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When do you normally exercise? (best time for you)?
do you exercise in the morning or in the afternoon?

how often do you do it?

how long and what do you do?

Additional Details
thank you all for answer my question.

for those asking when I normally exercise.

I don't. that's why I ask because I want to feel motivated and know when is best time to exercise.

you all helped a lot so far. I feel very moitvated to do so after reading so many response and I really admire your all's efforts. keep it up. smile

I do mine in the morning so I can start my day off with a blast of energy. I'm only 16 my school starts at 7:50am so I get up like around 4:00am pop in a tape get my workout going. Then I take a quick shower, eat me a light breakfast and then I'm ready to start my day

I do it when I feel that the calories make me hot!! that is usually at midday and the gym is cheaper

sometimes I work out at night because of school and work but I prefer the early afternoon. I work out at least 4 times a week for at least 45 mins on the eliptical and then every other time I go I do weight training. Mainly the leg machines

Morning is best or I get all tied up in other activities like working or cleaning the house or shopping. Even 15 minutes a day of bike riding or walking or just bending, stretching, toe touches in the house make my whole day better because I don't feel guilty because I didn't exercise.

korri s
(i get tired after the first one)(then i lay on the floor for the rest of the minute)

Troy K
Early in the morning.4-5 days a week. I do a 20-30 minute jog

brown eyes
i get up and walk for 1/2 an hour every morning and every second day i go to the gym for an hour and 1/2. also i do sit-ups every morning till it just starts burning.

Heather M
I do better if I do my exercise in the morning, That way it's out of the way.

30-40 minutes on my bike does the trick!

i exercise everyday...i go to tha gym with mi olda brotha cuz i can't go in alone i'm only 13.lol. i exercise everyday 2 hours.. At like 4:00-6:00 everyday.. What about u???

I exercise my fingers my fingers about an hour a day on yahoo answers usually around 5:12pm

when i go to the bathroom and/or the refrigerator

morning 4 times a week for atleast 1 hour

the morning right before breakfast so i can burn off extra food left over from dinner that night so that my body has no extra fat !! i exercise for 30minutes everyday.

after school, around 3

cardio for 40-60mins

3-5 times a week.

Princess of the Bronx
i do it everyday and I do it for about 45 minutes

It really depends on what works best for you. Me, personally, I work out every morning at 6:15 after I have a light breakfast. This works best for me. The food gets my metabolism going and gives me a little more energy to burn while I excercise. Morning exercise gets my blood flowing for the day and I'm good to go.

Marilyn M
I excercise first thing in the morning. I make it part of my routine . I excecise every day m-f for about 45 minutes and at least one day for about an hour on the weekends

I vary between Eliptical, Trampoline aerobics, kickboxing and yoga/pilates (at home)

30 Minutes before bed because it wears me down and makes me tired. But i have known others who like to work out early because it makes them alert and helps wake them up. Whatever works for you and your work schedule.
Three sets of 15 of all of my excercises every week night.

I leave for the gym around 4:30 in the morn, before I have time to think, workout at yoga and weights for 2 hours then come home to work on the computer. My job doesn't require physical labor so I have to get to the gym . Try it ! It takes about 3 weeks until you hit a routine comfortably . Good luck !

I excercise every day after school since I'm a runner and basically do it every day. On weekends I just go running whenever I feel like it, usually in the early mornings or late afternoon. I usually run for an hour or more, depending on what else I have to do that day.

I exercise in the morning 5-6 days a week. I do at least 30 minutes of high intensity cardio and weight training

I go in the morning (I have a harder chance of talking myself out of it!). I am at the gym anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours.
1/2 hour on the elliptical
1/2 hour on the bike or treadmill

I try to excercise a little over a lot of time

when I get up first thing id in the mornig is a 30 min walk/jog then 40 situps and 10 pushups which takes about 5 minutes I then walk to and from school which is about 30 minutes each way and when I get home I do another set of situps/pushups and inbetween each peice of home work or if I'm starting to fall asleep doing homework

averages about 160 situps 40 pushups a day + 1.5 hours wakling

Goodness I am still here?
5 am everyday except Sundays

About 2 hours-depends on which body part I am working out.

I do abs and cardio everyday.

Very early in the morning, this way when you are done with it you have the rest of the day to work, or family or both, not having to worry about going to the gym and leaving some work on the desk. Besides this time in the day is when you have the most physical strenght available... at nights sometimes you are too tired to workout and you go to bed.
I workout everyday, 3 hours a day, I'm a triathlete, I do some weightlifting (hour, hour and a half), then my cardio, spinning, running or swimming, (hour and half or hour) I rest one day a week.... this is a rule!

Although I hate early mornings, I've found that it's a great time to work out. If I just make myself get out of bed and do it, I'm not really woken up until I'm about done. I'll do 30 minutes of cardio (on the elliptical or treadmill) and 30 minutes of weight lifting and toning. It works out well b/c I don't have to make time out of my day to do it. I just get up an hour earlier, and that's it. No excuse about not having time. If I'm tired, then I just go to bed a little earlier.

[email protected]
I lift weights monday,wednesday,and ,friday It is important to rest every other day so your muscles have time to grow and you will see a vast improvement in about
a month.Also If just starting weight-lifting start at 1/4 of your present weight.Than every month go up 20 pounds if you can if you can't just stay at the starting weight and
try every month to go up 20 pounds
I lift weights for and hour and a half and for every 20 minutes I drink 8 ounces of water.
I do cardiovascular exercise for 30 minutes everyday on a stationary bicycle.
I do it around noon
Also I drink a whet protein drink 30 to 45 minutes after working out
My Whey protein supplement is Cyto-Gainer .
Their web-site is www.cytosport.com.So you can choose
the one you like.

im a lazy mofo..but hey i went from 192 to 145 in about 6 months...Takes sacrifice...but i did it!

It has been my experience to exercise first thing in the morning. It helps your metabolism speed up and gets yuor heart regulated. I started out 3 times a week and now go every day. Exercise is addicting but in a good way. It releaves stress which can shorten yuor lifespan. I also started out at walking 1-2 miles for 30-45 minutes. You can build from that. Once your body adjusts to that, you can advance. I wish you the best. Good Luck! btw I lost 70 pounds in 4 months doing this!

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