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When you lose a significant amount of weight (50+ pounds) do you lose weight in your feet, nose and lips too?

Any "fat " deposits you may have in your face ,neck,chest ,hips ,leggs,feet will go as you are losing weight. It will disapear gradually around your nose but i would think not your lips. Everywhere else . When I lost my weight i strrted to lose much from my face ,exspecially cheeks and my belly . I lost now 25 pounds and you can deffinetly tell.Even the size of my shoes has declined by one size.

i think you do but not that much as the other parts of the body.

Brandon B
The problem behind this question is not knowing exactly HOW you lost the weight. If you went for Lipo, then realistically you could have had them remove the fat from wherever you wanted.
However, if you had lost 50lbs from doing nothing but situps, your facial fat is less likely to have been affected, as well as any fat on your backside.
Your nose would not likely have any exra fat on it to begin with, since it is formed of cartilage, and does not directly get affected by the weight gain in the first place.
So, basically, it all depends on how exactly you went about the weight loss that would affect where the weight got dropped.

You can lose fat at any point in the body that has fat on it. If your fingers become fat then they will become slim again after losing weight.

eddy e
i dont think so, since only part of body that contain fat tissue that will lose.and i dont think feet,nose and lips contain that.

thats what it seems liek but tahst not exactly accurate. teh thing is that extra weight means extra water in ur body (fat is energy unused not needed and woudl increase teh tempreture of the body water cools teh body with the exccesive storage of fat)and the water can be seen in the entire body that makes diffrent parts of ur boddy look bigger. as for the feet they are the part that the entire weight stands on so the look swallow and again holds great amount of extra water that contributes to the pain heavy peopel often feel on their feet. so when a dramtic loss of weight is acheived the extra water is also lost coz no longer needed and diffrent parts that didnt actaully held in any fat look thinnier or smaller

I think lips would not

baby, losing weight has nothing to do with our wieght in our nose and lips. maybe feet, yes.

ღℓιℓ мιzz ?ωιи¢єzzღ
i kno it definately duz off ur face, not reli sure bout the other things..

Yes to the feet. The nose too and not very much for the lips: but, remember, if you used to retain water, it could swell up your nose rather easily.

I've lost weight in the feet and the nose appears to be slimmer, but that might be an illusion caused by facial weight loss. But yes, my foot size has gone back down two sizes. My lips are exactly the same as they always were.

You lose the weight from everywhere eventually.

absolutely, it also makes you look younger. Look at Anna Nicole. She looked about 10 years younger after she lost weight.

You could lose a small amount of weight in your feet, but not from your lips or nose.

Jat M
You don't really have any fat in your nose, or toes. Where you lose the fat is determined by your body, and where it's stored too. You don't see fat people with big noses do you? Most of the fat is stored in gut, rear, breasts, and legs.

Yes!!I can't even fit into certain shoes when I'm overweight! My feet look like big sausages!LOL! And my nose looks wider too....

Yes! I lost 100 lbs (lap band) and I lost a full shoe size along with 3 ring sizes.

Cami K
I know the feet are a definate YES! I lost a lot of weight too and my shoe size went down about a size. Congrats on the 50 lbs.

I don't know about the nose and lips, but I lost 40 pounds, my shoe size dropped. Which was a little sad, because I had some great shoes... but I wouldn't trade my 40 pounds for them!

And you loose more than 10 pounds you have to be refitted for a new one. Because you do lose weight "there" too.

Robin R
yes it falls off of every inch of you, toes too

congratulations on the 50+

I have lost 20, my rings are too big now and some shoes dont fit the same. My lips havent gotten smaller too me, but they are naturally full.

Congrats on losing 50 pounds...that is such hard work.

wouldnt' know. I think feet would make the most sense, i have seen obese women with huge feet, and then when they get gastro, there feet arent so meaty.

Yes, most everything gets smaller. Hands and feet get smaller, not significantly smaller, but if you lose alot of weight, you may go down a shoe size. As for your nose, when you lose weight, you lose fat in your face too, so I imagine, your nose will at least APPEAR to be smaller as the fat around your nose melts away.

bebe m
You can lose it anywhere that fat can build up (cheeks, chin, hands, feet) etc. You won't lose it in your nose, but losing it in your cheeks and chin can change how your nose looks proportion wise to your face.

yes all over..the chest and butt and face too

megahot megababe
If your feet are fat, yes.
Nose is cartilage, so no.
Lips aren't build by fat so much as tissue.

Probably not.

I've lost that amount of weight (sadly, several times). I don't remember my shoe size ever changing, but you definitely see a difference in the face.

I'm looking right now at picture IDs that were taken about 90 pounds apart. Maybe a small difference in the nose. My heavier lips puff out more.

Overall, you facial skin tightens. I notice the biggest difference in the cheeks and under the chin. My ears also stick out more in the lighter picture.

I lost 120lbs. 50lbs when I was 18, and 70lbs at 24 years old. The first time I lost in my hands, I purchased a class ring in a size 10 by the time I got it, I was wearing an 8. My feet not change significantly, but I tend to be more fit in my legs. The second set of weight I lost a lot more in both my hands and feet. I went from a shoe size of 10 to 9.5, the length didn't change much but the overall mass did, my hands went down to a 7 ring sizes, and occasionally depending on water retention I can put on a size 6.5.

I am now 32, I have out on a little weight (15lbs), and I still wear a 9.5 shoe and 7 ring.

I lost major weight (70lbs) and I lost weight in my feet big time. I couldn't even jam them into my tennies comfortably anymore. After I lost the weight I could wear heels again and look good in them instead of my feet looking like giant loaves of bread dough jammed into a size 5. I'm a size 7 and a half shoe and when I was at my heaviest I had to wear a 10 because my foot had widened so much. YUCK.

I'm not sure about the nose thing or the lips but I don't think so. My sisters nose did look much bigger when she was pregnant but mine never changed with pregnancies or weight gain as far as I noticed.

You lose anyplace you have fat tissue

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