdrating needs and it will flush all the water out of your body and cut all carbs out and have protien more to help tone your body up

Vanessa L
I'm a member of Holmes Place, they're quite good for what they provide. If you want to lose weight the best apparatus is the treadmill, you need to do atleast 45mins on it. Then you have the bikes, rower, weights & that skiing machine thing.
Afterwards I go to the steam room for 20mins then get a cold shower.

You'll see the difference in a week, you'll be more toned all over. Just remember to balance the workout with a good healthy lifestyle & diet if possible.

hope that helps

just a note if you want to lose weight, getting your muscles into shape wont allow you to lose much. The reason being is that muscles are heavy! In fact they weigh more than fat does, so don't be put off if you aren't much lighter, it's still good to exercise.

Not in a gym. Lost seven stone in a year been through two plateaus.

Gyms are great for strength training, for cardio it is just a con. Get out and run, swim, cycle.

I run approximately 40 minutes each morning, and cycle 30 minutes every day. Swimming two hours on a Wednesday (Don't run on that day)

Though disadvantage from not going to a gym is as I said, strength training. Not something that particulary interests me right now though.

Race for Life

I have a gym in the ground floor of my apartment block - I go twice a week for about 1 hour at a time - keeps the weight off (I think!)

I'm a member and I'm there more to tone and keep my figure and not wanting to really lose much weight. What you're doing is good but every couple weeks try increasing it a little at a time... speed, resistance, weight, etc. I go as often as I can but not always as often as I want... at least 3 days a week.

Fiona M
I joined a gym for the very first time just before Easter & am interested in all the answers you've received. I'm going most days for an hour on a personal training programme & loving it. Stick my mp3 player on & off I go. Good luck.

Adrenaline Rushâ„¢
I've never been to a gym, and I don't even know a guy called Jim

I used to go to the gym, 2 months, at least twice a week in gym, then did a minimum of 1 of their classes - lost next to nothing, but I enjoyed it as it was time away from the usual, so I did it as a treat.

I have since started doin 100 situps every morning and evening, and I have only been doing it 3and a half days, really toning up already!!!

yes I am , I work out 4 times a week.

i've been going 4 5wks and i've lost 2 stone so it's working for me.

when u go to the gym my health advisor told me to leave 24 hrs between each session so it works better.
i do body jam which is dancing to music body pump to help losse the weight and tone up and go to the gym to , so i go 3 times a week.

I've just joined a gym too, although haven't gone that much yet. I would be thrilled if I dropped a dress size! Be happy with that-every time you go shopping you can think to yourself, I can buy a whole different size now. In the gym, why not get a personal training session? That's what I did. Tell them you want to lose a bit of weight and they'll set up a good routine to suit you and make sure you lose as much weight as possible. Try going on a few other machines-even if it's just for 5 minutes. Rowing machines and cycling machines are really good too. Add them to your routine. You are clearly doing something right if you have dropped a dress size in a few weeks. Drink loads of water, eat smaller portions of healthier things and keep going, I'm sure you will get where you want to be. Good luck!

I go to the gym every day and I love it. I also have a personal treadmill.

If you are only doing a few weights, you should really kick it up. You should do about 30 minutes of weights 3-5 times a week, as well as lots of cardio to lose weight. Try to walk on the treadmill at an incline. That's a really good workout.

I have joined and then quit the gym about 5 times, I hate it but good on you for sticking to it!

Make sure that you are combining your exercise with healthy eating.
How many times do you go to the gym? Make it 3-5 times a week and add variety. Variety is very important because it keeps your body guessing which speeds up weight loss.
One day do CV, the next do weights, and then a mix and so on. Don't forget your water!
Good luck, hope this helps x

i was going to a gym for about a year, i never lost any weight but did look slimmer as my stomach muscles grew stronger they pulled my stomach in . i have not been going for about a year & my stomach is starting to pop out again, so you do benefit for qute a long time for all that hard work so keep it up i think i ll go back down mine lol

I am a member of a gym. I go every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Then I have a mini-gym at home. You need to do excersize at home as well though. The gyms not just about losing weight. Its about getting fit and staying fit.

I joined a gym for about a month once but ended up hardly ever going so withdrew my membership in the end. Needless to say, I didn't lose any weight.

As an alternative to joining a gym cycle to work. You will get fit, loose weight, save money and the planet at the same time!

too many germs, too much recycled sweat

Kristin Loves John
whoever that hot wheel chick is - she doesn't know anything! working out is the single most important way of losing weight - keeping that weight off - and feeling better about themselves (in the words of Elle Woods "working out gives you endorphins -endorphins make you happy and happy people don't just shoot their husbands!)
when your are on the treadmill - increase your degree - (the tilt) and make it a challenge - if you get tired - walk for two minutes or lower the treadmill tilt -
try swimming! 2 hours of swimming can equal 5 pounds!!! which is great!!
if you are having problems motivating yourself - try getting new work out clothes (bad way to solve this problem but it works for me!)
and just keep at it! in no time you will be looking like a reborn woman!
good luck!

Including more weights will increase your lean mass and allow you to burn extra calories 24 hours per day.

Here is a sample workout:

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