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When it comes to working out at a gym whats better water or Gatorade?

Last Call
Water's always the best choice for hydration, no matter what.

plain and pure unadulterated water is always the best.

if you do lose a lot of sweat, then add a pinch of salt and sugar after you finish exercising.

Manjunath G
its water

water is free, so you'll be fiscally fit as well


water, because nothing is better than natural.

water water water always water

Meggie W
*I would say water.


I prefer water

happyday to you
water...and less sugar !

Don't believe the hype!

Water is best

Have you ever looked on the back of a bottle of Gatorade and seen how much sugar per serving is in a bottle of Gatorade?
Hands down, water is by far the best no matter where you work out.

Dr. Ruth Less

WATER !!!!! ..... Here's your sign.

Sammy D
Depends on the level of electrolytes in a person's blood stream. Too much water without electrolytes can be harmful. Typically a rule of thumb is, drink water if you are regularly eating balanced meals. Drink gatorade if you have gone without food for a longer period of time; as in a marathon event.

water, better at room temp your body will absorb it faster. takes less time to empty out of the stomach.


Becky Leigh
water... of course.. its the most natural thing u can find and u need to drink plenty of water...

If you think about it water is the most natural thing you can put in your body, so there is nothing better for your body than water.

Gatorade is good if you are going more than an hour doing something really rough but water is best for a regular workout.

Water is always the best. Gatorade can be good though.

I would say water


Water, no matter what kind of super drink comes out water is always best

tampa gurl
water ......... Gatorade haz zum werd **** in it

Waterr duh! gatarode is more for sports


i would suggest water coz even if gatorade gives u enrgy it makes u thirsty every so often.

water in all reality. You body needs the water and not all the sugar to jack you up even higher. If you start to get lactic acid burn....after your workout eat yogurt or a banana or even strawberries. They will help the burn.

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