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When is the best time to take a brisk walk(exercise)?
is it
a) before lunch/dinner
b) after lunch/dinner
c) 1 hour after lunch/dinner

the best time to take a brisk walk is in the early morning or before lunch and dinner.after lunch or dinner it should me leisure walk.

According to some naturists, after lunch or dinner for at least 30 minutes.

pink froggy
early morning, especially if you are trying to lose weight, because that gets your metabolism up so you are burning more fat all day. i know that isnt one of the choices, but it really is the best time.

Morning after awaken

I go for a brisk walk (45 minutes) everyday about 2 hours after dinner. I eat my dinner around 6 PM. This has kept my weight and sugar-level (I am a pre-diabetic) under control.

Mina S

gadhah a
yah before dinner works well i guess.

but the time when it will feel best while walking is sunrise. just looks nice and refreshing.

but if you want good appetite and good sleep then after DINNER. not lunch

sudheer a
1 hour after lunch

either early morning, after having a fruit or some juice, or u can walk abt 1 hr later a light dinner!!

Early morning or 1 hour after lunch/dinner

jazzy jay
appropriate time is early morning as the air is fresh and pollutant free..and the amount of oxygen relatively more than in the day time

The bset time is early moring where the air is fresh enough and moreover the air will not be polluted in the morning and so the best time ti take a walk is early morning around 4 am.
When you take a morning walk you will automatically become brisk

iqtedar s

a brisk walk will be best in early morning or after dinner.

Ideally it should before lunch or dinner,but can be done 1 hour after lunch/dinner.The food need to be digested, before any form of exercise is done ,or else it will give a feeling of nausea,and heaviness in the abdomen.


Specksy Dimwit
None of the above..The best time for a brisk walk is at sunrise...the best time 4 a stroll is after dinner...

before lunch/dinner


Rajeev Mahajan
It is more important that u find time to walk. At what time is not that important.

Obviously it is I hr after lunch/dinner because when u exercise your stomach must be half empty which is very good for your health.

Kalpana S
before lunch dinner

accordin to me it wud b 1 hr after lunch or dinner

None of ur option.It's 7 in the morning.

a) before lunch/dinner

Sonia B
before lunch

dear lizzie
hi anne
1 hr after lunch or dinner is the best time to take a brisk walk.

hav u ever tried out all these methods to find out the best one?
if so u wud hav easily realised that the third option is the optimum one.

since , our digestive system takes considerable time to assimilate the nutrients frm the food that we intake its not advisable to take a walk that too a brisk walk as u hav mentioned after lunch coz our digestive system wont be able to extract much of the essentials frm the churned food due to the violent movements of the small intestine. it results in improper digestion.so u better take a BRISK walk after a gap of an hour

Before lunch/dinner. Actually ideal time is to go for a brisk walk in the morning after you get up. It is believed that morning air has more ozone content which is good for the body. Any wayit is advisable to walk when you are light on your stomach.

v v
Early morning or Late evening.

"A nice walk after meal will help your digestion" is a myth. Fact is: you need a lot of energy to digest your food. Exercising right after you've done eating will disturb your digestive system from doing its job.

An invigorating exercise should be done early in the morning. Or in the afternoon, whichever fits your daily schedule. And shouldn't be done at least two hours after a big meal.

Light, morning (around 5 or 6 am) exercises will fuel up your brain for the rest of the day. While afternoon exercises (around 4 or 5 pm) will motor up your metabolism, so you can burn up more calories in the evening (even while you're sleeping).

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